cats cover their face when they sleep

Why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

Cats are naturally used to sleeping in varieties of funny postures. Outstretched and twisted legs, bent head, belly up and covering face are some common cat positions when they sleeping. Covering their face is the funniest and mysterious cat behavior. So, cat owners are curious to know why do cats cover their face when they sleep?

Cats can cover face with paws for a sense of security, to prevent cold, to block noise and light. Besides, cat might cover face to ensure warm, comfortable and longer sleep. 

In this guide we have covered the most potential reasons of why do cats cover their face with their paws when they sleep. 

Why do cats cover their face with their paws when they sleep?

Cats has not any talking language that we can exactly understand. So, all of the factors we mentioned here are collected from the assumption of cat owner, researchers and analyzer. Let’s know top seven probable reason.

Feeling comfort and warmth:

Cats lose a large amount of body heat when sleeping. Especially body heat loses from paws, nose and face. As a result, cat feel uncomfortable when their body temperature is low. That is why cat has covered their face with paws to retain the normal body temperature. And due to nose, eyes and face covering cat can sleep longer and deeper.  A large number of cat owners asked that why does my cat cover her nose when she sleeps? We hope you got the answer now. But remember cat can mostly do this in winter season.

Blocks out the light and noise:

If your cat covers its face during sleep in summer then what does it mean? Maybe your cat doesn’t want warm but it might want to prevent light. Many cat’s owner often asked that why cats cover eyes when sleeping? Because they want to blocks light. Remember that cat doesn’t like bright light during sleep. 

Not only light blocking, cat also cover their face for noise preventing. When a cat covers its face, the ears are also folded to the face. 

Marking territory:

One of the natural cat behaviors is that they like to mark their territory. Face covering in sleeping is also a sign or territory marking. Cat thinks their sleeping space is their own territory. 

Safety & Security:

Are your cat covered its face when you are in front of it? Then think that it feels safety near to you. However, security is a controversial issue for household cats face covering. Generally, wild cat covered its face to prevent the predator’s attack. But house cat has not any risk of getting injured by predators. Yet house cat covered face during sleep. 

Cat sleeping positions: what do they mean?

Sleeping cat is the most adorable scene in this planet. When a cat curled up its body and sleep in a place it definitely looks loving and cute. There have a variety of cat sleeping position. Do you know what sleeping position really what indicate? Here is the potential meaning of several sleeping positions. 

All Curled Up in a Furry Ball:

When a cat feels roughly safe, they can curl up in a furry ball. This position is also known as crescent. It is the most common cat sleeping position. There have few reasons behind this position. First of all, this position can help a cat to maximize body heat in cold weather. Besides, this position secures the important organ. Basically, wild cat sleeps in this position. 

In a Cardboard Box:

When a cat lying down on a cardboard it means it feel secure there. Also, cat feel comfort to fit itself in a narrower place like cardboard. This might happen because of needed comfort and warmth too. 

Belly up:

Belly up position refers the two back legs outstretched and two front legs are curled up to the chest. It is another cute cat sleeping position. Mainly cats sleep with belly when they feel maximum security at home. 

Loaf of Bread:

It is a funniest cat sleeping position. It refers sitting upright by hiding the front paws under the body. 

Eyes Half Shut:

When a cat sleeps with eyes half shut then it means they doesn’t feel secure. A cat might sleep with half eyes shut they are not in deeper sleep. Maybe they are concern about predators or other strangers at home. 


It is also known the weirdest cat sleeping position. This is said to be the most comfortable sleeping position for cats. In this position they curled their body in such way that looks wired. For example, they bent their legs bent in one side and bent head another side. Even they can sleep in a hanging position. 


Sideway sleeping means cat comfortability at home. It is just like the bely up position. In catnap position cat can sleep deeper and longer. 

Paws Across the Face:

When a cat sleep with paws across the face me it signs for not disturbing. However, this sleeping position also good for safety from predators. So, if you awake your cat from this position, it might be angry with you. 


Why do cats cover their face when they sleep reddit?

Reddit is a popular social media where several people express their opinion, ask their query to get the solution. So, let’s know why do cats cover their face when they sleep reddit information? According to the reddit information, most of the cat owners believe on some factors. Here are the reasons.

• The feeling of being secured

• Beat the sun hack

• To warm their nose

• Comfy and cozy feel

Why do cats cover their poop?

Cats are naturally like to hide their poop or pee waste. Besides, a feline friend can hide their pee and poop in a fixed place to mar their own territory. 


We hope you have already known that why do cats cover their face when they sleep. Cats covers their face to ensure warmth, safety and comfort. At the same time, cats cover their face to prevent bright light and noise.

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