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Welcome to to know about our vision, mission and ultimate goal. I am Megan D, a loving mom of my cats Jasper and Bella. Some of my closest friends have created this free blog to help the cat owner and make them aware of their cat. We are reviewing all about the nature, lifestyle, activities and diseases of all cat breeds. As well as, we provide the right source of cat accessories. 

Our History:

I was got a stray cat in the worst condition in my childhood and had adopted him in my home. That cat was very frail and sick. I could guess that he got an accident or hurt by someone. It was an ever-bad experience of mine, and I was getting hurt about the voiceless animal pain. I feel his pain when I was looked at his watery eyes. My heart became more loveable for the voiceless animal from then. And then I thought that I would work for this helpless street cat.

When I finished school and got into college, I had some friends who love cats like me. They are even interested in working for helpless cats. Then we started to rescue and foster cats on a small scale. In this way, we gain a lot of experience in a few years. Most importantly, we had continued our voluntary work for a street cat.

Now all of my friends are busy in my personal life, but we have kept our good work. Even everybody has one or two cat-child in their home as I have my Bella and Jason. I have made this blog to share our experience with the common people who love cats like us. I have created this blog of cat to share our experience, studies and research-based information with cat owners.

Our vision:

We believe in loving all creatures that we have around us. As the best creature of human being, we have many responsibilities to the voiceless animal like a cat. We should feed them, shelter them. But most of the time, we can’t take any responsibility even we never feed or shelter them. Even we hurt them often without any reason. want to make people aware of the voiceless animal-loving ways.

Our mission:

Our mission is that wherever dumb animals and cats will be tortured, we will raise our voice for them. Then we will continue the rescuing process regular according to our ability. Most importantly, we share our research and experience for the daily lifestyle of a cat. So, the regular cat owner can be conscious and take proper steps for their cute cat.

Ultimate goal:

 We have many goals with cats. First of all, we dream of building the largest cat shelter in the world. And we want to make the largest team for sick and street cat rescue. Likewise, we love to update this blog with the latest information on a cat.

Author bio:

Megan D is a lovely cat mom of Florida, united states. She loves the cat and other animals to rescued and adopt a cat. Apart from this, she loves to travel to distant places. Most importantly, Mean is love to read about the cat and write about the cat lifestyle.