Egyptian Mau

Biography of Egyptian Mau breed

Egyptian Mau comes with a regal appearance with elegant nature. They are considered as rare breeds as they have natural spots all over their body. This breed is very loyal and passionate to the owner’s family. Egyptian Mau is originated from Egypt and got standard from CCA-AFC. 

History and Origins

Country of Origin: Egypt

Other Names: Felis catus

Similar breeds: Havana, Korat

Egyptian Mau is the oldest cat breed. No one knows where it originated in Egypt. However, Egyptian Mau has been seen in most ancient Egyptian portraits. According to the opinion of The Egyptian Mau Club, the Egyptian cat breed comes from anywhere in the Nile basin to western Europe before 3000 years ago. 

Egyptian Mau has got popular first by the exiled Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy. She brought three Egyptian Mau from Russia to Italy. Egyptian Mau comes to New York City in 1956. After then this breed started to get a reputation worldwide. 

Also, note that Egyptian Mau get the CFA championship in 1977. Due to the beautiful appearance, Egyptian Mau becomes popular with the show owner but it is still a rare breed. About 200 Egyptian Mau get registered in every year.


Intensely loyal, elegant nature and faster movement




A medium sized male and female Egyptian Mau weigh about 8 to 12 pounds. 


Egyptian Mau comes with silver, bronze and smoky color with small rounds on the whole body. 

Average lifespan:

10-15+ years

Egyptian Mau price:

The average price of an Egyptian Mau is $1000 – $1200 USD. This price may vary depending on the colors, pedigree quality and breeders’ reputation. 

Traits of Egyptian Mau

  • This breed is extensive loyal and passionate about cuddling with owner
  • They are loving, elegant, intelligent and super active
  • They have stunning athletic power to jump and play all day long

Fun facts of an Egyptian Mau cat

  • It is known as “Mau” in Egypt country.
  • Egyptian Mau is the only cat that born with naturally spotted markings through the body
  • They are fastest among all other domestic cats and can go up to 30 miles in one hour
  • Female Egyptian Mau has the longest gestation period of 73days
  • This breed is unique for strongest hind legs and long jumping

Care and maintenance of Egyptian Mau


This breed has come with a medium-length coat and verities texture that need a weekly hair brushing. They don’t need excess bathing but you can bath them once in a week. Also note that Egyptian Mau required regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. 


This cat breed needs regular protein-based food for maintaining their nutrition. Keep in mind that fresh water is important to digest food and improve health. 


Although Egyptian Mau is a healthy breed, there is a potentiality of getting sick from urolithiasis, pyruvate kinase deficiency and leukodystrophy. If you notice any health issues in your Egyptian Mau then contact with a vet soon. A little ignorance can cause danger for your Egyptian Mau. 

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