Do Siamese cats shed? The shedding reasons and solution

There is no end to curiosity about the Siamese cat breed among cat lovers. A large number of allergy sufferer cat lovers want to know do Siamese cats shed. 

Yes, Siamese breeds shed like another breed of Cat. Especially, these cats shed much in spring and fall. Siamese has extremely short hair that doesn’t become visible after shedding. That’s why cat lovers think this breed has not shed.

In this guide, we will discuss the potential reason for Siamese cats shedding, the bad impacts of cat shedding and the ways of controlling cats shedding.

Top 10 potential reasons for Siamese cat shedding

Seasonal changing:

Siamese mainly shed much in the spring and fall seasons. Warmth increases in spring. So, Siamese’s adjust the temperature with sheds. On the other hand, they shed in the fall season because of new thicker fur growing. They prepare their body with thicker fur to adjust to cold temperatures in winter. You can observe and see that Siamese reduces the sheds in winter.

Therefore, Siamese fur shedding is related to seasonal changing. You can regularly brush your Siamese hair and coat during the spring and fall. It will greatly reduce the amount of shedding.

Wrong diet:

A wrong diet can lead your Cat to excess shedding. At the same time, feeding less water can negatively impact shedding. So, make sure about the moderate protein-based food for your Siamese cat. Especially provide your Siamese fresh food that includes linoleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A, and Omega-3 fatty acid. And let them drink enough water. Sometimes, switching on a new cat food can cause excess shedding. Always feed them nutritious food that keeps fur and coat healthy.

Anxiety And Stress:

Siamese is a sensitive breed that easily gets nervous, stressed, upset and affected by environmental changes. Stress and anxiety can lead a Siamese to excessive shedding. Here are some common reasons for Siamese cats getting stressed.

  • Home movement
  • Staying alone
  • Excess noise
  • lifestyle changes
  • Food changes
  • New family member
  • The arrival of a stranger or guest
  • New pet at home

Cats’ gender and age:

Cats tend to be less conscious about their self-cleaning in older age. It is proved that older Siamese shed much more than younger Siamese. An aged Siamese reduces their body licking. Besides, the female Siamese shed much when it becomes pregnant. Because female Cat gets stressed in pregnancy. And stress is a great trigger for excess shedding.

Allergies and diseases:

Allergic infection in Siamese cats can lead them to shed much. Sometimes your Siamese can be affected by allergies from food, medication or insect bites. As a result, itching can occur in Siamese. So, Siamese will lick and scratch more of their body in response to itching. Excess body licking and scratching are responsible for hair shedding.

Parasite infection:

Parasites, fleas and ticks can cause cat allergies. And we know that allergies lead to excessive itching in the body. So, whenever a Siamese get affected by a parasite, fleas or ticks, it might lick and scratch much. Excess licking and scratching are responsible for shedding.

Hormonal changes:

The excess shedding is one of the common signs of hypothyroidism diseases. But remember that hypothyroidism is mostly seen in older female cats. Older cats are often sick from hypothyroidism due to increases in the thyroid hormone. Male cats are comparatively less tending of this problem.

Sudden change in regular diet:

Frequent changes in cat food or a regular diet can cause nutritional deficiency. Due to a lack of proper nutrients, a Siamese can shed much. If you have set an ideal diet for your Cat, continue this for a longer time.


A Siamese can also shed due to illnesses. Physical sickness can lead a Siamese to excess shedding. Here are some common illnesses related to Siamese hair fall.

  • Kidney and skin disease
  • Thyroid issues from hormonal changes
  • Bad liver conditions
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal and parasite infections
  • Cancer

Side effects of medication:

There have a variety of side effects of several medications. Some medicine can lead a cat to excess shedding. Some medicine can lead to allergies that cause excess shedding. Besides, cats can lick their body for some specific medicine. And excess licking can also cause excess shedding.

The bad impacts of cat shedding

Fel d1 protein is responsible for cat allergies. Feld1 protein is produced from cat saliva, dander and urine. Allergens spread throughout the house, along with fur falling from cats. It has been proven that cat allergy is double that of another pet allergy.

Most allergy sufferers are facing cold-related problems from cat allergies. For example, Cat’s common symptoms are sneezing, dry cough, stuffy nose, and watery eyes. A person can be affected by a cold and itching in the nose in these cases.

Apart from the common problems, there have some serious diseases that can cause by cat allergies. Chronic coughing, breathing difficulties and wheezing are some diseases from cat allergies. Additionally, cat allergy is highly risky for prolonged asthma.

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

There is no truly hypoallergenic cat. However, some cats exist with fewer allergenic reactions. Every Cat produces an allergen protein named Fel d1. Some cats produce less Feld1, and some cats produce much Feld1 protein. But do Siamese cats cause allergies? Luckily, Siamese has produced less feld1 allergic protein.

Although Siamese is less likely to be allergic to cats, it is not completely free from an allergic reaction. Many Siamese lovers often ask that do Siamese cats have hair or fur. Siamese has short hair that sheds less. So, the little amount of feld1 allergic protein can’t come off with cat fur. As a result, allergy infection from Siamese cats is rare. That is why a large number of cat lovers consider Siamese as hypoallergenic cat breeds.

How to control shedding in Siamese Cat?

All cats do shed naturally. But it would be problematic when they shed excess. Here we mentioned some tips to control excess shedding.


The primary grooming task for minimizing shedding included fur cleaning, trimming and bathing. Besides, proper brushing and fur combing are mandatory for reducing excess shedding. Do Siamese cats have long hair? No! Siamese has very short hair, so it doesn’t require fur trimming. But brushing is essential to prevent unnecessary shedding. Using the right comb is also important in this case. A professional groomer can help in grooming with the right accessories.

Like brushing cat fur, bathing is also crucial. Regular bathing helps to reduce the feld1 protein-based allergens from the fur. Without proper bathing, cat fur can spread throughout the house. If possible, use distilled water for bathing your Siamese cat. And it would help if you bathed your Siamese once a week.

Proper diet:

Moderate nutrients are important to prevent shedding in a cat. In the meantime, avoid that food that can occur much shedding. Generally, omega-3, omega-6 fatty acid-based foods, Vitamin A and vitamin B are important for the ideal cat diet. You also have to ensure that your feline is drinking enough clean water. And remember not to change their diet frequently.

Reduces anxiety and stress:

Siamese is an extra sensitive cat breed. It can get stressed and panicked for small reasons. Try to ignore those things that can make your Siamese stressed. Give it time as much as possible. Never leave a Siamese cat alone at home. Provide enough toys if you are left alone with a Siamese in an emergency.

Also, don’t listen to loud music at home; keep away from Siamese when a guest comes. It is best if you adopt or purchase a pair of Siamese simultaneously. You can keep a cat of any other breed in a Siamese, even if not in a pair.


There have some such people who love Cat a lot. But they are also seriously allergy sufferers. In this case, there has immunotherapy treatment. This treatment is efficient in controlling serious allergic reactions. Many cat lovers are taking immunotherapy treatment for cat allergies.


We hope you got answers to your query” do Siamese cats shed” Siamese cats sheds like other cats. But their hair is not visible like another cat. Because Siamese have very short hair, however, proper care can minimize the shedding in Siamese. Remember that Siamese can shed much due to excess stress, lack of nutrients, illness and dehydration. Besides, there have some more reasons.

Comparatively, Siamese is a good option for the allergy sufferer since this breed produces less Feld1 protein, so it doesn’t create many allergies.

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