How many breeds of cat are there

How Many Breeds of Cat are There?

Cat lovers often get wrong to detect the cat breed. Even most cat owners judge a cat breed based on the shapes, sizes, fur color, and patterns. For example, Tortoiseshell, calico, and tabby are known as individual cat breeds to the cat owner, but these are not pure breeds. There are many disagreements about the number of pure cat breeds worldwide. But authentically, how many breeds of cat are there?

According to the TICA (The International Cat Association), about 73 pure cat breeds. Also, know that CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) approved 45 breeds as pure. And FIF (Federation International Feline) has recognized 48 breeds as pure breeds.

Among these three associations, the opinion of TICA becomes most acceptable to all cat experts. So, we have described a short core note on 73 cat breeds globally. Let’s dive into this guide.

The History of Cat Breeds

The cat breed originated about eight thousand years ago as per the national geography. They were seen killing rats in the grain field at the very beginning. They began to be close to the people for their magical appearance and friendly demeanor. And gradually, they have become ideal domestic animals. 

And then some cat fanciers started breeding between several cats to get the attractive appearance and unique traits. For example, Egyptian Mau and Maine coon cats come from different wild situations, but they turn into complete domestic cats with time change by breeding. 

How many breeds of cat are there?

The number of cat breeds in the world depends largely on your search sources. The answer to this question is controversial. Several organizations have accepted some cat breeds as pure breeds. So, the number of cat breeds is varied according to different organizations. 

The Encyclopedia Britannica has said that there are only fifteen recognized cat breeds globally. But the international cat association has said that there have up to 73 recognized breeds that TICA has already accepted. 

Breeds of Cat Information Board
Breeds of Cat Information Board

Accepted cat breed lists that approved by TICA

The list of 73 cats was accepted by the international cat association (TICA). You will find the detailed biography of each cat from this list.

  1. Abyssinian Breed
  2. American Bobtail Breed
  3. American Bobtail shorthair breed
  4. American curl breed
  5. American curl longhair breed
  6. American shorthair breed
  7. American wirehair breed
  8. Australian Mist breed
  9. Balinese breed
  10. Bengal Breed
  11. Bengal longhair breed
  12. Birmans cat breed
  13. Bombay cat breed
  14. British Longhair breed
  15. British shorthair breed
  16. Burmese breed
  17. Burmilla breed
  18. Burmilla Longhair Breed
  19. Chartreux cat breed
  20. Chausie cat breed
  21. Cornish Rex breed
  22. Cymric cat breed
  23. Devon Rex breed
  24. Donskoy breed
  25. Egyptian Mau breed
  26. Exotic Shorthair breed
  27. Havana breed
  28. Himalayan cat Breed
  29. Japanese Bobtail breed
  30. Japanese Bobtail longhair
  31. Khaomanee breed
  32. Korat Breed
  33. Kurilian Bobtail Breed
  34. Kurilian Bobtail longhair Breed
  35. LaPerm breed
  36. LaPerm shorthair breed 
  37. Lykoi Breed
  38. Maine Coons breed
  39. Maine Coon Polydactyl breed
  40. Manx cat breed
  41. Minuet breed
  42. Minuet longhair breed
  43. Munchkins breed
  44. Munchkin longhair breed 
  45. Nebelung breed
  46. Norwegian Forest cat breed
  47. Ocicat Breed
  48. Oriental Longhair breed
  49. Oriental Shorthair breed
  50. Persian Breed
  51. Peterbald Cat breed
  52. Pixiebob breed
  53. Pixie bob longhair breed
  54. Ragdolls breed
  55. Russian Blue breed
  56. Savannah breed
  57. Scottish Fold breed
  58. Scottish fold longhair breed
  59. Scottish straight breed
  60. Scottish Straight Longhair Breed
  61. Selkirk Rex breed
  62. Selkirk Rex Longhair Breed
  63. Siamese cat breed
  64. Siberian cat breed
  65. Singapura cat breed
  66. Snowshoe cat breed
  67. Somali cat breed
  68. Sphynx cat breed
  69. Thai cat breed
  70. Tonkinese breed
  71. Toyger breed
  72. Turkish Angora breed
  73. Turkish van breed 

Apart from the championship breeds from TICA, there have two non-championship breeds. These are commonly known as household cats and kittens. Even though TICA does not approve these species as the specific cat breed, they can attend several competitions of TICA. Moreover, these cats can earn points and gain the award. Here is the list of non-championship cat breeds. 

  1. Household pets
  2. Household kittens

The newest cat breeds to be recognized list

The breeder applied these breeds for recognition as pure breeds, but they have not yet been accepted till now. Maybe this procedure will be lengthy to identify and determine as a pure breed cat. But new cat breeds are acceptable to the international cat organization. 

  1. Highlander
  2. Serengeti
  3. Aphrodite
  4. Cheetah Cat
  5. Minskin
  6. Tennessee Rex
  7. Napoleon Cat

Are New Cat Breeds Ever Accepted?

The number of registered cats does not change easily. Several international cat organizations recognize that a cat breed depends on some rules and criteria. If a new species emerges after all those criteria, it will be recognized. However, it is a matter of much verification, selection, and time. 

What Are the Most Popular Cat Breeds?

The Maine coon, Persian, and Ragdoll are popular worldwide. These breeds are recognized and well-known to cat lovers. The popularity of this variety is almost the same throughout the year. For example, the Ragdoll was the most popular cat in 2020. And the Maine coon and Persian exist in second and third positions.

How Can I Tell What Breed My Cat Is?

Every cat exists with some individual traits. Although there may be many similarities among several cat breeds except purebred, you must find some unique features. Here are some specific factors that may define a cat breed. You can follow these to recognize that your cat comes from which breed?

  • Size of your cat.
  • Fur patterns and colors.
  • Hair type.
  • Face shape.
  • Tail length.
  • Behavior.

Final verdict:

Except for some popular breeds like Maine coon, Persian, and Ragdoll, most cat breeds are not well recognized universally. However, many cat breeds are now enlisted to be recognized as pure breeds. They will be qualified based on specific considerations. If you adopt a cat and want to know the breed, then search for the specific traits that your cat has? This is a complete guide on existing and upcoming cat breeds worldwide. 

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