Biography of Donskoy breed

Biography of Donskoy breed

Donskoy is a Russian originated cat that is also known as Don Hairless, Don Sphynx and Russian Hairless. It contains a special gene that is responsible for nudity, unique face and muzzle. Donskoy is very sweet, elegant and intelligent. They need a lot of maintenance because of their hairless body. 

History and Origins

Country of Origin: Russia

Other Names: ” Don Hairless, Don Sphynx and Russian Hairless.”

Similar breeds: Peterbald, Sphynx, Ukrainian levkoy

The breed of the Donskoy cat began in 1987 on the banks of the Don River in Russia. A girl named Elena Kovaleva rescues a small kitten from the river bank. She rescued the mother of Donskoy breeds from some kids abusing and torturing her. 

Anyway, Elena has named that kitten Varvara. After a few days of fostering, Varvara started to sheds much and once upon a time its lost all its hair. As a result, Varvara gets completely bald. After about two years Varvara gave birth few kittens. Some of them were born completely hairless. And some were born with little hair. 

However, a hairless Varvara kitten later hybridized with a local cat. This resulted in the birth of a kitten called Donskoy, similar to the entire Varvara. Later professional breeders learnt that hairless cats can be born because of a special gene. Do note that the Donskoy cat gets recognition from the world cat federation in 1997. And it was recognized by TICA in 2005.


Elegant, intelligent and social




The average weight of a Donskoy cat is 6-15 pounds. 


The Donskoy cat breed is available in four different coats. These are Rubber Bald, Flocked, Velour, and Brush. 

Average lifespan:

12-15+ years

Donskoy cat price:

The current average price of a Donskoy cat is about $1,200 to $2,000. There have several registered breeders who offer Donskoy cat for sale in decent price 

Traits of Donskoy

These cats are intelligent and curious to play with interactive toys

This is a unique breed with four types of coat

They are friendly, playful, affectionate and sociable

Donskoy want to roaming around the family members 

Donskoy vs sphynx cat breeds

Where the Donskoy is originated from Russia there the sphynx is originated from Canada. Both of these breeds have contained a similar gene that is responsible for hair hoss or less hair. Also note that, sphynx is an expressed cat breed but Donskoy is a dominant cat breed. Care and maintenance of Donskoy

Care and maintenance of Donskoy cat breed


Maintenance of the Donskoy breed is quite necessary. Their hairless skin produces oil which causes them to become impure quickly. So, it is good to bathe these cats two to three times a week. Cats of this breed should not be kept too hot or too cold as it will damage their skin. Donskoy needs regular nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing like another cat breed. 


A Donskoy cat doesn’t require special nutrition. They need pure protein-based food. However, you can provide dry and canned cat food to your Donskoy.  But water is just as important as food. Therefore, always serve them clean and fresh water. 


Generally, this is a healthy cat breed but yearly vaccination and deworming is mandatory to maintain their health. Most importantly, the Donskoy owner should always be careful about the skin test of this cat. Since they have no hair or very tiny hair, they may get affected by several skin diseases.

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