Can cats eat marshmallows? Know the secrets of marshmallow for cat

Can cats eat marshmallows? Know the secrets of marshmallow for cat

Do you want to dive into the sweet taste of marshmallows next to your cat? the common questions might come into your mind that can cat eat marshmallows? 

As a cat parent, you maybe love to share your food with the cat. Especially you must want to provide a bit of food to your cat when you notice your cat is curious to see or want to smell. Even their ears can perk up. Then you can be sure the feline is interested in tasting that food.

I’ve covered this guide with all the good and bad aspects of marshmallows for cats. I hope you find the solution to all your interests.

 “Marshmallows is a confection made from sugar, gelatin, and water, often accompanied by eggs and lemon juice. None of these ingredients is good for cat health. That is why a cat shouldn’t eat marshmallows.”

Things that are used to make marshmallow

Let’s know which ingredients are using to make up the marshmallow. It would make your sense about the harmfulness of this creamy spongy food. 

  • The sap of the marshmallow plant
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Gelatin
  • Egg white
  • Vanilla extracts
  • Lemon juice

Can a cat eat marshmallow?

In the united states, marshmallows are known as the very low nutrients valued food even with several health issues. So, it is not good to provide a cat marshmallow despite having a cat’s interest. 

Cats are naturally carnivore’s animal, so they don’t need to take many calories. They can fulfil their nutrients demand from meat and fish. Besides, the cat can’t tolerate high-calorie food like marshmallows, so they can’t eat this food. Although marshmallow is not directly toxic for a cat, it has numerous health issues. 

Types of Marshmallow

There have different types of marshmallow, and each is individual in appearance, ingredients and taste. However, keep in mind that all types of marshmallow are bad for your cat. 


Chocolate is one kind of marshmallow that is harmful to the cat. The main ingredients of chocolate are cocoa powder. And cocoa powder contains the theobromine that can because abnormal heart rhythm and muscle tumors. Although a human being can tolerate this theobromine, the little cat can’t. Do note 200 mg injected theobromine can be the cause of a cat dead. 


Xylitol is less calories included then sweetener. Good to know that uses of xylitol have increased a lot for making candy and marshmallow. It is thoughted that xylitol is better than sugar. And it this true that xylitol has fewer calories than another sweetener. But there has bad news that xylitol brings some toxic element that is dangerous for the cat. 

Marshmallow peep:

Marshmallow peep means the chicken-shaped candy made from sugar, gelatin and water. These are found on several occasion and exist in a pack of four to five pieces. Color sugar is used to make this marshmallow candy that is highly dangerous for the cat. 

Marshmallow crème:

Marshmallow crème is most popular all over the traditional American program. It is made by continuous mixing of peanut butter. Due to its extreme fluffy size, it is also called Fluffernutter in America. Peanut and butter are two added ingredients of this marshmallow that you can’t find in regular marshmallow. Do note that peanut and butter both are harmful to cat health. 

Homemade marshmallow: Homemade marshmallow is the same as the regular marshmallow. The ingredients are also the same. But your homemade marshmallow may have some scratch whether the ready-made marshmallow is super smoother. By the way, whatever the marshmallow types, it is still bad for your cat.

Approximate calories in different types of marshmallow

Types of Marshmallow Number of calories
Marshmallow peep32 grams
Chocolate-covered marshmallow40 grams
marshmallow creme40 grams
Homemade marshmallow34 grams

Why is marshmallow bad for cats? The detail reasons

Marshmallow is not good for human health. So, what will happen if you share a piece of marshmallow with your small cat? Here are some common things that affect your cat health if they take marshmallows. 

Get squashed and turn hazards:

That was stated from New Zealand’s government health website that marshmallow could easily be squashed when it gets touch with tongue. As a result, it might jam inside the mouth. And it becomes a hazard to the little kids under three because it won’t melt or pass out inside the throat. Imagine for a second if marshmallow gets jammed inside the mouth of your voiceless cat, then how? It will be quite painful. So, it is good to avoid marshmallow for the cat.

Full of sugar that is bad for health:

The main ingredients of marshmallow are sugar. Even several artificial sweeteners are used to make marshmallow candies. But all sugar-related food is harmful to all animals, including cat and human. Marshmallow contains about 23 calories. Also, know that a cat can take up to 300 calories in a day. So, providing marshmallow could be the reason for weight gain. It is facts for both human and cat. 

Moreover, sugar has xylitol that is deadly for a cat. Apart from that, your cat might get affected by several worms due to take marshmallow. 

Existence of sodium in marshmallow: 

Cat naturally can’t tolerate much sodium; even it can be deadly if your cat takes an excessive amount of sodium. Besides, sodium can be harmful to cat bone density and kidney disease. Also, it can be the causes of blood pressure and heart functions. Does your cat extremely crazy to get a bit marshmallow? Then you can provide them with a bit once or twice a month. It won’t be the reason for great danger. 

A regular size marshmallow nutrient fact

Phosphorus2.2 milligrams
Potassium1.4 milligrams
Sodium22.4 milligrams
Selenium0.5 milligrams
Calories92 grams
Protein0.5 grams
Carbs23.6 grams
Fiber0.0 grams

What to Do If My Cat Eats a Marshmallow?

As you can’t observe your cat’s all of the time so your cat might take some marshmallow. So, it is good to keep the marshmallow away from your cat. Otherwise, it may try to taste whenever you get a chance.

If your cat has already tasted some marshmallow and you noticed it, then check out its mouth if the marshmallow is choaking. If you noticed a choaking marshmallow inside the cat mouth, call your nearest vet soon. 

But if you won’t find anything inside your cat mouth, relax for sometimes because marshmallow is not poisonous or immediately toxic. But it is recommended to contact a vet within one or two days. 


  1. Can Cats Eat Mini Marshmallows?

All kinds of marshmallow are harmful to whether it is larger, mini, homemade or chocolate marshmallow. Instead of marshmallow, you can provide your cat carrot, mango or apples like fruit because these fruits contain vitamins. 

  1. Can Cats Eat Marshmallow Fluff?

Marshmallow fluff is made from puffed sugar that is similar to regular marshmallow. There are all ingredients of marshmallow in the fluff, so it is good not to let your cat eat fluff. 

  1. Can I Get Marshmallow Herb for Cats?

Marshmallow herbs and roots are used as a popular medicine. It has multiple benefits for health. For example, marshmallow herbs are edible, Galactagogue and diuretic. 

These nutrients exist in marshmallow herbs. 

  • Calcium iodine iron
  • pantothenic acid 
  • sodium 
  • vitamins A and B-complex

Marshmallow herb is not dangerous for your cat. 

  1. Can Cats Eat Graham Crackers?

Graham cracker is one kind of biscuit made from flour and sugar or sweetener like honey, xylitol. It is not directly poisonous for a cat, but ultimately it isn’t good for cat health. 

  1. Can Cats Eat Rice Krispies?

The funny thing is cat can’t recognize rice Krispies as food, and they are naturally not interested in eating this food. Your feline needs more protein-based food, and the rice Krispies is not like that food. 

  1. What happens if cats eat sweets?

There have a lot of health risk for your furry friend if they take sugar and sugar-related food. In an emergency case, sugar can because by vomiting, weakness, dizziness, diarrhea and discomfort. Moreover, long-term sugar feeding can affect your cat with diabetes, tooth problem and weight gain problem. 

  1. What human food can cats eat?

These human foods can cat eats-

  • Rice
  • Berries
  • Carrots
  • Fish
  • Dry fish
  • Melon
  1. Can cats eat peanut butter?

Peanut butter has a pasty consistency, so if your cat eats this food, it would be sticky inside the mouth, and the cat might feel discomfort. 

Final Word

In brief, I would say cats would be interested in eating the marshmallow. But it is quite harmful to cats because the main ingredients of marshmallow are the sugar that has several health risks for cats. 

Maybe you love to share all of your favorite snacks with your furry friend, but for your concern, most human foods are harmful to cats. Good to know cats and the human digestive system is completely different. So, it would be best if you won’t provide your dish to your cat. 

Hopefully, you have got the answer to your question, “can cats eat marshmallow” The straightforward answer is “No.”

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