Biography of American Curl Breeds

Biography of American Curl Breeds

American curl is mostly a distinctive cat for its backward curly ears. This breed originated in 1981 in California. American curls are eye catchy to look at and sweet. Although this breed is reputed for being adaptive, loving, and easygoing, they don’t always love to stay in the owner’s lap.

History and Origins

Country of Origin: 

California, USA

California residents Joe and Ruga found a little cat with backward curly ears in 1981. Joe and Ruga brought that kitten home and started to foster it. They named it Silumath, from which American curl originated. Sulamith gave birth to two kittens, one with long hair and the other with short hair. Most importantly, both kittens were born with backward curly hair. Sulamith and her kitten get reputed in the cat organization quickly. After that, they got recognition as American curl. Nowadays, you are getting all-American curl kittens from the clan of Sulamith.

Indoor or outdoor?

America curl is a domestic cat breed. But they can live both inside and outside of the home. It is good to foster an American curl at home. When they go out, different types of health risks may happen. They can be infected with various diseases, fight with another breed of cats, and get bitten by dogs. It can also be crushed under a car or cause a serious accident. Apart from that, having an indoor cat is also good for the owner’s family because an indoor-outdoor cat enters the house with germs and dust.

American curl appearance:

Social, loving, and adapting


Small to medium


Adult female American curls are about 5-8 pounds, and an adult male American curl’s weight is 7-10 pounds.

American curl colour:

The American curl breed is available roughly in all colours: chocolate brown, grey-black, lavender silver fawn blue, sable cinnamon, ebony cream, beige, tan lilac red, and orange white.

American curl lifespan:

About 10-20 years

American curl price:

The average price of an American curl is about $1000 – USD 2000. This price would be higher up to $1,200 to $3,000 (USD) when you buy it from a professional breeder

American curl personality:

  • American curl cats are loving, affectionate, and interested in spending time next to the owner.
  • This cat breed can be vocal infrequently when they get surprised, excited, or afraid.
  • They have distinctive backward curly ears that make them unique.

Care and maintenance of American Curl


American curls need regular grooming. The short hair American curl needs to be regularly brushed with a glove or soft brush. Since the longhair curl doesn’t have much undercoat, they don’t require regular brushing. However, it is good to brush once or twice a week. Trimming their nails with a nail clipper is important. Black wax may develop in the ear of American curls. So, the inside of the ear must be carefully cleaned regularly. Apart from this care, they need to brush their teeth with the veterinarian’s approved toothpaste.


The American curl breed is naturally slender, so they must need enough nutritious food. However, storage and branded food are not good for those. They should take dry cat food, canned food, and many amounts of regular meat. As well as, it is essential to serve them clean freshwater.


The good thing is that American curls do not have any potential diseases from genetic reasons. However, they may suffer from health issues due to lifestyle, environmental reasons, or eating habits. So, regular health checkup and vaccination at the right time is essential. 

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