Biography of American Bobtail Breed

Biography of American Bobtail Breed

American Bobtail is considered a relatively uncommon breed. This breed appeared in the late 1960s. They are acquainted with having their stubby bobbed tail. Besides, this breed is entitled to a full broad chest, a little bit higher hip, and a rectangular-like shape.

History and Origins

Country of Origin: North America

Other Names: “Golden Retriever of the Cat World.”

Similar breeds: Japanese Bobtail, Manx

The American bobtail cat comes from a natural genetic mutation. It is being said that a short-tailed cat was adopted by a couple named John and Brenda Sanders. They got that short-tailed from the Arizona state. After then, they returned home and named the little cat Yodi. Sander has a female cat named Mishi. The breeding between Yodi and Mishi led to the emergence of the American Bobtail cat.

Most importantly, all kittens from their crossing have a short tail. The international cat association accepted this breed as a new breed in 1989. And it received this breed completely by the cat association in 2002.

Indoor or outdoor?

This cat can adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments. However, most of the time, it prefers to stay at home. And it’s extremely difficult to get stuck if he wants to go out for playing. If you want to keep your Bobtail at home, you need to secure the house. Not only that, provide your cat with enough interactive toys, cat trees, and favorite food.

The most important thing your American Bobtail need is good company. Since they are very associated with family embers, they can be company; besides, you can adopt another American bobtail kitten, adult cat, or another pet. Because American Bobtail also loves to play with other pets.


Affectionate, playful, moderately energetic

American bobtail size:

Medium size with slow maturity


Adult female American Bobtail weight is 7 to 11 pounds, and an adult male American Bobtail weight is 12-16 pounds.

American bobtail colours:

They may have a variety of colors and patterns. For example, you will get an American Bobtail in black, brown, fawn, cinnamon, blue, lilac, red, cream, chocolate, with or without a white combination.

American bobtail lifespan:

Maximum 11-15+ years

American Bobtail price:

Generally, an American bobtail price would be $75 to $15o when you adopt it from somewhere. On the contrary, this price would be higher by $600-$1,200 when you buy from a professional breeder because this is a rare breed.

Bobtail cat personality

  • American Bobtail is extremely intelligent and moderately energetic
  • They are athletic, playful, associative, and love to remain owner’s lap or arm
  • This breed is quiet and gentle despite having a wild appearance

Care and maintenance of American Bobtail


Brushing or combing the American Bobtail’s hair a few times a week is important to eliminate the mat, tangle, and dead hair. Besides, regular brushing keeps their hair glossy. Your American Bobtail tends to shed hair in spring and fall. So, take care of their hair a lot in spring and fall. Don’t forget to brush your teeth once a day and cut your nails once in two weeks. Also, clean their ear and eye corner with a damp.


American bobtails usually need enough food for proper nutrition. However, be careful if obesity doesn’t occur. Provide highly protein-rich canned food and regular homemade food to your American Bobtail.


Generally, there has not been any major disease in American Bobtail breeds, but it can get sick for genetic reasons. Therefore, you should consult with the vet for vaccination and parasite treatment.

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