Cat sleeps in litter box I secret causes and ultimate solution

Cat sleeps in litter box I secret causes and ultimate solution

All cats around the world are love sleeping even they could sleep 12-14 hours a day. Sometimes a feline might get sleep in their litter box. Then your optimum question will be why is my cat sleeping in his litter box? How do I prevent my cat from sleeping in their litter box?

This guide is prepared to fulfil your curiosity with the secret causes of why a cat sleeps in the litter box. Also, you will get easy ideas to solve this weird problem. So, stay with this guide to know the wondering factors.

“There might have two main reasons for a cat sleeping in the litter box: health reason like illness, pregnancy and another is habitual reason like feeling good, feeling safe.”

The primary causes of a cat can sleep in the litter box.

We have already known that cat might sleep in their litter box because of health issues and customary issues. Firstly, I have mentioned the medical causes, and then I mentioned the habitual causes.

Medical causes

Kidney diseases:

If you have an adult cat and sleep in the litter box, it would be affected by kidney disease. Kidney diseases refer to urinal infection or crystal formation. This disease prevents natural urinating. That is why a cat might feel insecure when he goes far from the litter box. Also, a cat living with dementia could feel the same problem. But this happens in a rare case.

Cats in labour:

Litter box seems a most secure place for cats. When a pregnant cat doesn’t find any secure place to give birth to her child’s, she might choose the litter box. And she is naturally getting tired during childbirth. So, she might sleep in the litter box.

Habitual causes


Newly adopted cats:

The newly adopted cat might love to sleep in the litter box when it comes from a shelter where it was in a small box or cage. Undoubtedly, a larger litter box is better than a smaller cage. It may seem strange to many cat owners, but it is a fact.

Multiple cats in the home:

Have you multiple cats inside the home and are they using one litter box? Then the cats might fight with each other to use the box. Good to know that some big cat breeds would be dominant to sleep in the litter box to territory their areas.

Stress or fear:

Any unfamiliar guest at home may scare your cat. In this case, your cat can treat wired. Some cats might be vocal as like vocal cat breeds. And some can sleep in their litter box.

The secondary causes of sleeping in a cat litter box

If the litter box seems comfortable to your cat:

Cats often find the litter box comfortable and want to sleep there. Especially kittens sleep in the litter box now and then. It is a natural habitual issue. You might be a wonder that little kittens might also sleep on their food plate.

If your cat looking for a little alone time:

Some dumbest cat breeds are naturally lazy and don’t love to play or jump. But they love to stay alone and sleep alone. Many times, they can get up and sleep on the litter box, shoebox or cabinet.

The easy solution to stop your cat sleeps in the litter box.

Observed your cat regularly:

A sleeping cat in the litter box is quite disgusting as a cat can sleep in the litter box for several reasons so it is good to be concerned and observed your cat regularly so that they can’t stay a long time in that box.

Consult with a vet for health issues:

Although a cat can sleep in the litter box for medical and customary reasons, you need to consult with a vet because the health issues might not catch your eyes. Besides, you can’t diagnosis your cat. On the other hand, an expert vet can provide diagnosis and treatment for cat health issues. If a cat sleeps much in the litter box, it can affect by urinal infection so consult the nearest vet soon.

Manage multiple litter boxes:

Even if many cats use a list box, cats can sleep in a lit litter box. So, if you have one more cat, then arrange multiple boxes for their pee and potty. This method will greatly reduce the chances of your cat’s litter box sleeping.

Adjust the newly adopted cat carefully:

We have already known that a newly adopted cat can’t easily adjust with the existing cats. In this case, the conscious owners should take care of this matter. The new cat sleeps in the litter box due to not adjusting with other cats. So, it is important to help your cat adjustability.


Arrange a secure place for your pregnant cat:

There should be a proper place for pregnant cats so that they can give birth securely. That is why manage a safe place for your pregnant female cat when you can understand the nearest delivery time. Otherwise, your cat might sleep in the litter box.

Keep cats away from strangers:

Keep in mind that cats are scare of strangers, and they try to hide from strangers. That is why they might sleep in their litter box. So, keep cats in a safe room for guests or strangers at home to not be afraid.

So, is it simple for a Cat to Sleep, play, and sit in the Litter Box?

Since cats are slightly weird in behaviour, they can sleep, sit and play in the litter box. There are fewer possibilities of dangerous factors if your cat sleeps or play in the litter box. However, it is recommended to observe the cat health condition if they start to sleep in the litter box, there might be some serious health issues.

When each cat has its litter box, and one feline still sleeps in its?

Generally, the cat doesn’t sleep in the litter box when they have an individual one. If you observed that your cat is sleeping in the litter box despite having a specific box for the feline, then you need to understand that cats don’t feel secure or comfort in other places in your home. So, make sure about your cat comfort and security.


1)  Why does my cat poop on the floor but pee in the litter box?

If your cat poops out of the litter box, then there might have two primary reasons. Maybe they don’t like their old toilet, looking for a new toil or getting the urine smell from the litter box. Moreover, they might try to avoid the litter box if it was too larger or too smaller. Even the depth of a litter box should be appropriate.

2)  Why is my cat suddenly sleeping in the litter box?

If your cat is very small or very sick, he may suddenly fall asleep in a litter box.

3)  Should I move my cat’s litter box to prevent the cat from sleeping?

You can move the litter box to prevent the feline from sleeping. However, you must observe your cat when you need to pee or potty and provide the litter box in time.


4)  How often should you change cat litter?

It would help if you changed the cat litter twice a week. If it is not possible, then you can change the litter at least once a week.

Final Words:

I hope you have learnt details about the cat sleeps in litter box. In most cases, cats might sleep in the litter box because of several habitual causes. But sometimes it may cause the cat sickness. So, it is highly recommended to observed your cat health condition.

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