Biography of Chausie cat breed

Biography of Chausie cat breed

Chausie is developed from the cross between a domestic and non-domestic jungle cat. It is one of the most curious cats in the world. They love to discover all the cupboards, Almirah, and narrower spaces inside the home. Even this breed of cat loves to remain near to the owner.

History and Origins

•            Country of Origin: United Kingdom

•            Similar breeds:

It is being said that the Chausie cat comes with the traits of Egypt and surrounding areas. This cat breed is similar to the tombs of Egypt’s mummified cat. However, the parent cat of Chausie is the newest breed. The breeders start to cross between jungle cat Felis Chaus and Abyssinian. Chausie was recognized as a purebred in 1995 by TICA.


Extremely curious, intelligent and friendly


Medium to large


Female and male adult Chausie’s weight is an average of 15 lbs.


Chausie cat is available in brown ticked tabby and black grizzled tabby

Average lifespan:

12-18+ years

Chausie cat price:

Good quality Chausie kitten is found for $1500 – USD 3000. But if you want to buy the best quality pedigree, you may have to spend up to 10,000.

Traits of Chausie

  • Chausie cats developed from crossing between non-domestic and domestic cat breeds.
  • They are intelligent and talkative, loveable and love to make bonding with the owner.
  • They are notably curious to learn new things and easily trainable.

Care and maintenance of Chausie


Chausie doesn’t require bathing and needs combing or brushing occasionally. However, like another cat breed, this breed also requires cutting nails, brushing teeth, and cleaning ears. Above all, it can be said that the maintenance of this breed of cat is very low.


Providing protein-based nutrient food two times a day is enough for Chausie’s cat health. But the owner can provide three or four times if they want. Since this cat is super active in playing, jumping, and running, they don’t gain weight easily. So, you can provide them with enough food without thinking about obesity.


Chausie doesn’t come with any serious health issues, but they can get sick in the change of any season. They can be affected by viruses and cat flu. Besides, all cats are susceptible to worm infections. Therefore, vets’ advice is to vaccinate and deworm these breeds regularly.


  1. Are Chausie cat’s good pets?

Yes, Chausie cats are reputed as one of the friendliest family cats. This breed is extremely loving and affectionate that can make firm bonding with family members. But this breed can be wild in the moment of high activeness. That’s why it is not recommended for families with small kids.

  1. How much is a Chausie?

Even sometimes, Chausie is a rare breed; it would be difficult to find out a Chausie cat without a professional breeder. Good to know that the Chausie breed is available in the United Kingdom. But it is rare in the United States. By the way, the average price of a Chausie kitten in the UK is about £900. This price is about $1,000 to $2,500 in the United States.

  1. How big is a Chausie?

Chausie is a medium to larger cat compared to the domestic cat breeds. This breed is larger than Siamese but smaller than Maine coon. Note that an adult male Chausie cat weighs about 11 to 16 pounds. And an adult female Chausie weight is 8 to 13 pounds.

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