Cow’s milk contains lactose which is naturally intolerable for cats. So, you may find another lactose free milk for your cat where soy and almond milk gets popular as the alternative to cow’s milk for a few decades. On the contrary, soy milk contains many food allergens that would be threatened your cat. Now your optimal question is, can cats drink almond milk?

Yes, cats can drink a small amount of almond milk occasionally. This guide will discuss the history and health benefits of almond milk. Also, you will know why you can give almond milk to your cats?

A Little History of Almond Milk

You may be surprised to learn that Almond Milk was first introduced to Baghdad in the late 1200s. And later, it became popular in Europe in the 1400s. It became popular in America in 2008. It was started in the early stages because almonds were easy to get and almond milk was more durable than cow’s milk.

At present, the demand for almond milk has increased incredibly. Even it is used as the best alternative to cow’s milk because it is lactose-free.

What is almond milk, and how is it produced?

Almond milk is a creamy textured, nutty flavored and tasty white liquid. It is called plant milk due to the source of almond nuts. The good things are that almond milk is lactose-free and contains little saturated fat.

Producing almond milk is easy. First, the almonds should be soaked in normal water overnight. Then it has to be mixed with water and blended. However, it requires a good quality blender to be very smooth. Then it will be edible only if separated from the pulp. It is then commercially pasteurized. Commercial producers mix different flavor and sweets to make them more palatable. If you make almond milk at home, you can add it sweetens as per your preference and store them in the refrigerator. However, sweetened can’t be added when you make it for your cat.

Almond Milk Nutrition facts

Almond is plant-based milk that contains vitamins, minerals and calories. Although it has a lot of health benefits, it rarely adds nutrients to a cat diet. Here are the nutrients factors of one cup of almond milk.

  • Vitamin D: 18% of the DV
  • Vitamin E: 110% of the DV
  • Calcium: 24% of the Daily Value
  • Potassium: 4% of the DV
  • Calories: 39
  • Fat: 3 grams
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbs: 5 grams
  • Fiber:5 grams

Is Almond Milk Safe for Cats?

Moderation almond milk is safe for cats. Cats love to eat milk, but they can’t take cow’s milk due to lactose intolerance. However, almond milk has not any health benefits that a cat needs for their daily diet. You can provide some almond milk as a treat for your cat. Remember not to give excess amount almond milk. Otherwise, the cat may feel discomfort in its Stomach. Sometimes, they feel sick from vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Besides, it is recommended to check the label when buying an almond milk pack. Sometimes, branded almond milk may contain much amount of sweetness and flavor. Additional sweetness and flavor are harmful to the cat. So, if possible, buy flavorless and sweet less almond milk for your cat. The best practice is to make almond milk at home.

Is Almond Milk Safe for Cats?

The Benefits of Almond Milk for Cats?

Proper digestion:

Does your cat like to drink milk? But you can’t give your cat cow’s milk because of digestive problems. Usually, the digestive problem occurs from the lactose in milk. In this case, almond milk is the best substitute. Almond milk is easy to digest because it doesn’t contain lactose.

Skin nourishment:

Many vitamins E in almond milk helps make a cat’s skin nourishing and moisturizing. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent eczema-like skin disease.

Prevent obesity:

Almond milk contains low cholesterol and fat. So, your cat can be safe from gaining added weight from the regular diet if they take moderation almond milk.

Diseases prevention:

Potassium, magnesium and phosphorus in almond milk help to prevent kidney disease.

The Downside of Almond Milk for Cats

Even though almond milk contains fewer calories, the existing amount is higher for a cat. This additional calory can cause your cat’s Stomach upset.

  • Some brand adds additional flavor and sweetness to almond milk. Excess sugar and flavors can cause kidney and heart problems in cats.
  • In some cases, almond milk may have an allergic reaction and gastrointestinal upset in a cat’s body that is very sensitive to a cat.

How Much Is Almond Milk, Okay?

Remember two things in mind almond milk is not such healthy food that you should keep a cat’s daily diet. Another thing is to give your cat almond milk as a treat. So, you can start with one tablespoon of almond milk for your cat. And of course, after that, keep an eye on her whether she has Stomach upset, vomiting or allergic reaction.

If there is no bad reaction in your cat after drinking almond milk, you can gradually increase the amount. But keep in mind not to give ¼ cup of almond at a time. And you can give once or twice a week.

Additional Types of Milk Cats Can Drink

Apart from almond milk, your cat has other options as an alternative to cow’s milk. Let’s know

Plant-based drinks:

There is no lack of cow’s milk alternatives. You will get a lot of non-dairy drinks in the market. If you ask that can cats drink soy milk? Or can cats drink oat milk? The answer would be yes. Coconut, soy, oat, and rice milk are some safe drinks for cats. These drinks don’t contain lactose and have low fat and calories. 

Lactose-free dairy milk:

Luckily, there has some lactose free cow’s milk on the market. However, it would be expensive but completely safe for a cat.

Goat and sheep milk:

Do you know that goat and sheep milk have no lactose like cow’s milk? The milk of this animal also contains lactose but is very few in amount. So, you can give your cat this type of milk.

Types Of Milk to Avoid for a cat

Can cats drink milk? Although cats can drink plant-based milk but there has some animal-based milk that should be completely banned for a cat. And even if you provide, you can give very little. Otherwise, your cat may get fatal stomach problems.

Condensed milk:

Condense milk contains huge sugar that is quite harmful to your cat. Your cat may immediately get sick from condensed milk.

Cream, including whipped cream:

Don’t give your cat full cream milk or whipped cream. These can cause serious stomach discomfort and digestive tract.


  1. What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Almond Milk?

Almond milk has some side effects when your cat takes it in excess. So, keep away your cat from drinking huge almond milk. Here are the most common side effects of almond milk.

•            Vomiting

•            Diarrhea

•            Gas and bloating

•            Abdominal discomfort

  1. What kind of milk can a cat drink?

Cats should avoid full cream cow’s milk because there has a lot of fat and lactose. You can provide Organic skim milk that has very low fat. Besides, almond, soy, oat and rice are the best alternative milk for a cat.

  1. Can I feed a kitten almond milk?

The little kitten has a sensitive stomach. Since all types of milk contain lower or higher lactose, a kitten can feel stomach discomfort when drinking animal or plant-based milk. So, it is good to avoid providing them with milk.

  1. Can almond milk kill cats?

Some cat owner gets worried and said that why my cat licked almond milk? Can almond milk kill cats?  No, almond milk can’t kill a cat at all because it is not toxic for cat. Moreover, almond milk is much safer for cats. Since cat has lactose intolerance so it can drink lactose-free almond milk. 

  1. Can cats drink lactose-free milk?

Yes obviously, cats can drink all types of lactose-free milk. There has multiple option of plant-based milk like, almond, soy and coconut milk. 

In closing:

If you want to know, can a cat drink almond milk? The answer is yes, cat can! But remember, cats can drink almond milk in moderation. And drinking too much can make it harder for their digestive system.

Almond milk has some health benefits and some drawbacks. Overall, almond milk is safe for a cat when you give it to your cat moderately.

Have you anything to know about almond milk for a cat? Then let us know.

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