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Kitten Sleeping in A Separate Room is it Good or Bad?

Kittens are much more active and playful than adult cats. Especially, they often awake the whole night. And kittens tend to act and play all over the room. These habits hamper the natural sleep of the owner. The owner thinks of keeping them in a separate room for all these reasons. But is it safe if a kitten sleeping in a separate room?

“Yes, kitten sleep in separate room is safe in a separate room. But must have enough food, water, toys, a litter tray and a comfortable bed. Moreover, their room should be Slightly illuminated, warm and free of hazards.”

I have shared how I put my sleeping kitten Jasper in a separate room. Also, you will know how to set up a room for your kitten. So, let’s start with the ways of kitten room setup. 

Why and when it is important to keep a kitten in a separate room?

As a loving owner, you might feel bad leaving kitten alone at night. And many owners put their kittens in the bedroom. But sometimes, it might be necessary to keep them alone at night. 

For your decent sleep:

Maybe you are a working person who has to join work at the down. So, it is important to have a deep sleep at night. But the kitten can disrupt your sleep at any hour of the night. Maybe, they will start to play, jump and meow near you. If this happens, your work and health will be destroyed again.

For kitten’s decent sleep:

Kittens need to sleep at a minimum time. Otherwise, they might get sick from several diseases and weaknesses. Usually, kittens don’t sleep until the owner goes away. But when a kitten stays alone, it can get sleep after playing sometimes. So, it is good to keep them alone for their good health. 

To prevent diseases from a cat:

Sometimes a cat can transmit parasites, bacteria and germs on your bed. Keep your kitten away from the bed to prevent these diseases. 

Prevent territorial problems:

Cats are extremely territorial. If a kitten once used to sleep on your bed at night, it might not want to leave that place. They think the place is their own space. Even they can dominate to get back the space. In some cases, your kitten may get excited and aggressive to stay in the same place where it was once. 

For saving the kitten:

The kitten is small and can’t meow or move much. So, it is risky for a kitten to sleep in the same bed with the owner. The owners might accidentally put their hands and feet on when in a deep sleep. 

How to set up a room for your kitten

It is important to ensure all requirements of your kitten before keeping it in a separate room. Make a comfortable, enjoyable and safe room for it. Let’s know the factors that can make your kitten comfortable in a room. 

•       Remove hazards

•       Arrange a mild light

•       Arrange a warm bed

•       Provide food and water

•       Provide toys and litter tray

Remove Hazards:

Kittens are extremely playful. And they can wake up any time of the night to play. So, the first task is to ensure a hazards free kitten-proof room. Otherwise, your kitten can occur several disasters. Even they can get hurt. Here are some tips you can follow to provide a safe room for a kitten. 

  • Close all windows and small spaces of the room so that it can’t go out from home
  • Hide all electric cables, cords and sharp accessories from that room. It might work as a life-saving 
  • Lock your precious breakable glasses, show-pieces and accessories to keep them secure from the kitten
  • Remove all toxic and poisonous indoor plants from that room. Otherwise, they can bite and get sick

Arrange a mild light through the room:

Are kittens scared of the dark? having a slightly illuminated surrounding is ideal for a kitten room. It has several benefits to ensure your kitty’s comfort and safety. 

  • A dim light will help you see the kitten at night when you enter the room. It prevents unexpected accidents
  • Cats have good vision power than humans, but they don’t like pitch-darkness
  • Avoid bright light for kittens because it can hamper their sleeping
  • Colorful butterfly LED might be enjoyable to kittens at night
  • Mild moving light is another great option for kitten’s pleasure

Arrange a warm bed:

A comfortable bed is most important for a kitten. Without proper comfort, kittens can meow loudly and wake the owner at midnight. So, arrange a cozy warm bed for your kitten. If you have multiple kittens, then try to manage individual beds. Sometimes, kittens can be territorial for their own space. Even they might not like to share a bed with another feline. Making a kitten bed is easier with older cartons, laundry baskets and cardboard. 

Provide food and water:

Put enough food and water in the room when you keep the kitten at night. Otherwise, they can feel hungry and meow loudly. If there have multiple kittens, then arrange separate food and water bowl. Because kittens can fight each other when eating from one bowl. 

Provide toys and litter tray:

A litter tray is a mandatory thing that is a must-have in the kitten room. But remember to provide a clean litter tray. A wet and dirty litter tray can cause discomfort to kittens. Besides, it can transmit germs, bacteria and diseases. 

How do you get your cat used to sleeping alone?

Cats are very emotional animals. This animal is used to stay with humans. Even a cat doesn’t like to stay alone. Mostly they love to stay on human laps and beds. So, it is important to take enough time to get a cat used to sleeping alone. 

  • Go to your chat room and stay there for a while. In the meantime, it would be good to play, cuddle with the cat or provide some treats. As a result, the cat might be territorial in that room. And gradually, the cat starts to sleep there. 
  • Put your cat in its room after playing a long time. But regularly check if the cat feels comfortable and sleeps well. If it sleeps well, make sure your attempt will be a success. 
  • In the beginning, do not keep him in a separate room for the whole night. This alarm system works great. At first, you can keep it in your room, and at one stage of the night, you can leave her in the room.
  • Leave your cat in its room at midnight from the next week. For example, you can keep it a separate room at 2 Am in the first week. But keep it in a separate room at 1 am from next week. 

If you follow the above procedure, it will be easier to get used to a cat sleeping in a separate room. 


  1. Where should my kitten sleep on the first night?

A kitten should stay in the owner’s room on the first night. As a kitten comes into a new environment, it can cry and meow the whole night. Besides, the kitten can feel alone in a new home. The owner should keep the kitten with him on the first night.  

  1. can a 3-month-old kitten sleep alone?

It is ok for three months old kitten to sleep alone for 3 hours in a separate room. However, over four months kitten can sleep alone for four to five hours. Also, note that a six-month-old kitten can nicely stay alone for 8 hours. 

  1. Can I leave my 8-week-old kitten alone at night?

Do you know that eight weeks is very less to leave a kitten alone at night? However, you can keep your kitten for a specific time at night. But that time would not be more than 2 hours. Never leave an 8-weeks old kitten in a separate room for the whole night. It can cause fear and stress.  

  1. Is it normal if my kitten sleeps for 5 hours straight?

Cats are prone to sleep from born. Even they can sleep 20 hours every 24 hours. So, it is natural when your cat sleeps for 5 hours straight. And this fact is also true for a kitten. 

  1. Can a cat sleep in a bedroom without a litter box?

No, it is not recommended for a cat to sleep in the bedroom without a litter box. A cat may cry when it needs to pee or potty at any night stage. Besides, it can dirt the bedroom in an emergency. Besides, you should provide a litter tray when kitten sleeping in living room

  1. Should I leave a light on for my kitten at night?

Do kittens need light at night? it is not important to leave a light in your kitten’s room. Cat has better eye vision than a human. So, they don’t require a light at night. However, you can leave a dim light on to prevent pitch-darkness. 

  1. Is it risky to sleep with a kitten?

Yes, it might be risky for both you and the kitten. Kittens may carry some diseases that are harmful to humans. Besides, it is risky for a kitten to be injured. You may accidentally step on it or press it under the chest. 

Closing notes:

So, a kitten sleeping in a separate room is good practice for both owner and kitten. But there have some conditions. There should have well organized and hazardous free kitten room. Having enough food, water, toys, and a litter tray is important. And must try to get used to your kitten sleeping alone gradually.

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