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Top 7 Vocal Cat Breeds | You Might be Wonder

Vocal cats naturally love to make a good relationship with their owner by the talkative sounds. These cats are slightly chattier than the normal cat because they do meow, purr, chirp and twill most of the time. It means they are naturally far more vocal than the normal cat. So, do you want to stay with such an excellent talkative cat? And also, I am answering the question” what breed is my cat?” Here is the details guide and it can help you with the top 7 most vocal cat breeds. 

What refers to the vocal cat?

Vocal cat comes from some special breeds interested in engaging with the owner and family member. They love to talk in a different situation in different vocalization. Most vocal cats seek to get the owner’s question and love to respond with their vocal language. There have some specific vocal cat breeds, including the Siamese.

The top seven Most Vocal Cat Breeds

Siamese - Vocal Cat breeds


The cat lovers say that Siamese is the most vocal cat worldwide. Even it is tested that it can be more vocal than a Bengal and sphynx breed. You will notice they can be highly forcing to get your continuous attention by using the vocal sounds when they need something. 

Siamese cat is a well-known forever most vocalization, and its size is medium and has a short hair coat. But the fur is very fine and glossy. Also, know that the male Siamese are generally 11 to 15 pounds and a female Siamese could be 8 to 12 pounds. If you suffer from loneliness, you can adopt a Siamese because it is notably friendly. 

The best sign:

  • Siamese is a very loyal vocal cat that likes to listen to you
  • It is very pleasant; especially they love to stay nearest to the human
  • The adorable nature and likes to think of themselves as your worthy claimants
  • It will be ready to accompany you all the time in your loneliness
  • The tendency to fur fall is very low

The downside:

  • Siamese can vocal as like the human baby crying which can often scare or embarrass you
  • If the Siamese will be vocal at night that can interrupt into your sleep

Vocal_Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair

It is very naughty but a vocal cat, that is, when it creates noise or keeps talking, don’t stop until you give attention to it. This vocal breed is the same as the Siamese, but Oriental shorthair can create louder and shout like a rumbling truck. 

If you are in an online-based job and working from home, this oriental vocal cat would be a best friend because they are also social like other domestic cats. They are eagerly interested in increasing interaction with the owner. 

It is good to know that oriental shorthair is a small to medium-sized vocal breeds where the male oriental could be 7 to 10 pounds and the female oriental could be 5 to 8 pounds. And it can be of shorthair and longhair. 

The best sign:

  • It has a unique look with the chocolate lips, short grey hair and long tail.
  • Oriental shorthair is very vocal with loud sounds which are good to keep your home happy.
  • Very interactive with the family member especially who cares them much

The downside:

  • They are a bit naughty, so they make vocalization very loudly.



Burmese is an uncommon vocal cat which has a pleasant sound when they are talkative. They are very quiet and affectionate compare than the Siamese and oriental shorthair. Their vocal sounds are very sweet, short and minimum. Do you know? Burmese are fond of getting embrace with the owner. So, it doesn’t bite when you go to make an interaction with it. 

Do note that Burmese cats are short-coated with Sable, blue and platinum color. Also, they are medium in size. A female Burmese cat would be 6 to 10 pounds, and a male Burmese would be 8 to 12 pounds. 

The best sign:

  • Burmese cats are very clever, intelligent and interactive
  • They have come with very delightful and quiet vocalization
  • They love to play with the human and another house pet. 
  • Burmese has a very silky and short-haired coat.

The downside:

  • They will be very disappointed that they cannot be left alone at home

Japanese Bobtail_Vocal_Breeds

Japanese Bobtail

Do you know what breed of cat chirps with short voice? Japanese Bobtail is a special kind of vocal cat who can do the short chirp and a full range of long melodious sounds. And the sounds are very soft and pleasant like Burmese cat. A Japanese bobtail is also very charming as a domestic cat; they enjoy a lot to pass the time with their owner. 

Also, now that, A Japanese bobtail is a medium sizes cat with short-haired and long-haired coat. The female Japanese Bobtail weighs 5 to 7 pounds, and male Japanese Bobtail weighs 7 to 10 pounds. 

The best sign:

  • Japanese bobtail vocal cat is vocal with the soft longer tone, and it looks so pretty.
  • The adorable face is very attractive to win a cat lovers heart.
  • It loves to play with toys, kids and pet cats.
  • This cat is considered as a lucky cat in Japan.

The downside:

  • Their tail and coat are short.



Sphynx is a special vocal breed with the raspy voice. You will find them to do purr, chirp and singing with a longer raspy voice. At the same time, this is a warm cat who loves to stay with the owners most of the time. Even they are mostly dependable on his owner and don’t like to do anything by themselves. 

The male sphynx could be average 8 to 12 pounds, and female sphynx could be the 7 to 9 pounds weight. 

The best sign:

  • It is an ideal cat breed for the lonely and patient owner to get the best companion.
  • The hairless coat is hypoallergic, so it is very suitable for an allergic person.
  • It could be available in several colors like red, blue, cream, chocolate.
  • Extremely affectionate and associative with the owner

The downside:

  • Because of not having hair it looks a bit odd rather than another cat breed. 

Bengal cats_Vocal_Cat

Bengal cats

Bengal cat is well known for being an extreme chatty with their owner. Also, Bengal is also popular as a loudest cat breeds who often creating noise and a loud voice when they have any demand to, the owner. This cat breed is tended to apply force to get the desired something. 

They are medium-size cats where the male is 10 to 18 pounds, and the female is 6 to 12 pounds. And you will know it with the unique color of bright orange with light brown. Besides, there might have a dark spot and a marbling pattern. 

The best sign:

  • Semi-long hair with marbling pattern and an attractive pair of eyes enhances this rare species’ external beauty.
  • Because of the larger body size is most comfortable as a domestic cat.

The downside:

  • They can Shouts louder and try to force the owner to fulfil their demand.

Tonkinese cats

Tonkinese cats

Cats in the Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese, are all pretty much the same series. Many even say that Tonkinese is made from a combination of Siamese and Burmese. That is why a Tonkinese would love to be vocal enough when it required. Side by side, these cats are eager to get a lot more attention. It’s good to remember that the vocalizing in Tonkinese keeps it somewhat unique and sweet. 

Hence, we have come to its outlook. Tonkinese has a silky mink coat with short hair. Likewise, these cats are medium-sized with average weight 6 to 8 pounds for females and 8 to 12 pounds for male cats. 

The best sign:

  • They are quiet and have a shiny short hair coat.
  • Highly vocal but the voice is distinctive and sweet

The downside:

  • The hair fall might happen often.

Why are they so vocal?

You might be wonder or simply bored with the cat yowling at night and having a common question, why is my cat yowling?

There are many reasons for cats to be vocal, but remember that vocalizing is very common. Here the potential reason why a cat could be so vocal. 

  • Some cats will be vocal as per their breeds nature history.
  • They will be vocal most of the time to meet demand or seek attention.
  • He will also be vocal if he is hungry or thirsty.
  • Your cat may be vocal due to any physical or mental depression.
  • If your cat is in heat, he may be vocal about going out.
  • If the cat is used to do pee and potty at outside, then it could be vocal.


  1. What breed of cat is very vocal?

Siamese is the ever most vocal cat who can talk all day long with the owner for their response and demand. You will wonder to know that Siamese’s sounds are slightly like the human baby cry. 

2. What cats are the loudest?

These are the loudest cats:





Maine Coon & 


3. What is the friendliest cat breed?

Here is the name of friendliest cat breed:

Maine coon






4. Is kissing your cat Bad?

The most common domestic pet dog and cats contain the Pasteurella virus in their mouth in the medical perspective. This virus might occur because of cellulitis. Do note that cellulitis can affect the serious bacterial infection in the human skin. So, kissing your cat is not safe.

5. Do cats know their names?

The domestic cat has known their name and response when the owner calls them loudly. Even they could be jumping to come to the owner after calling a bit. 

However, the new kittens who have got their name for the first time might not respond after the owner call. Because these needs sometimes to be suited with their new names. 

6. What does meow meow meow mean?

Meow-meow means the cat sounds in general. But what does it refer when your cat starts to meow meow at you? It might be a common greeting, command or objection. Likewise, the mother cat can chirp and trill to a conversation with the kittens. 

6. Are Russian blue cats vocal?

Yes, Russian blue cats are vocal and very intelligent. They need special attention and simulation for all day long. So, it is essential to provide them with toys and attention. 

7. Why are black cats so vocal?

Black cats are so vocal and attention seeker from their young age because they think vocalization and noise is the best way to get attention from the owner. So, they have created noises whenever they need foods or other thing. 

8. Which cat has the loudest meow?

Yum Yum devon rex is the loudest meow. It is a rescued cat which is very adorable and ridiculous in vocal. She has gained the Guinness Book of Records for the loudest sounds. 

9. Why is my cat so vocal?

A cat can be very vocal for several reasons like attention-seeking and serious issues. Its excessive hunger, thirsty and pain might be the cause of meowing a cat. Besides, the cat with kidney disease can be very violent and call meow all day long. Most importantly, a cat can meow at you only for getting attention. 

10. Is the cat crying a bad sign?

 Although many traditions believe that a cat’s cry at night means something very bad, there has no valid proof of this speech in modern science. 

11. Which cat breed is the quietest?

These are the most common quietest cat breeds:

  • Persian.
  • Pixie-Bob.
  • Somali.
  • Ragdoll.
  • Russian Blue.
  • Siberian.
  • Scottish Fold.
  • Singapura.

Final Words

I’ve arranged this guide with the most talkative cats breed list. Hopefully, the cat lover who loves to stay with a talkative cat has many ideas to abut vocal cat breeds. Besides, those who want to avoid chatty cat they can avoid these specific breeds now. 

I personally love a talkative cat because the natural beauty of a cat largely depends on its vocalisation. Stay happy with your cutest vocal cat. 

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