Why is Cat peeing in the bathtub?

Why is Cat peeing in the bathtub?

Normally, a trained cat does pee and potty in the litter box. But sometimes, the Cat may pee in the bathtub, which seems strange to the owner. They are usually concerned and ask why is Cat peeing in the bathtub? 

A cat may have physical and mental issues when peeing in the bathtub. Besides, litter boxes, previous scents and habit issues can because by a cat peeing in the bathtub. 

This guide will line out the potential reason behind Cat peeing in the bathtub. Also, you will learn how to stop your cat from peeing in the bathtub.

The potential reasons for a cat peeing in the bathtub

Are you wonder that why has my cat started peeing in the house? Here are some common reasons that is why a cat can pee in the house specially in the bathtub. This info has been merged from my experience and cat peeing in bathtub drains reddit user opinion. 

Physical issue:

Does your cat start pee in the bathtub suddenly? Then it may be a physical issue, as seen in the study that Cat can pee in a bathtub due to a urinary tract infection, a bladder stone, cystitis, kidney disease, or some blockage. You may ask why a cat prefers a bathtub to a litter box for peeping when suffering from physical issues? There may have several reasons. 

  • Maybe they’re in pain and think it’s because of the litter box. With this in mind, he can choose the bathtub by avoiding the litter box.
  • Maybe it’s time to pee, and they can’t hold it because of the urinary tract. Then they will urinate there if the bathtub is nearby.
  • If you notice these symptoms, go to a vet as soon as possible. Otherwise, your Cat may suffer for a longer time. 

Mental issues:

Besides physical and mental stress, a cat can pee in the bathtub. A cat can do this when there is a small change in its environment. Litter box relocation, the arrival of new guests in the house, and furniture change are common reasons a cat may have. 

Moreover, it can behave strangely due to the chemical imbalance. Make sure your cat is under stress. If stress is the cause, try to alleviate it. If there is no stress, then consult with a vet soon. 

Dirty litter box:

Why does my cat sometimes pee in the bath? a cat never likes to pee or potty in a dirty place or box. If your cat urinates in the bathtub, check the litter box to see if it is dirty. Make sure there have not any bad smells or dirt accumulating. 

Lack of enough litter boxes:

Having added litter box is important for your pet cat. If you have multiple cats, ensure an individual litter box for each Cat. Keep in mind that one Cat may not like another cat’s smell. Besides, Cat often loves to mark their territory with their pee smell. If they don’t get an individual box, they try to pee in the bathtub. 

Closed-in litter box:

The use of closed-in litter boxes has increased in the last decades. It is good to have a closed-in box for the cat owner and family members. But Cat always doesn’t like closed-in litter boxes. Opening a closed box and entering it for peeing is quite difficult. So, naturally, they may avoid litter boxes and prefer the bathtub. 


A cat can easily adapt to any new habit. If a cat pee in the bathtub somehow, then it can try to do the same thing in the same spot again. 


Cats often like to pee in the place where it gets previous scents. If your cat pee in the bathtub, there may have some scent. Even though you can’t realize the scent, your Cat must know the smell from the drain blockage. 

How to stop cats from peeing in the bathtub?

Solving the problem because a cat can pee in the bathtub is the primary solution to stop a cat from peeing in a bathtub. If you can’t solve these problems in basic ways, go to a vet for your Cat’s health checkup. 

Vet checkup:

Don’t be late to go to a vet if you notice any serious health issues like urinary tract, UTIs, and kidney infections. Most of the time, cats pee in unwanted spaces because of their health issues. 

Reduce stress:

Do you think that your cat is stressed by environmental pressure? It may cause when a new kid, pet or guest comes into the house. In these cases, cats usually think they don’t get proper attention and love. And they can pee in the bathtub and other different place at home. So, keep away your Cat in a separate area at home when a newcomer comes home. 

Change litter box variables:

Clean the litter box regularly and add new litter within a few days. Although Cat doesn’t like quick change in their known territory, you can try differently. You can add a new designed and sized litter box. 

Remove their scent from the bathtub:

A clean bathtub doesn’t always mean that there has no bad smell. Maybe you are not realizing, but your Cat wants to go to the bathroom to pee. Remember that normal water can’t remove peeing smell properly. However, the best quality enzyme cleaner can remove the pee smell correctly. 

How to clean cat urine from bathtub?

Cleaning cat urine from the bathtub is easy because there has a finish on the bathroom surface. That is why cat urine can’t accumulate on the surface. But urine can stay for a long time in the drainage system. Especially, cat urine can easily be stuck on the blockage inside the drain. You can use warm water and detergent to remove the bad smell from the drain. Otherwise, your Cat can repeat peeing in the bathtub. 

Pheromone diffuser:

Pheromone is a powerful way to remove bad smells. Keeping a pack of pheromone in your bathroom can naturally remove a bad smell. 

how to keep cat out of bathtub

Apart from the remedy mentioned above, you can try these simple tips to keep your Cat away from the bathtub. 

  • Fill the bathtub to the brim with water so that your Cat does not get up and pee there. Since the Cat does not like to wet its feet, it will not easily go to the tub filled with water. Does it seem like a waste of water? Yet it is more affordable than buying an enzyme cleaner.
  • Always try to keep the bathroom door closed unless necessary. If your Cat sees the door closed a few times, your Cat will not go there again.
  • Boil the orange peels and make a citrus diluted spray. This spray works great to keep away a cat from any space. 
  • Keep some artificial flavor of aromatic herbs like peppermint or lavender. These flavors can reduce the cat pee smell.
  • A Scat mat is also a good option to keep away your Cat from the bathtub. You can use a scat mat when not using the bathtub. 

Closing note:

Cat peeing in the bathtub is not a matter of enjoyment. It may occur due to several reasons. Health issues, mental uses, litter box issues and habit issues can cause this to your Cat. 

You have to observe your Cat’s health condition. If a cat’s health condition is good, then go you a vet to consult about the problems of Cat peeing in the bathtub. Besides, some effective home remedies we have mentioned above. You can try those.

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