American wirehair breed

Biography of the American wirehair breed

American wirehair originated from New York in, America. It is roughly similar to the American shorthair in the aspects of nature, food habit, appearance, and health. American wirehair has distinctive wiry hair that makes it different from short shorthair. There is only one difference in their coats.

History and Origins

  • Country of Origin: NewYork
  • Other Names: None
  • Similar breeds: Chartreux, American shorthair, Somali and Bengal cat

The first American wirehair kitten was born from a domestic cat breed t Verona in New York. It was the unique one among its five siblings. Due to the congenital wiry hair, it is named American Wirehair. First, wirehair was a red and white mixed color male cat with crimped hair.

Wirehair breed was accepted as a recognized breed by CFA in 1967 and selected for championship competition in 1978. After that, the local breeder, Joan and Shea, allows this cat to be unique. And they bred this male cat with a local female cat. As a result, some wiry coated kittens’ wiry kitten has been born. British cat geneticists A.G. Searle and Roy Robinson said that wirehair is not genetically similar to Devon rex or Cornish rex.


Easygoing, associative, and curious




Adult female American wirehair weight is about 6-12 pounds, and an adult male American wirehair weight is 11 to 15 pounds.


American wirehair is available in traditional colors like solid black, blue, white, red, or cream.

Average Lifespan:

About 15-20 years

American wirehair price:

Although American wirehair is a comparatively rare breed, it is popular with cat lovers. The average cost of an American wirehair is about $800–$1,200. Remember that cat prices will always be higher when purchasing from a reputed breeder.

Traits of American wirehair

  • American wirehair is people-oriented, loving, and loyal to the owner
  • They exist in distinctive appearance with wiry, twisted down dense coat
  • Happiest to cuddle and play with family members

Care and maintenance of American wirehair


The American wirehair heavily shed their coat, but it is not recommended to brush it. As less, you can brush an American wirehair coat as it would be better. Remember that some wirehairs are sensitive and allergic to combing in their coat. Even wirehair cat breeds can feel irritation. But regular bathing can solve this problem. Keep in mind that another part of grooming is cutting nails and brushing teeth regularly. Ensure the right nail cutting process and use vet-approved toothpaste for teeth cleaning.


Bring variation in the American wirehair cat diet because they don’t like traditional food all the time. So, you can provide it with a combination of dry and canned food. As well as, give a clean and fresh water bowl and put it away from the food bowl.


American wirehair doesn’t have any potential genetic disease, but it is good to consult with the vet for regular health checkups and vaccination.


  1. How can you tell if a cat is an American Wirehair?

American wirehair coat would be crimped and rippled. You will feel thicker if you touch the American wirehair coat. Remember that American wirehair has rounded medium ears with crimped hair inside. Moreover, you can notice its ears.

  1. How much is an American Wirehair cat worth?

American wirehair is a recognized breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. But it is roughly a unique and rare breed. It is a unique breed due to the unique wirehair. An American wirehair kitten’s price starts from $800 and may go up to $1200.

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