Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband? Are you wonder or jealous when your cat prefers much you instead of your husband during sleep? For this reason, many have blamed on the cat behavior. But the main fact is not that. 

Cat loves to play all day independently long, but they prefer to get affection during sleep. And they often choose one specific person to sleep with comfort. But why and how they choose one? It is a special behaviour of a cat which is known as pet favoritism. 

Today, I am discussing the secret reason for pet favoritism. So, scroll down to know the next. 

How do Cats Choose Where They Will Sleep?

I want to say one thing that cat favoritism doesn’t depend on the owner’s gender. As your cat does not sleep with your husband, there are many homes where cats prefer to sleep with a male owner. They might ask that why does my cat favor my husband? The reality is there having no gender discrimination in pet favoritism. Let’s know the primary factors of pet favoritism. 

  • Calmness
  • Comfort and safety of the cat
  • Warm Spots
  • Attachment
  • Instinct


Cats naturally love to sleep in a calm environment. A cat avoids the person to sleep when they feel that a person tends to fidget in sleep. Maybe your cat felt disturbed to sleep with your husband. Even it might happen all night long for several days. And finally, your cat has decided to sleep with you.  

Moreover, cat like the places is near to an open window or door-like open space. They also love to sleep beside the close wall because they feel more secure themselves beside the close wall. 

Comfort and safety of the cat:

Any types of cat breed love to sleep in a comfortable place and like to ensure their safety. Finding a comfort zone for sleeping is Ethnic disposition. Statistics said that the wider cats had faced vulnerability when they sleep in the night. That is why all breeds of cat are conscious of the predators. 

Good to know that, most of the cat loves to sleep on the caregiver’s arms, feet and legs. You probably do very little movement in your sleep. In this case, your cat might choose you; maybe you are sleeping in the more secure and comfort zone than your husband. 

Warm spots:

In winter, cats are fond of stay and sleep with their owner quilt. It means they want to attach to the owner. But they can stay or sleep anywhere during the summer season or a sunny day. I have experienced with some home and a stray cat. Both of them are fond of staying and sleeping in a warm place. If you sleep in a warmer place than your husband and wear warm clothes, your cat will love you instead of your husband.


 By attachment I mean the amount of time spent with the cat. Notice that you or your husband spends more time with the cat? Or who feeds the cat most of the time? One study found that people who spend more time at home with cats and let them eat make a good attachment with that owner.

Natural Instincts:

You might often notice that your cat likes to choose a specific place to sleep instead of you and your husband. It is his natural habit, and they believe a good sleeping place could increase their lifetime. So, there is nothing to be surprised if your cat chooses a specific place to sleep. 


Affection is a great way to win a cat’s heart. If a cat doesn’t like you, you need to go forward with the heartiest love and affection gradually. Firstly, try to understand their demand and do the best for that. 

Why your cat sleeps on your head, chest, back or feet

It is wondering that a cat is highly determined to choose a specific place and choose the right person. Generally, cats could sleep on your neck, feet or back. Do you know why this is their favorite place? Ok well, let me say something from my life experience. 


They believe that sleep near the head is most secure and warm. I also believe that the head is a very warm place and secure because turning around and falling the cat is difficult. 

At the same time, the head is less active organ when you are sleeping. So, there have not problems of shaking or hitting in sleep time. So, overall, it is a secure place for them. Another interesting thing is that cats like to get a good smell from your hair. The idea is that cat prefers to take the scent of your hair and sleep near the head. 


Some cats like to sleep near the neck or because the neck is as warm as the head. But the neck is a little more comfortable than the head. Besides, the neck is comfortable and secure too. However, the big cat breeds can’t feel comfort on the owner neck so they prefer to sleep between the legs.


why does my cat sleep on my chest?  You might find your cat love to sleep on your chest because they like to hear your breathing which is quite warm. But there has some condition to sleep on the chest. However, if you have a habit of side-to-side movement in your sleep, then the cat doesn’t sleep on your chest. 


You may have a common question that why does my cat sleep between my legs? most cats like to sleep on their caregiver’s feet. The legs are also safe enough because the cat can easily move away from them if they move their legs. 


Cats rarely sleep on caregiver’s back. If you have to sleep habit with the back position, your cat might stay there for sleep. 

How to Change Your Cats Sleeping Behaviour?

Hopefully, you have already known that why your cat prefers you to sleep more than your husband. Do you like to change your cats sleeping behavior? In this case, you won’t force your cat. Then the cat might be aggressive even some vocal cat breed can create vocalisation with high voice. Then follow the below tricks; it will be a great remedy for this problem. 

What to do:

  • Encourage the person so that they don’t get jealous (husband or wife to whom the cat doesn’t like to go or sleep.
  • Feed the cat more frequently and spent enough time on your cat. 
  • Grooming the cat in the right way in the right time
  • Let your partner increase the attachment with the cat.

What not to do:

  • Never force a cat to sleep with a certain person
  • Don’t talk to the cat at any time of the day in a threatening manner
  • Don’t show your cat the violence between you and your partner

The cons of sleeping with your cat

If you love to sleep with your cat, you have got some ideas about the cons. 

Dirty feet:

If your cat loves to go for roaming outdoor, then they might come with dirty feet. And your bed can get dirty when the cat comes to bed. 


 If you are very close to the cat, you may have an allergic infection. Especially when it comes to sleep with you, its hair can be a fall that can create your sneezing. 

The caution if you are fond of sleeping with your cat

It is essential to grooming your cat regularly

  • The legs need to be kept clean
  • Your cat needs to be bathed regularly
  • Sharp nails should be cut short with accurate rules
  • If the fur of the body is big, it should be combed


1. Do cats have a favorite person?

Yes, most cats have a favorite person. A cat considered most reliable that an owner or family member has been playing and caring for longer. However, some cats go beyond these rules and choose a person to sleep at night. The idea is that they want to sleep wherever they get the smell they like. 

2. Should cats sleep in bed with you?

You can allow your cat in bed to sleep with you because it will make you feel stress-free from tension. Besides, your cat will feel secure much when the cat will sleep with you. Most importantly, having a chat with someone during sleep can provide the most comfort, warmth and emotional feelings. 

3. How do I show my cat? I love him?

Since cat doesn’t understand human language, so you can follow the below steps to show your love to your cat.

  • Slow eye blink is very effective to let them know that you love them. 
  • Play with them with attractive and interactive toys
  • Make a relaxed and secure sleeping place for them
  • Create some hiding spot for them
  • Buy some scratching spots for your cat

4. Why does my catwalk on me when I’m sleeping?

If cats wake up and want to find a comfortable place for themselves, it will walk on the sleeping owner. 

5. Is it cruel to keep a cat inside the home?

 It is not cruel to keep a cat indoors, but you must make sure that the cat gets proper care and food and notice on mental and physical health. 

6. Why do my cats follow me into the bathroom?

Many wonders and ask that why my cat follows me everywhere and sleeps with me even follow me to the bathroom. They love to get attention. In many cases, they are enough interested in enjoying smoother tiles and water. 

7. Do cats forget you?

No, your cat will keep you in mind as long as a dog can remember their owner because the cat has an excellent brain to memories the precious activities. 

8. Are male cats more affectionate?

Yes, male cats are more affectionate than a female cat. The female cats are slightly aloof.

9. Do cats feel love when you kiss them?

Statistics said that cats are slightly like to demure, but they are fond of making a good relationship with them. There are some cat-like when you kiss them, but you will also get some cat who doesn’t like your kiss. 

10. why does my cat wake me up and not my husband?

Because they trust on you much more than your husband. Maybe you feed your cat most of time and spent a lot of time all day long so they love to wake up you whenever needed.

Final Thought

Finally, I would like to say that let your cat sleep wherever he likes. Don’t pull him out because of your personal choice. It can be annoying; it can hurt a lot, and it can be aggressive. If you notice there has created a jealousy environment between you and your husband because of cat sleeps then make an individual bed for your cat. 

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