Can cats eat Pizza: The affect of pizza on your cats

Can cats eat Pizza: The effect of pizza on your cats

You will surely love to eat Pizza full of cheese and meat because it is yummy and delectable. But at that time, if Feline came in front of you and said Meow, you might want to give her a little. However, two optimum questions will come to your mind as a conscious cat parent. Can Cats eat Pizza? Is Pizza Safe for Cats? 

Pizza is one of the great combinations of Chess and meat, so your cute Feline would love it like you. This guide has covered with aptly description of Pizza for cats. 

“No, Cat can’t eat Pizza because Pizza contains several ingredients that are harmful to the cat. Although it is not serious poisonous, however, your cat can be affected by several diseases.”

Cats and Pizza: Are Pizza Safe for Cats?

Pizza is also known as a neutral food for cats because a nibble of Pizza can’t make your cat ill. For example, meat and cheese are the two main Pizza ingredients, and a small amount of these ingredients is not harmful to your cat. But there are many more toppings used to enhance Pizza’s taste that is harmful to cat health. Besides, more dairy products can be bad for your Feline. 

Good to know that vets always discourage the cat owner from feeding them Pizza because overall, Pizza is not an ideal food for cats. 

Pizza Ingredients that harmful to cats

Here are some common ingredients which make your Pizza delicious for you but harmful for your cat. 

Dairy products:

One of the best ingredients of Pizza is cheese which is dairy food. Can cats have cheese? Eating more dairy food is harmful to your cat because each dairy food contains lactose. And the sad things are cat can’t break down the lactose. As a result, they might feel vomiting, upset stomach or diarrhoea. 

Yeast in pizza dough:

Yeast is used in pizza dough to make it puffy so that it will soft to eat. A cat can’t easily digest the yeast included pizza dough. 


Can cats eat sausage? the sauce is generally made from several spicy ingredients, which is directly bad for cat health as a complete pizza contains several types of delicious sauce, so it must avoid for your cat. 


The main ingredient in Mayonnaise is egg yolk, and oil and both are not compatible with your cat digestion system. So, Mayonnaise can occur abdominal pain in your cat. 

Garlic and onion:

There is no substitute for garlic and onions to make human food delicious. But it can be not good for your cat. Eating too much onion and garlic spice can damage your cat’s red blood cells and cause anemia.

Processed meats:

Processed meats refer cooked meat like salami, pepperoni and bacon. These meats are harmful to the cat because there have several salt, fat and grease. Also, know that salt is harmful to your cat, and it can occur stomach pain. Moreover, processed meat can be because of your cat heart disease and diabetes. Many ask that can cats eat salami although salami is often used in pizza but it comparatively safe for your cat. 


Pizza contains an incredible amount of sodium which is one kind of salt. Do you know which pizza ingredients are made with salt? Almost all ingredients have extreme sodium salt. From the crust to the sauce and seasonings, all contain sodium slat. Cat owners must have to know that an excessive amount of salt is very harmful to the cat. 

The nutrient chart of Pizza

Pizza contains the below nutrients
Sodium598 mg
Calcium188 mg
Saturated fat4.465 g
Monounsaturated fat2.608 g
Potassium172 mg
Polyunsaturated fat1.681 g
Vitamin B33.825 mg
Phosphorus216 mg

Can Cats Eat Pizza Crust?

Can cats eat bread? Pizza crust is slightly like a bread. And pizza crust is referring to the dough, which we have known as the basement. For your concern, pizza crust is mainly a dough of flour, and it is harmful near Pizza’s top portion. Do note that pizza crust would be more harmful if it will take a raw crust. 

Why is pizza crust discouraged for cats?

  • There has some significant reason that is why pizza crust is discouraged for cats.
  • Pizza crust has made from refined flour, which is full of carbohydrate and low dietary components. 
  • Due to having a high number of calories, pizza crust doesn’t contain another nutrient.
  • Smaller cat stomach doesn’t need more calory, so it is difficult for them to digest.
  • A high amount of sodium is used in pizza crust, and it is most harmful to your cat.

The pizza crust is included with the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Likewise, your cat gets affected by breathing problem and generalized fatigue. Besides, pizza crust harmful effect can impact your cat’s regular activity even can get early death. So, it would better not to feed your cat pizza or pizza crust because of these dangers. 

What about the fat content of Pizza for a cat?

If you look at the ingredients of Pizza, you can understand how fattening food is Pizza. But your cute Feline doesn’t know Pizza could be how terrible for them. It is responsible for making your cat thin, and it can because of cat diabetes and heart disease. Many people think that pizza crust may be good for the cat, but at all because the crust is full of carbohydrate, oil, sodium and yeast. And all of these are the main reason to increase the fat. 

What is the Nutritional Value of Pizza for a cat?

There has no notable nutritional value inside a pizza which would be good for cat health. As Pizza can meet the nutritional needs of cats, it has many disadvantages. Pizza has a lot of carbohydrates and fats, and delicious spices that cats don’t need. 


  1. Can cats eat pizza crust?

No cat can’t eat pizza crust because pizza crust contains a lot of carbohydrate, yeast and salt and all of these are bad for a cat. 

  1. Can cats eat pepperoni pizza?

Although pepperoni pizza is softer and smokier, your cat can’t eat this because pepperoni pizza has the same ingredients which a common pizza may contain. 

  1. What foods are poisonous to cats?

Many cat owners are curious to know can cat eats lemon, onions and garlic? The straightforward answer will be no. Cat can’t eat lemon, onion and garlic because these are toxic for a cat. Besides, here is a short list of toxic food for the cat.

  • Raw egg, raw meat and bone
  • All kinds of dairy products
  • Raw pizza dough
  • Alcohol
  • Grapes and raisins
  1. What happens if cats eat Pizza?

If your cat eats Pizza, it won’t get sick overnight. If you give him regular Pizza, he will gradually get sick. Although Pizza is not directly poisonous for a cat, it can gradually harp the cat body. 

Final Words

In the end, I would say to avoid Pizza to feed your Feline. Even try to help your cat not reach Pizza. You have already known that Pizza has a lot of harmful effect on your cat. Because it has no nutrient and health benefits, yet it is full of fat and salt, which is not recommended for a cat. Good to know that Pizza is junk food for your Feline, and you should not feed them any portion of a pizza, even a plain crust. 

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