Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic

Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic? Why you should or not get a Bengal cat?

Owning a Bengal cat is a dream of many pet lovers. But the, allergy-prone people are concerned about the Causes of allergies from cats. So, they eagerly ask, Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

The quick answer is “YES” Bengal cats are hypoallergenic. What is cat allergy? What do hypoallergenic means? Why is the Bengal cat hypoallergenic? This guide has answered all of these questions. Also, you will know the benefits of having a Bengal cat

If you are fond of Bengal cats despite being an allergic-prone person, then let’s dive into this guide and figure out the facts. 

What is cat allergy? Symptoms of cat allergy

Cat allergy:

Cat allergy comes from cat produced few specific substances. The main substance of cat allergen is one kind of protein named Fel d 1. this protein is found in cat saliva, skin flakes and urine. Also, know that the cat saliva, skin flakes and urine contain allergens. And these allergens spread through the home with the cat dander.

Fel d1 is an ultralightweight and sticky component. So, it can easily spread on the air and stick on the cat fur, dander and several places inside the home. Even if it is longer in air born. 

Cat allergy can commonly cause runny nose, watery eyes, whizzing, and sneezing. And these symptoms are known as an allergic reaction in humans.

Moreover, you can suffer from general respiratory problems to serious anaphylaxis. So, it might be sometimes alarming when you have a cat without hypoallergic traits. 

Symptoms of cat allergies:

  • Runny nose and watery eye
  • Discomfort in nose and eyes
  • Sneezing, wheezing and coughing
  • Breaks out hives and rashes
  • Redness, swelling and irritation in the skin

What do hypoallergenic means?

There have a lot of misconceptions about the word “hypoallergenic”. Many thought that hypoallergenic means “free of allergy”. But the truth is hypoallergic doesn’t mean allergy-free. Hypoallergenic refers to relatively unlikely fewer allergic reactions. 

Why is the Bengal cat hypoallergenic?

Bengal cat is hypoallergic due to several reasons. These reasons don’t find in any scientific studies. However, these reasons are logical, according to the experiment of cat researchers. Mainly Bengal cat produces less Fel d1 protein. As a result, this breed is naturally hypoallergenic. But there have a few more closely related reasons. 

Less Fel d1:

The main cause of cat allergy is Fel d1 protein. Since Bengal has produced less Fel d1, so it is less allergic. As a result, there have fewer allergens in Bengal’s skin, saliva and urine. That is why the Bengal cat is hypoallergic. 

Single coat:

Bengal is a single-coated breed. So, they have one layer of silky and fine hair on their body. Fel D1 can’t be easily stuck inside silky thin hair. Thus, the Fel d1 production is low. In the meantime, the coat is single. As a result, the allergens reduce much. 

Short coat:

Due to having a short coat, dander can’t accumulate inside the hair. As a result, the Fel d1 protein can’t get stuck with the hair or skin flakes. So, a short coat is also responsible for being a hypoallergic Bengal cat.

Shed less:

It is another good sign that the Bengal cat sheds less than other breeds of cat. As a result, they are less likely to fall into the F-D1 protein with their fur. 

Bengal cat hypoallergenic price and personality

You might consider buying or adopting a Bengal cat since it is hypoallergic. So, let’s know the price and personality of the Bengal breed. 

Price of Bengal cat:

Are Bengal cat expensive? yes, a bit expensive than another hypoallergenic breed. 

Price rangePureness
Under $500Backyard breeder or scam
$500-$1,000Could be backyard breeder or scam
$1,000-$1,500Lowest price of expecting a purebred
$1,500-$2,000Fairly good price
$2,000-$2,500Good price to get a purebred Bengal
Over $2,500High end Bengal kitten
Price range for BENGAL CAT

Bengal cats personality:

Are Bengal cats friendly? Yes, they are. Even Bengal breeds are highly interested about all activities of the owner. 

  • Bengal cat has a wild appearance with a massive large boning body, medium legs and spotted or striped coat.
  • Larger feet, thick tails, neck, triangular head and brown-spotted pattern make it individual.
  • It is loving, sweet-natured, associate and loyal to the owner
  • Bengal cat is naturally super active athlete and love to jump and run
  • This breed has a short and single coat and produces less Fel d1 allergic protein

Learn the details biography of the Bengal cat from another guide

Why should you or shouldn’t get a Bengal cat?

There have a lot of reasons that are why you should have a Bengal cat. Here is a short list of key points. 

  • Bengal is hypoallergic that is an ideal choice for an allergic person
  • They are loving, sweet-natured and sometimes act like vocal cat breeds
  • It is a super athletic breed that keeps the whole enjoyable home
  • Extremely loyal to the owners and family members
  • Bengal is splendid in appearance with Brown-spotted patterns 

Although Bengal is a good option for an allergic person, it has some inconveniences too. Here is a short list that can help you to decide on adopting a Bengal cat

  • This breed is highly territorial; it often marks a specific space as its territory. Even it can urinate in several places to let others know about its territory.
  • It is highly energetic, so it needs a lot of playing time to burn calories.
  • This cat can’t stay longer without any company and gets aggressive.
  • It has a bad habit of chewing everything when it needs stimulation.
  • Bengal cats can get extremely vocal when they need to eat, go outside, use a litter box, or feel lonely. 
  • Bengal needs fairly expensive and needs high maintenance.

The benefits of owning a hypoallergic cat

A lot of benefits you can get from a hypoallergenic cat. Here we noted down some key points that can impact your life in a good way.

Ideal for allergic person:

Imagine you are a cat lover but can’t get a cat because of an allergic reaction. Isn’t it sad? But a hypoallergic cat can come into your life as a blessing. If you have a hypoallergic cat, you can stay happy and healthy. 

Ideal for kids:

Usually, small kids are fond of cats. But in the meantime, kids are prone to be allergic to the cat. So, if you can provide them with a furry friend with very few allergies, ten how? It would be great.


Fostering a hypoallergic cat is very convenient for the owner. Since hypoallergic has a natural short coat, it is easier to maintain. 

Tips for the cat-allergic Bengal lover

A cat allergy doesn’t mean a great danger because you can control it in some ways. Do Bengal cat have dander? yes they do but your Bengal is already hypoallergic. So, it is much easier to reduce the allergens from Bengal cats. 

Do away with dander:

How to remove cat dander that is mostly responsible for cat allergies? Regular bathing is not the ultimate solution for this. Even frequent bathing can ruin the Ph level of your cat. So, you can use effective anti-dander shampoo and wipes. The anti-dander shampoo would be such that it doesn’t require washing with water. 

Use medication and home remedies:

If you need to have a cat despite being affected by a cat allergy, medication can help you out. Usually, there has a lot of over-the-counter medication for common allergic symptoms. Antihistamines, Corticosteroids, Leukotriene, modifiers, and Cromolyn Sodium are some common medications for allergies. If possible, consult with a doctor to get effective medication. Besides proper cleaning is the most important hoe remedies. 

Using an air purifier:

An air purifier is an effective way to prevent cat allergies. The cat dander is tiny particles that aren’t seen in open eyes. Air purifiers can pull out all small dander and particles from the floor and furniture. 

Another well-known hypoallergenic cat breeds

Let’s introduce some well-known hypoallergenic cat breeds except Bengal. It would help when you must need a hypoallergenic cat, but Bengal is not founding. 


Balinese produce less Fel d1 protein and shed less fur. It is why Balinese is well-known as a hypoallergenic cat breed. If you look at the appearance and traits, Balinese is a good breed for family and kids. This breed is smart, adaptable and social. Also, note that the Balinese need less maintenance and grooming.


Siberian cat also produces Fel d1 protein. This breed needs medium maintenance. They shed in seasonally and need regular brushing to prevent allergens. You can get a Siberian cat because Bengal cat size is larger and it exists in multiple colors. Besides, this breed is intelligent, attentive and loving. 

Oriental Shorthair:

Oriental shorthair is a hypoallergenic breed because it has a short silky coat. It is a less shedding breed and needs less maintenance. 

Devon Rex:

Devon Rex has fine and thin hair that is shed less than other breeds of cats. That is why Devon Rex is known as a hypoallergenic. Devon Rex is a stronger cat that loves to be involved with all owner activities. However, this is a loyal and loving cat breed for allergic people. 

Cornish Rex:

Cornish Rex is hypoallergenic because of its curly coats. The curly coats stay near to the body and shed less. Cornish rex is energetic, curious, and fun-loving. 

Are Bengal cat hypoallergenic reddit

Reddit is one of the trusted social media platforms where we get the authentic user feedback of several topics. So, when we research Bengal cat allergies reddit information, we got a lot of real answer. 

Most of the Bengal cat owner have said that Bengal is not fully allergic-free cat. But they have benefitted from Bengal cat because it is really hypoallergenic. 


  1. Can I have a Bengal cat if I’m allergic to cats?

Yes, you can have a Bengal cat if You’re allergic to cats. Bengal is an ideal breed for allergic people because of the short hair, single coat, less shedding and producing less Fel d1 protein. Besides, Bengal is a loyal, active and social cat. 

  1. Do Bengal cats have less Fel d 1?

Yes, Bengal cats have less Fel d1 protein. Since Fel d1 protein is mainly responsible for cat allergy, Bengal is roughly safe for people with cat allergies. Remember that Bengal also contains some allergens, as everyone can produce at least some Fel d1 protein. 

  1. What is the friendliest hypoallergenic cat?

All cats that are listed as hypoallergenic are roughly friendly. But if you want to know the friendliest cat compared with another hypoallergenic, then we would say Sphynx. However, Russian blue, Bengal, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex and Siamese are quiet, friendly, hypoallergenic cats. 

  1. Are there 100% hypoallergenic cats?

No, there has not 100% hypoallergenic cats. Cat allergies can cause mainly by a substance named Fel d1. Fel d1 protein usually comes from cat saliva. Since all cats produce less or much Fel d1, there is not any cat that is 100% hypoallergenic. 

  1. How can I stop being allergic to cats?

Following some basic steps can help you to stop being allergic to cats. First of all, you need to keep clean the home regularly. Especially, the floor and furniture should be clean properly. In this case, a true HEPA filter can help prevent cat allergy producer Feld1 protein. 

  1. Can you build immunity to cat allergies?

Yes, it is possible to build immunity to cat allergies. But building a new immunity system against cat allergies is challenging. Yet some lucky people can build an immune system to cat allergies. But it might also happen that a person can get allergenic although he has no cat allergy.

  1. Does bathing a cat help with allergies?

Yes, bathing with the proper product can help a cat with allergies. Regular weekly bathing can reduce the allergy-causing dander. 

  1. Do Long Haired Cats Cause More Allergies?

It is a wrong conception that a long-haired cat is much more prone to be allergenic than a shorthair cat. Mainly cat allergy can cause by one kind of substance called Feld1. Feld1 produce from cat saliva and urine that stick with hair. 

  1. Do Air Purifiers Help with Cat Allergies?

Yes, an air purifier can help remove cat allergens from the floor, furniture and human body. You will get some specific good-quality air purifiers for cat allergens. 

  1. How Long Do Cat Allergy Symptoms Last?

Cat allergens can usually long last for a few hours. Sometimes, it can last up to 2-3 days. Antihistamine medication can help to prevent allergic symptoms quickly. 

Final Notes:

In the end, we once again give your answer” are Bengal cats hypoallergenic” yes, Bengals are hypoallergenic. Because of less Feld1, single coat, and short hair, Bengal is hypoallergenic. We also covered other hypoallergenic cat breeds. Also, you have gotten the advantages and disadvantages of having a hypoallergenic cat.

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