When do male cats start spraying

When do male cats start spraying?

The most common reason for cat spraying is marking territory or being an adult. Usually, spraying has not been seen in a kitten. It is more likely seen in the adult cat. Especially, male cats want to ensure their availability to the female cat by spraying. But when do male cats start spraying for the first time? 

Most male cats start spraying at six months old because they reach sexual maturity. However, depending on the breed of the cat and the cat’s physical condition, this time may be earlier or later than six months

In this guide, we have figured out all the unknown facts about cat spraying. And also, you will learn what to do about this annoying problem? 

What is spraying in cats?

Spraying means leaving a little urine on any vertical wall, table leg, and couch-like surfaces. Generally, the male cat does this to mark their territory to let the female cats know their presence. A cat’s tail may quiver a bit when spraying. And they can be vocal at that time. 

What Is the Difference Between Urinating and Spraying?

What is spraying in cats?

Urinating and spraying may seem similar to the new cat owners who have no experience with cat spraying. There has a significant difference between spraying and urinating. 

The main way to understand the difference is your male cat’s posture. The tail stands up, trembles, and sprays on vertical objects when a male cat sprays. You can also notice that the back part of your cat will be high, and their faces will look strange. 

Moreover, a cat can be vocal when it is spraying. And the amount of urine of spraying will be little. On the contrary, general urinating would be much in amount. 

Why Do Male Cats Spray Urine?

Cats can spray due to several environmental stress and territorial behavior. Here are some reasons that are why a male cat can spray.

Environmental stress includes the arrival of new people, children, or animals in the house. Interruptions during meals, play, and sleep is also included with environmental stress. Besides, a dirty litter box may force them to spray

If outside cats or wild animals enter the house, your cat can mark its area by spraying. Mostly, a male cats can spray due to their sexual maturity. The male cat said their presence to the female cat by spraying. That is what they do when it’s time for their matting.

Can Male Cats Still Spray After Being Neutered?

Testosterone hormone is primarily responsible for a male cat spraying. So, most male cats stop spraying dramatically after being neutered. But very few cats can still spray after neutering. Cornell Feline Health Center (CFHC) showed that 10% of neutered male cats could spray continuously. 

How to Stop Urine Spraying?

Are you curious that when do male cats stop spraying? maybe it is difficult to stop spraying completely, but here are some following factors that can help you control your cat’s odd behavior. 

Stop punishing:

You can naturally want to punish your cat when they spray in several places at home. But remember, your punishment can make them more stressed. Think that your cat doesn’t do this without reason. So, find out their problems and try to solve this. 


Neutering is the most effective way to reduce the spraying in a male cat. Neuter can be done when a male cat becomes an adult at 6-7 months. However, you can neuter a cat at their older age. 

Odor removal:

Removing urine and applying deodorizer is not enough to refrain your cat from spraying. Remember that previous urine odor influences your cat to spray urine again at the same place. An enzymatic cleaner can permanently remove pet urine odors and stains. 

Change litter box:

You must know that cleaning the litter box is crucial, but sometimes, you need to clean it more frequently. Male cats often spray on the vertical surface if they don’t get a clean litter box. Besides, you can set up one additional litterbox in the backyard or garden where your cat is roaming and playing. 

Reduce mental stress:

Cats can spray urine if they face or hear stress-related something. So, keep away your cat from such types of things. Usually, the presence of wild animals or another outdoor cat or dog can cause your cat mental stress. 

Uses of Pheromones:

Pheromones are the natural procedure to keep your cat away from stress. If you realize any unwanted stressing occurrence around your home, use pheromones on your cat to calm it. 

Anti-anxiety medications:

Sometimes, cats may still be stressed despite providing natural pheromones. In this, there have some anti-anxiety medicines. You can consult with a vet and give your cat anti-anxiety medication. 


L-theanine, milk whey protein, and colostrum are some good supplements to calm a cat naturally. However, these supplements may not always work. 

Special diet:

A veterinarian can provide some Therapeutic diets that can reduce stressed related spraying. 

When to See a doctor?

Do you know that there may have a medical reason behind a cat spraying? So, when should you go to a vet? When you have tried all of the potential procedures, and your cat won’t stop it, go to a vet. Generally, spraying could stop with some basic steps, especially after neutering. Most the cat should stop spraying. So, go to a vet as soon as possible. 

What About Female Spraying?

Do male cats spray more than female cats? Yes, even a female cat is not usually sprayed. Only 5% of a female cats may spray. So, no worries about your female cat spraying. But it is good to know what age do female cats start spraying? A female cat also starts spraying at six months old. In this case, you can take all steps we have mentioned for a male cat spraying. 


  1. How can I know if my male cat is spraying?

What does it look like when a male cat sprays? male cats spray with little urine when their tail is upright, shaking, or quivering. At the same time, they can act like a vocal cat breed, and their face may be weird to look at. 

  1. What month do male cats spray?

On average male cats can spray from 6 to 7 months, although some cats can spray within 5 to 6 months. Sprays have been a possibility since they reached sexual maturity. However, neutering can solve this problem. But do all unneutered male cat spray? yes in most cases unneutered cat spray. In addition, cats can spray due to other stress-related reasons. 

  1. How long does cat spray smell last?

Cat spray smell may last up to three days. A strong odor may last for up to three days; it will gradually decrease. Using enzymatic cleaner can help to get rid of spraying odor permanently. 

In closing:

When male cats start spraying depends on cats’ breed and physical growth. Male cats start spraying at their mature age. However, most cats start spraying within 6-7 months of age. In some cases, it can last 5-6 months and even 8-9 months. 

There have several ways to stop spraying. In most cases, neutering can be the best solution. Even after neutering, if it is spraying, then take the advice of a good vet. Besides, medication, supplements, and pheromones can help to stop this habit.

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