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Big Cat Breeds | Details Overview for Cat Lovers

All cats are a piece of love for cat lovers, but many of us are dreamed of having a big cat in their house. Do you know on what basis the big cat breeds are determined? Alright, let me say something. 

Larger cats are determined based on the size, weight and puffy tail. For example, the savannah cat, the Siberian and ragdoll are some big cats. These can be the best companion for your family members. Overall, a big size cat can be a new happiness source in your whole house. 

Today, I discuss the 10 types of big cat breeds depending on the weight, size and puffy tail. 

Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat Breeds

Siberian is one of oldest cat originated from Russia since a century. However, it has spread all over the world at the end of 1980. Siberian cats are round-faces they could be longer of medium and medium to larger.

 They are very playful with the kids and sweet in behavior. In the meantime, a Siberian is enough healthy and heavier in weight. Generally, a mature male Siberian cat is of 12 to 16 pounds. And the female Siberian are of 9 to 12 pounds weighted. 

“Siberian is looked smaller than the Maine coons because its body is mostly barrel-shaped.”

_ Iris Zinck

Folie à Deux Siberian Cattery and CFA Allbreed Judge

Zinck said more than the mostly Siberian is a hypoallergic cat. Because they have a very low-density allergenic enzyme in their saliva, so, it can be safe from its fur and dander.   

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 8 to 26 pounds
  • Average height: 9 to 11 inches
  • Shape: Barrel-shaped
  • Face type: Round shaped
  • Color: Varieties of color like White, blue, red, black, blue, cream and silver patterns and shading. 
  • Overcoat: Longer, thicker and water-resistant 
  • Eyes: Round 

Fun fact:

The funny fact is that a Siberian has water-resistant oily hair, and most of the Siberian cat has affection to the water. 

Best side:

  • It is notably affectionate and domestic
  • Very intelligent to adapt to a human family
  • It contains a lower allergic enzyme


  • Siberians are often more likely to fall their body hair. So, you might have to use a vacuum cleaner. 

Price range: 



12-15 years

Maine coon

Maine coon Cat Breeds

One of the most popular bigger cat breeds is Maine coon. It is originated from the Maine state in England. For this reason, this cat has gained special honor. Coon is also known as a giant gentle over the world.  

The maximum weight of a Maine coon big cat breeds could be up to 35 pounds. Keep in mind that a male Maine coon can be grown up to 35 pounds but a female Maine coon can be large up to 15 pounds. 

 “This rare species is also known as dog of the cat world because of its large size.”

  _Said by Hodgson

Hodgson also said that Maine coon is home-friendly, interactive and intelligent. 

“Maine is a very timid nature, even in many cases, they will be afraid when they see their own shadow, and they are calling with a little voice.”

  _ Bethany Colilla

 CFA judge of the Maine Coon Cat Breed Council

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 9-18 pounds
  • Average height: 10 to 16 inches
  • Shape: barrel-shaped with puffy fur
  • Face type: Oval typeface
  • Color: Brown, red, black or white with tortoiseshell patterns
  • Overcoat: shaggy pettable coat
  • Eyes: Round 

Fun fact:

Maine coon is reputed for being a bigger domestic cat. And these cats have broken the record for their super long tail. Good to know that, a Maine coon named Barivel has gained the Guinness World record. 

Best side:

  • Longer and smoother hair with a voluminous tail
  • Extremely patient to play with human, kids and dogs


  • This cat species comes with some health risk by birth.
  • It might be infected by polycystic kidney disease and hip dysplasia.
  • It has an easygoing character.

Price range:



13-14 years


Ragamuffin Big Cat Breeds

Ragamuffin is another big cat breed. It is a very adorable domestic cat with a bigger round shape and expressive eyes. You can get a lot of similarities of ragamuffin with ragdoll cat. The body fur slightly looks like a bear or rabbit fur. In the aspects of characteristic, ragamuffin is very social to adapt to all family members. 

Good to know that ragamuffin is originated from California in the USA. And it spread all over the world. 

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 20 pounds
  • Average height: 9 to 12 inches
  • Shape: muscular body with a short neck
  • Face type: Teddy Bear-like
  • Color: Varieties of color combination
  • Overcoat: thick and over fluffy fur coating
  • Eyes: Round 

Fun fact:

Do you know that a ragamuffin might need more than four years to be mature correctly? 

Best side:

  • It is calm and easygoing when some family member calls him
  • Ragamuffin is naturally interested in playing with another domestic pet.
  • Ragamuffin is a very humble cat and adaptable with all family members.
  • It has a pair of big adorable eyes will full of the express.


  • They could be aggressive if someone would bore him much.  

Price range: 

$800 to $1000 


Average of 18 years

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cats breeds

Norwegian forest cat is a well-known largest cat. It looks very healthy, stronger and loveable. For its large size, face, body and fluffy fur, this cat can look a lot wide. But it is a complete, naturally born domestic cat. 

“Norwegian cats are naturally loyal and amiable to his owner.”


Norwegian cat is unique for climbing on the tree notches very fast; none cat does this much fast like Norwegian cat because their front legs are slightly different in turn out when it tries to climb. 

“This bigger cat species has a highly dense coating which keeps these cats warm in the winter.”

_ Teresa Keiger

Judge of Cat Fanciers Association

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 22 pounds
  • Average height: 9 to 12 inches
  • Shape: hard body shape with a puffy tail
  • Face type: Round adorable face
  • Color: white, black, blue, red and cream
  • Overcoat: Fluffy coat
  • Eyes: Round and bright

Fun fact:

This breed would love to play on the bookshelf and bookcases instead of floor or mat.  Good to know that Norway’s people called it Skogkatt. Skogkatt looks larger than its weight because of fluffy fur.

Best side:

  • It is a large-sized naturally birth domestic cat
  • High-density thick fur makes it looks larger
  • Friendly with all age’s family members and pet


  • These cats may have kidney disease. 
  • You must continue the grooming process regularly. 

Price range: 

$800 to $1500


8-14 years


Ragdoll Cat Breeds

Ragdoll is one of the top notch’s species in the list of Largest Cats breeds. It is originated from a rare species of large, long hair called Josephine.

They are very larger with muscular body shape and fluffy fur coating. The eyes are a round shape and have a slightly bluish tinge. This breed was gained popularity as the largest cat since 1960 in the USA. 

A ragdoll can be weighted of maximum 20 pounds where females are 10-12 pounds, and males are 15-20 pounds. This cat is most popular in the USA for its big blue eyes. 

“Ragdoll is very playful with the little kids.”

_ Hodgson

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 20 pounds
  • Average height: 9 to 11 inches
  • Shape: Muscular body shape
  • Face type: Large head, rounded muzzle and bluish eyes
  • Color: It could be of varieties of color like blue, lilac, red, cream. As well as, there might have several shadings and patterns. 
  • Overcoat: semi-long silky coat
  • Eyes: Round with bluish tinge

Fun fact:

The ragdoll has a slightly oval shape and bluish eyes.

Best side:

  • Ragdoll is very charming
  • The coat is very soft and longer 
  • It is an ideal and matey housecat


  • These cats are more likely to be partially blind

Price range: 



15 years

Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat Breeds

It is the largest cat, which is very playful and having a strong personality. It is the oldest cat breed of turkey. Mainly, it is found as home-resident of turkey. Their average weight is 7-12 pounds for female and 9-20 pounds for a male. Good to know that a Turkish van is the rarest cat in the world. 

“Turkish van is reputed for the best relationship with a human being.” 

_said by Hodgson. 

Among the all-special characters of a Turkish van, it is very curious, and an amiable domestic cat. You will rarely find this cat available because about 100 Turkish vans were born in America. 

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 7-20 pounds
  • Average height: 9.0″-11.0.”
  • Shape: Muscular body with a short neck
  • Face type: large rounded eyes
  • Color: red tabby, blue tabby, brown tabby, cream, red, black dilute tortoiseshell and brown patched tabby. 
  • Overcoat: Fine and semi-long fur
  • Eyes: Round 

Fun fact: 

Turkish van is interested in the water, where the ordinary cat doesn’t like water. Even Turkish van is also known as a dubbed cat in the turkey. 

Best side:

  • There is enough intelligence in this species to understand the owner’s behavior.
  • It will be talkative with the owner if they are in a good mood.


  • They tend to become deaf alone.
  • They have a risk of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Price range: 

Average $800 – $1500 USD


 12-15 years

British Shorthair

British Shorthair Cat breeds

One of the ancient largest cat breeds is British shorthair. Mainly it used for killing the stray rats. British shorthair seems to be the coolest of the big breeds of cats. It is originated from the United Kingdom. 

And a British shorthair can spend time alone without the owner. It means British shorthair does not need much attention from the owner. So, a working owner can easily adopt this nice cat.  

“It is good to keep two shorthair kittens together when the working owner goes to the office” so that they can company each other. 


Breed overview

  • Average weight: 13 to 18 pounds
  • Average height: 12.0″-14.0.”
  • Shape: Stocky build
  • Face type: Broad and rounded
  • Color: grey-blue, British blue
  • Overcoat: dense short hair coat
  • Eyes: Orange rounded

Fun fact:

British shorthair doesn’t always be a grey color

Best side:

  • It can stay alone in the home for a long time without having any companion
  • The possibilities of fallen fur are very less
  • They feel shy to close to the owner but very friendly. 
  • They are suitable and adaptable with the kids.


  • They have a predisposition for fast weight gaining.

Price range: 

Average $1200 – $2300 USD


Around 15 years


Bengal cat breeds

Bengal is a unique cat with uncommon spotted and rosettes this uncommon spot to make it unique to the cat lovers. It might seem slightly junglelike cat, but Bengal is the best domestic cat. 

These cats are very playful with a family member. It loves to enjoy each of the fun activities of a home. Besides, they are very curious about all the tiny activities. 

The male Bengal would be 10 to 18 pounds, and a female Bengal cat would be of 6 to 12 pounds. 

Breed overview

  • Average weight: 15 to 18 pounds
  • Average height: 8 to 10 inches
  • Shape: Athletic body 
  • Face type: Oval shape
  • Color: Bright orange with dark round spot, light brown with dark spot and marbling pattern. 
  • Overcoat: patterned coat
  • Eyes: Oval eyes 

Fun fact:

Some Bengal breed comes with a “glitter gene” nature which can provide iridescent glow to the fur. 

Best side:

  • They love to play with smaller kids and animal
  • They are fond of climbing on all


  • They can’t stay alone in the home
  • They always required attention

Price range: 

$1,500 – $3,000


12 to 16 years

American Bobtail

American Bobtail Cat Breeds

The American bobtail brings an interesting history of his life. It is mainly originated from a cat named Yodie, which was abandoned by a couple in the hotel of Arizona. American bobtail is medium to large in body size which has three special features. 

You will notice that an American bobtail has hunting gaze, bobbed tail and muscular body. Bobtail comes with a maximum of 20 pounds weight where a female bobtail can be 9 to 15 pounds, and a male bobtail can be 14 to 20 pounds. 

It is unique for the distinct short and bobbed tail. And it acts as a domestic dog. So, you will get it as very friendly. 

“Bobtail is very fond of playing and roaming around the owner.”


Breed overview

  • Average weight: 9 to 20 pounds. 
  • Average height: 9 to 10 inches
  • Color: A varieties of color might have of a bobtail cat-like White, black, blue, red and cream. 
  • Overcoat: Long and a medium coat
  • Tail: very short

Fun fact:

It thinks that American bobtail is a mixed breed from a big cat breeds with a local breed. 

Best side:

  • They are comparatively less wild and amiable to the owner
  • American bobtail is loveable for the activeness, intelligence and friendliness. 
  • Very family-friendly as like a domestic dog


  • It could be attracted by hip dysplasia disease.

Price range: 

$600 to $1000


13-15 years


Chausie Cat Breeds

Chausie is one of the tall cat breeds which loves to go out often. Once upon a time, it was a jungle cat, but gradually it turns into a large domestic cat. The Chausie name comes from the “Felis chaus,” which refers to the “jungle cat” This cat is constantly intelligent and game lover. The speciallity of this cat is long legs and agile body. After then, Chausie has an exotic appearance with unique intelligence. 

“Chausie has enough strength to fight against another cat and attract the human” Especially when they are frustrated; there are more possibilities to attract others. 


Breed overview

  • Average weight: 15 -20 pounds
  • Average height: 14 to 18 inches
  • Shape: slender shape body
  • Color: It mainly comes with black or brown tabby pattern color
  • Overcoat: short coat 
  • Eyes: Round 

Fun fact:

Chausie has come from some continuous breeding with a jungle cat and local cat. 

Best side:

  • Chausie cat can breathe because they have depth breathing chest
  • They have come with plenty of natural strength
  • The fur fallen is less than a long-coated cat


  • Chausie needs special care and attention

Price range: 

$400 to $600


15 years


  1. What is the largest domestic cat breed?

Here is the list of largest domestic cat in the world

  • Siberian Cat
  • Maine coon
  • Ragamuffin
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Ragdoll
  • Turkish Van
  • British Shorthair
  • Bengal
  • American Bobtail
  • Chausie

  1. What breed of cat is Pushpin?

Pushpin name comes from the two individual words “pushing” and “Pinoy”. And it is a special cat breed. Most importantly, they have come with a short hair coat with multiple color varieties.

  1. What are the best indoor cat breeds?

The ragdoll and British shorthair are the best indoor cat breeds.

  1. Can servals kill humans?

Servals are the complete wild big cat breeds and it can bite humans, but there are fewer possibilities to be dead with a bite. In short, servals are dangerous for human and another pet. This wild cat breeds won’t suitable for house. 

  1. What is the most dangerous house cat?

Black-footed cats are the most dangerous house cat, and the Siamese is the most aggressive house cat.

  1. Would a lion eat a cat?

Lions and tigers won’t eat a cat because the cat, lion and tiger all are Carnivorous. And one Carnivorous Doesn’t eat another Carnivorous. For example, the lion hunts cheetahs for play or competition, but they never eat their meat. However, it might happen in different cases. 

  1. Which big cat is the strongest?

The jaguar is the strongest big cat in America. It is naturally coming with strength and fighting power.

  1. What’s the smallest cat breed?

The singaura is known as the smallest cat breed in the world. The size is about half of a normal cat size. The average weight won’t be more than 5 pounds.

  1. Are all GREY Cats Russian blue?

We can’t say that all grey cats are Russian blue if we have not enough documents. The common features of a Russian blue are short, dense coat, grey fur and blue or green eyes

  1. Are British shorthairs’ big cats?

Yes, definitely. British shorthair is a big cat breed and is also one of the most 

Obligatory and adorable house cat.

  1. Are British shorthair cats calm?

Yes, they are notably calm than another cat breeds. And they love to get attention from the owner.

  1. What is the cheapest cat breed?

Several types of short hair cat breeds are comparatively cheaper than a long fur coat.   

  1. Are British shorthairs’ high maintenance?

It doesn’t need high maintenance, but it needs attention from the owner and family members.

  1. What breed is the grumpy cat?

Grumpy cat comes from the breeding of a male tabby cat and female calico cat.

Final Word 

Here, I am ending this guide on big cat breeds. I have written the most popular big cat breeds. However, there have more big cat breeds. Hopefully, I will update this guide some new another largest cat breeds. If you have anything more to ask then let me know. It will be my pleasure to discuss cat breeds.

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