Weird cat breeds

Weird cat breeds

Cats are said to have the most attractive appearance among pets, so they are known as the cutest animal ever. When you research an on cat before adopting one, you can get some weird cat breeds with a unique appearance. If you are a wonder and curiosity about the weird cat, then check out our guide. We have enlisted the strangest cat breeds. Also, you will get a detailed idea about the behaviour of weird cats. 

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20 weird cat breeds might make you wonder

Cats are the odd creatures in our world with varieties of outlook. We have given here the strangest cat breeds. Those are looks wild, odd. In other words, you can say them unique and eye-catching. So, let’s check. 

Sphynx: Weird for being hairless 

Sphynx is also known as Canadian Sphynx because it was found first in Toronto in Canada in 1966. This cat born of genetic mutations is strange to see, but you will fall in love with its adorable eyes. This cat breeds were born from the breeding with Rex cat and grew up in Canada.


  • Sphynx is about hairless, and their coat is mostly wrinkled
  • They are hypoallergic, coolest and cuddly with their owner
  • They exist with tall ears, peach-fuzz skin and round-shaped belly

Munchkin: Weird for too short legs

Munchkin appeared in the 1930s, but it was not established as an individual breed until 1983s. The professional breeders didn’t express them because of the fear of the anatomical problem. 


  • Munchkin has extremely short legs as like dachshund dog breeds
  • They love to play small kids and the household dog
  • Their bodies are well-formed, attractive and short-haired. 
  • Short legs and body size due to the genetic mutation
Pixie-Bob Cat

Pixie-Bob: Weird for abnormal toes 

Pixie bob is a Unique cat breeds that has originated from the heritage of bobcat. One of the uniqueness of pixie-bob is polydactyl, which means 6-7 toes in each foot. Besides, their tail is shorter. However, pixie-bob has a muscular body like a bobcat. 


  • Pixie-bob is unique for his unique feet with 6-7 toes
  • They are very affectionate and love to play fetch 
  • They have a muscular body, short hairtail
Teacup Persians Cat

Teacup Persians: Weird for the extremely smaller size

It is better to say that teacup is unique rather than weird. It looks like a general cat but extremely smaller in size, even in adult age. They are so small that they can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or a cup of tea. That is why their name is teacup Persian cat. And they are most trendy cat breeds ever. 


  • Female teacup would be 4-7 lbs. Male teacup would be 5-8 lbs. 
  • Teacup cat breeds have faced a lot of controversy because of intentionally breeding to make them smaller in size. 
  • The newest cat breeds originated from the Persian breed.
  • Perfect fit into hand palm, small bowl or teacup
  • They are extremely popular because of their kitten-like look.
Japanese Bobtail_Vocal_Breeds

Japanese Bobtail: Weird for short tail

Japanese bobtail comes with regular fur with three color combination. It is a mostly white color with some orange and black patch combination. That is why it is known as mike in Japan. It is being said that Japanese bobtail breeds are existing since the 6th century. 


  • It is the oldest cat breeds originated from Japan
  • Japanese bobtail has a short tail which looks like a rabbit tail
  • They are playful as like an athletic 
  • Extremely adorable to see and friendly with their owner
Levkoy Cat

Levkoy: Weird for folded ears and almond shape eyes

Levkoy comes from the cross between a Russian sphynx like Donskoy and Scottish fold breeds. This cat might have very short hair or exist without hair. It has a pair of unique and wider eye shape like almond. 


  • One of the latest cat breeds recognized in 2005
  • It is unique for wider eyes, too short hair and specific folded ears.
  • They are playful and associative with their owner
Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold: Weird for tiny folded ears

A shepherd of Scotland discovered the Scottish fold in 1961. There had a cat with folded ears named Susie that gave birth to this Scottish fold breed. It is a round-faced cat with tiny folded ears. Even the ears are such tiny that it may seem that there are no ears. Mainly that is why this cat is cuter. Likewise, the Scottish fold has a pair of large and round-shaped eyes which make them like an owl. 


  • An original Scottish breed comes from Susie cat breeds.
  • Ver tiny ears, which is mostly invisible to you
  • Round shape face and eyes make it cutest to all
Peterbald Cat

Peterbald: Weird for larger ears and hairless body

It may seem slightly like the sphynx cat, but Peterbald comes from a different breed. Although it born with short hairs but the hair they will lose when they grow up. Also, the Peterbald cat might exist with five color coats.  

  • A well-known cat with over larger ears and pronounced webbing feet
  • They have five coatings, and the most common coating is short hair.
  • Peterbald is popular for pronounced webbing feet power 
LaPerm Cat

LaPerm: Weird for curly coat

The name LaPerm is appropriate for its curly coat. LaPerm means a special process to make women’s hair curly. It is found in 1982 as an Oregon barn kitten “curly”. Since this cat breed comes with complete curly hair, so they get a name as LaPerm. They are looks attractive, larger and cool. This breed comes from the genetic mutation between a domestic cat and rex breeds.


  • A cat from a natural mutation comes with a full curly coat.
  • They are looks cute, with a longer coat, rounded face and 
  • LaPerm is a notably friendly and domestic cat
Elf Cat

Elf Cat: Weird for the strange appearance

It is one of the weirdest cats that looks extremely strange. It comes from the cross of two strange breeds like sphynx and American curl. That is why it looks weirder than the regular hairless weird cat. 

rare cat breeds


  • It is a rare cat breeds that comes from the cross of two strangest cat.
  • Elf has giant ears, a hairless body Small head and wrinkled skin.
  • They are friendly and curious to their owner.
  • Elf is very intelligent but has faced some health issue
Egyptian Mau Cats

Egyptian Mau Cats: Unique for its natural body spot

Egyptian Mau is the oldest weird cat breed: domestic breeds whose natural round-shaped spot on their coat. It is the cleverest domestic cat known as a speed demon. You will wonder that Egyptian Mau can go 30 miles per hour, and no house cat can do this. 


  • A speed demon cat domestic cat breed with a naturally spotted coat
  • It looks attractive with Small to medium size short hair.
  • They are a little bit shy to play with unknown people and animal.
Manx Cat

Manx: Weird for short stubby

Manx breeds have been created from genetically change. This species is thought to be a combination of rabbits and cats. Because of the small stubby, it looks strange. Even Manx is also called “cabbits”. 


  • Manx are elegant and smart to look at the appearance.
  • This cat exists with a long silky coat.
  • They love to play with water and ride in a car.
  • Manx are very adaptable with their owner. 
  • They have highly interested in hunting 
Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat: Weird for their reserved nature

Norwegian cat is known as a forest cat because it was considered a cat of ships for accompanied Vikings. It is known from Norway folklore; this cat has come since 1000 AD. 


  • These cats are extremely furry that make them beautiful and protect them from cold.
  • They are extremely conservative to be friendly with someone except their owner.
  • Their bodies are well-formed, and their appearance is magical
Highlander Cat

Highlander Cat: Weird for curled ears

Highlander cat is unique due to having a short tail and curled ears. Besides, their face brings an exotic look. You will notice a slight difference in their appearance as this breed comes from a cross between domestic and wild cats. 


  • Highlander has curled ears like American curl breeds. 
  • They have a frequency of having additional toes.
  • This cat is also known as polydactyl because of its extra toes.
  • They are quite playful and affectionate with the owner

KHAO MANEE: Unique for two different eyes color

Khao Manee cat breeds are almost one thousand years old cat breeds in Thailand. And the meaning of KHAO MANEE refers to “white gem” in Thailand. Most importantly, big cat breeds are known as a sign of luck in Thailand. 


  • Their body has a medium hair coat with creamy color
  • KHAO MANEE has a pair of unique bright color eyes
  • The eyes would be amber and yellow to blue and green.
  • This breed is very playful and curious to discover all household things

SAVANNAH: Unique for its exceptionally large body

Savannah is an exceptional Large rare cat breed. It has originated from the crossing between the American servals and domestic cat. Savannah has Appeared In 1986. 


  • Savannah looks like a wide cat because it is larger than a regular cat.
  • Their weight might be up to 30 pounds.
  • They have larger ears, cheetah-like spots and dark tear stands
Bengal Cat

Bengal: Well-known for athleticism

Bengal cat breeds have come from the cross between the Asian leopard and domestic cat breeds. They have a silky coat with a combination of golden and black color. 


  • Bengal Cat is very expensive and interesting to look at.
  • Their playfulness is remarkable and similar to that of athletics.
  • Bengal cats are friendly with their owner and another pet of home
Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex: Weird for massive eyes and ears

Cornish Rex is one of the best cat breeds for house. Three of them are special things you will be surprised to notice. First of all, their massive ears, secondly their massive eyes and lastly, they have a wavy coat. Moreover, another big factor about Cornish rex that it is super active. If you have Cornish Rex, you will see that he will keep jumping and running all the time. 


  • Cornish rex has over larger eyes and ears.
  • They are very active and playful almost all of the time.
  • They are good at jumping, running and climbing in a higher place
Exotic shorthair Cat

Exotic shorthair: Weird for Squeezed nose and face

Exotic shorthair cat is known as a short version of Persian cat breeds. Good to know that It is mostly like Persian in their look and behavior. But the only difference is their short muzzle and squeezed nose. 


  • Exotic shorthair is a less active cat, so they love to stay alone.
  • They are loyal to their owner but less responsive. 
  • Squeezed nose and face make this cat breeds unique.
Oriental Longhair Cats

Oriental Longhair Cats: Weird for a wolf-like a coat

It is thoughted that Oriental long hair is a short version of Oriental shorthair breeds. You might be a wonder to see their long, silky wolf coat. Silky long coats with long cylindrical bodies give them a bear-like outlook. 


  • Oriental longhair cat is a good-natured and curious cat.
  • They are closely related to the Siamese cat. 
  • They look like a wolf because of a massive longer coat.


  1. What’s the rarest breed of cat?

The UK’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy is stated that Sokoke is the rarest cat breed in the world. This cat is originated in the Sokoke areas of eastern Kenya. It is further speculated that that Sokoke came from a breed with a wild cat and domestic cat. 

  1. What’s the weirdest cat in the world?

Here is the weirdest cat list:

  • Sphynx
  • Munchkin
  • Pixie-Bob
  • Teacup Persians
  • Japanese bobtail
  1. What are some cool cat breeds?
  • American curl
  • Bengal cat
  • Exotic shorthair
  • Scottish Fold
  • Peterbald
  • LaPerm
  • Elf Cat
  1. What is the ugliest cat breed?

Sphynx is known as the ugliest cat breed in the world. They are completely hairless that comes from successful breeding from prune cat. 

  1. What is the rarest cat color?

The rarest cat color in the worlds is








  1. What is the rarest eye color in cats?

KHAO MANEE cat has the rarest eyes ever. Do note that They have two different color eyes. The eye color could be amber and yellow to blue and green. 

  1. Who is the cutest cat?

Teacup Persians is the cutest cat ever because of their tiny body size.

  1. Is it cruel to keep a cat indoors?

If you can guarantee that the cat will meet all the mental and physical needs, then it is not cruel to keep them inside the door.

  1. What is the breed of cat that looks like a tiger?

Bengal cat is looks like a tiger because it has a special spotted on its body with a cheetah tiger. 

Final Words

The cat mentioned above breeds is well-known for the weird cat breeds. I prefer to call them unique instead of weird because they have special features that make them individual from other cat breeds. Some breeds are somehow in this version of our listed Cats. 

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