Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

Numerous cat owners commonly complain about why does my cat grab my hand and bit me. A gentle cat biting is ok for the owner. But it is a matter of concern when the feline bites seriously.  

Cats grab the owner’s hand and bite due to over excitement. It especially happens when a cat is in a playful mood. Besides, a cat can bite when it is annoying or angry. The soft bites might be a love bite. But the hard bite signs of angriness.

We will discuss the most probable reasons for cat biting with grabs hand. Also, you will know what to prevent cat biting and what you do or don’t when your cat bites you. Let’s know.

Why Does My Cat Grab My Hand and Bite Me?

Cats are emotional pets that love to express love and sorrow in their way. Sometimes their bites are a part of their emotion. Many cat owner often search why does my cat grab my hand and bite me reddit opinion. There have several cat owners’ opinions about cats biting. But the cat expert said the most potential reasons behind cat bites. When you are cuddling with your cat, it can innocently bite you. On the contrary, it can bite you aggressively if you continue disturbing the cat. According to the cat expert, here are some potential reasons for cat biting with a holding hand.

Feline might be in a playing mood:

Cats always love to play. And it is recommended to spend time with a feline. Arrange a minimum time to play with your cat. But don’t use your hand as a toy. We often try to please the cat by waving our hands in front of it. The cat may grab your hand and bite you if you do this. Cats mistake your hand for a predator and paw at it. You can provide some interactive toys like catnip and artificial moveable fish for your cat.

Over excitement or annoying:

Cats naturally love to cuddle with an owner’s touch. But excess cuddling can make your cat overstimulated or annoyed. If you disturb a feline for longer, it might grab your hand and bite you. So, notice if your cat is going angry and overstimulated. Loud vocalization, Hissing, flattened ears and whipping tail are common symptoms of a cat overstimulated. So, avoid cuddling your cat when you notice any of these signs.

Feeling pain in grooming:

Your cat may grab and bite your hand during grooming. Maybe during grooming, you are unknowingly hurting your cat. Cats can get hurt by untangling hair, especially during hair brushing. In the same way, the cat may get pain while cleaning the eyes, ears, nose and nails. And as a result, the cat may grab your hand and bites you.


Cats can grab your hand and bite if it has limbs, cuts, internal injury and joint pain. So, check these factors when your cat grabs your hand and bites.

Feeling bothering:

We think it wrong that cats always love the owner’s touch. Disturbing a feline with over-touching and cuddling can get you angry and bite you in hand. But the cat doesn’t always love to get attention or touch.

Due to massive energy burst:

Sometimes, cats can get massive energetic. Due to excess energy, a burst cat can grab the owner’s hand and bite tightly.

Want continuous attention:

If you stop to play with your cat suddenly, it can grab your hand quickly and bites because it doesn’t want to stop to get attention. That is why keeping a hand on the cat when playing is not good.

Hunting behaviour:

Cat is naturally wild animal even though they become household animal years after years. Sometime, hunting behaviour might see in cats. Especially, cats think of the human hand r finger as a predator or prey. That is why it grabs the hand and bites instantly.

How To Know When Your Cat Will Bite You?

Cat biting is not a pleasurable thing. So, knowing some basic warming can help you to stay safe from biting. And you need to know it with the cat’s language.

Change in vocalization:

We know that vocal cat breeds(internal linking) naturally create louder noise. But when a calm and non-vocal cat tends to bite, its vocalization will change.

Hissing or growling:

Hissing and growling have been seen in a cat when it gets angry, aggressive, excited or frightened.

Stopping purring:

Stopping purring means your cat is taking preparing for biting. So, be careful if your stop is purring when you are playing with it.

Flicking the tail:

Cats flick their tail when they get excited or angry. Notice on your cat tail if it is changing.

Changing ear position:

Cats turn their ears at the back and sideways when it gets angry, excited, anxious or nervous.

Arching the back:

Bending and raising the paws on the body means your cat is angry or wants to bite.

How To Stop Your Cat from Hand Biting?

Knowing the reasons for cat biting on the hand can help you stop this habit. Here are some effective points that work well.

  • Never play with the cat by waving your hand. Otherwise, the cat will always think of your cat as a toy and lick it. So, you can provide funny toys to your cat from an early age.
  • Avoid cuddling your cat much during the daytime. Cats naturally keep huge ties for playing during the day, while an adult feline is less active at night.
  • Arrange a scratching board so that your cat can play and scratch on it.
  • Ensure a calm environment for your cat with catnip, clan litter box, toys and treats
  • Check if your cat’s bodily injury hurts regularly.
  • Be more careful when bathing, cleaning and grooming your cat.
  • Manage some time every day to play with your cat.

How To Treat A Cat Bite?

It is not fun when a cat bites tightly. Remember that a lack of proper steps can lead to serious health issues. Let’s know what to do if a cat bites.

  • Wash your hands with soap to avoid potential infections
  • Don’t scrub with much soap and for a longer time to prevent skin damage
  • If you notice bleeding, then press on it and use a bandage soon
  • Check your skin for any redness, soreness, pain or swelling
  • Contact a doctor if you notice any pain, redness or swelling
  • Be careful so that cat can’t bite your hand


  1. Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me while purring?

It is a controversial question. Some people know this as a “love bite”. Again, some people say it is a cat expression of anger or resentment. But if your cat bites gently, then he is a love bite. And if it bites loudly, it expresses the cat’s anger and annoyance.

  1. What is the common warning of a cat biting on a hand?

The most common cat hand bites symptoms are vocalization, hueing, growling, no purring, tail flicking, back arching and ear position changing.

  1. Why does my cat grab my hand and kick me?

Cats want to play with you when it grabs and kicks your hand. A cat can do this with toys too. So, if you can do this, don’t worry because the cat stays in a playing mood instead of a violent one.


Do we hope you got the answer to why does my cat grab my hand and bite me? It is a controversial question. Some people say that cats love, and others say that cats get angry and hold hands to bite. Remember our mentioned all potential reasons of cat biting holding hands. And take proper initiative to prevent this biting. Sometimes, this bite can cause serious infection.

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