Biography of Chartreux cat breed

Chartreux is a rare cat breed that slightly looks like British shorthair. A muscular body, pumpkin-colored eyes and smiley face make them more individual than other cat breeds. This breed is gentle, attentive and friendly to its owner. It originated in France.

History and Origins

•            Country of Origin: French

•            Similar breeds: Russian blue and British shorthair

The name Chartreux breed has got in French literature at the very beginning of the 16th century. This breed was known as a great mouser at that time. It is being said that Chartreux name has come from Spanish wool or monastery.

However, Chartreux suffered in World War 2. Hence, Chartreux’s name was found again in French literature in the 1980s. Also, note that this breed was known as the national cat of France.

Unfortunately, this breed has started to reduce gradually. That is why breeders want to create or increase this breed. And they start breeding this breed.


Gentle, loving, attentive and friendly




Female Chartreux weight is 6 to 9 pounds, and male Chartreux weight is 10 to 14 pounds.


This breed is available in different colors, from blue-grey and ash to slate.

Average lifespan:

8-13+ years

Chartreux price:

The average price of a Chartreux cat is $1500 – USD 2000. A professional breeder can demand $2000 to $2500 for a Chartreux kitten based on the pedigree.

Traits of Chartreux:

  • Chartreux has a muscular and robust body with fine-boned legs
  • They are an intelligent, playful and attentive breed
  • This breed loves to climb and jump in several higher places in the home

Care and maintenance of Chartreux


Chartreux has a short, thick, and dense coat that requires regular combing to prevent knots. Since this cat breed leaves its coat a few times a year, it is important to care regularly for their coat. Regular care also includes cutting nails and cleaning teeth, nose and ears.


As healthy cats, Chartreux generally do not have particular nutritional demands. However, their diet should always be protein-based. At the same time, it is important to provide clean water. Many cats are not interested in drinking water. In that case, you can arrange a water fountain. In some cases, cats do not want to drink water if the water bowl is near the food bowl. In that case, you should keep the water bowl away from the food bowl.


Considering the lifestyle and genetic source, Chartreux is a healthy cat. However, they must be vaccinated every year. At the same time, you should not forget to do deworming once every three months.


  1. Are Chartreux rare?

Yes, Chartreux is a rare cat breed from French to the United States in the 1970s. This breed is well known for its woolly double coat with blue-grey color. Chartreux’s face looks smiley like a Cheshire cat. Also, note that Chartreux is loyal, intelligent, playful and charming.

  1. Is Chartreux the same as Russian blue?

Chartreux and Russian blue seem simile in appearance. But they have a lot of differences in traits and outlook. First of all, the Russian blue cat eyes color is intense green. On the other hand, Chartreux cat eyes color is deep orange.

Besides, the Chartreux cat has a sturdier and more elegant body than the Russian blue breed. But a Chartreux has a darker coat. And lastly, there has a silver shimmering on the Russian blue coat. 

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