American shorthair breed

Biography of American shorthair breed

The American shorthair is of European descent cat that developed in North America. It is one of the most adaptable breeds in the world. They are well-known for their symmetrical and well-balanced body shape. Besides, they are strongly built, hard workers and super active. 

History and Origins

Country of Origin: North America

Other Names: None

Similar breeds: British shorthair, exotic shorthair and ocicat

It is being said that American shorthair originated from Europe and turned into American native cats later. They do not exist in America till the time of Columbus. This breed enlisted as the purebred in 1904. The British shorthair named domestic shorthair is the parent breed of the American shorthair. American shorthair kittens are naturally born as a hardworking breed. Most importantly, this breed was used to reduce the local area and cornfield rats. 

Interesting facts:

This breed has got the reputation of “cat of the year” from CFA in 1965, 1984 and 1996. It got the “American shorthair name” after 1966. Then this breed becomes purebred, making it separate from another random shorthair breed. The fun fact is that the American shorthair is similar to many domestic shorthair breeds. So, you have to make sure about your cat’s breed to see the bred certified papers. 


Easygoing, associative, and curious




The adult female American shorthair weight is about 6-12 pounds, and an adult male American shorthair weight is 11 to 15 pounds.

American shorthair colors:

The American shorthair is available in all traditional colors. In Particular, you will get these in white tabby color with stripes. 

Average lifespan:

About 15-20 years

American Shorthair price:

The average price of an American shorthair cat is $600 – USD 1200. This price will be higher or lower depending on a breeder’s reputation. A general breeder demanded $500 and $800 for this cat. On the other hand, a well-known breeder will cost about $1000 -$1500.

Traits of American shorthair

  • The American shorthair is curious, loving and family-oriented
  • This breed is smart and loves to spend time in a crowded family
  • They are adaptable with the owner, seniors, and kids
  • The American shorthair is easily trainable in different games

Care and maintenance of American shorthair 


Taking care of an American shorthair is easy because they have a tiny coat that doesn’t require brushing. These cats can clean themselves, so it is not mandatory to bathe them regularly. However, regular brushing, cleaning, and nail cutting are important to keep them safe and healthy. In addition, a longer scratching pole can help their natural scratching. 


American shorthair cats are very sensitive to food. They never eat too much but eat healthy and delicious food. Even they feel bored eating the same kind of food daily. You can provide both dry and wet food to your American shorthair cat. And don’t forget to serve freshwater. 


There is no disease history from the American shorthair genetics. But consulting with a vet for general health issues is important for American shorthair. Since they are sensitive to food and don’t like all food, they can get sick. 


What is the difference between American and domestic shorthair?

When you compare American shorthair vs British shorthair, both are the same in body structure, haircoat and activity. Besides, the traits, food habits and behaviour are also similar. But the only difference is in their coat color.

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