Seven Things To Know About Black Maine Coon cat

Seven Things To Know About Black Maine Coon Cat

For sure you are interested in a black Maine coon cat. The Black Maine coon is the largest domestic cat. It is one of the unique breeds among all other Maine coon. It is a native breed of the United States. There is no end to the interest of cat lovers in the black Maine coon due to its unique features. In particular, the lion-like mane, large feet, piercing eyes, and striking body size make this breed majestic. Besides, it is also called a gentle giant because of its largest size.

We have taken a deeper dive to figure out details about a black Maine coon. Read to the next if you want to know details about a black smoke Maine coon.

A short history of a Maine coon cat

Maine coon comes from the Maine state United States. It was known at that time as a farm and ship cat. Mainly this is a purebred that comes to North America by Vikings. On the other hand, some cat researchers think that the Maine coon belonged to Marie Antoinette.

It is wrong to assume that the Maine coon name comes from a cat and a raccoon mating. The marine captain probably brings longhaired Maine coon and then breeds with a shorthair local breed. A cat show was held in Madison square garden in 1855. And a black-white Maine coon gained an award as the best cat then. Hence, a cat named Molly bond gets the name Maine coon from a program arranged by Cat Fanciers Association in 1908. After then, the demand for Maine coon decreased due to the over popularity of exotic shorthair and Persian. But in the 1960s, Maine became popular again.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Features

  • Longer and silky heavy coat with black fur and white undercoat
  • Striking body size with lion-like mane and muzzle
  • large feet, piercing yellow eyes and pointy ears with fur
  • Muscular body with a broad chest, Long, thick and fluffy tail

Are Black Maine Coon Cats Rare?

The Black Maine coon is considered the rarest breed. It isn’t like the general tabby counterparts Maine coon breed. Due to the three layers of black colors, it is known as the black Maine coon. You can notice that all layers of its fur are black. But the demand for black Maine coon was not much. But gradually, the demand is increasing, and breeding is also increasing.

Another black Maine coon has been seen recently born from artificial breeding. Which has a kind of white appearance.

Can Maine Coon Cats Be All Black?

Yes, Maine coon cats are all black. The rarest color for this breed comes from the black color gene. Note that a full black color Maine coon only comes from the crossing between a purebred male and female Maine coon. Besides, there have grey, red, white, and black Maine coon kittens for sale. 

Should I get a black smoke Maine coon?

Yes, you can get a black Maine coon cat for adoption. A Black Maine coon is unique from another Maine coon. It has a distinctive lion-like facial shape, mane, dog-like loyalty, and good temperament. Due to the larger size, this black smoky Maine coon needs a lot of space in a home to play, roam, jump and run. Besides, this breed loves to play on cat trees and perches. Besides, the Black Maine coon needs daily grooming. If you can ensure the basic requirement of a black Maine coon then it would be a good choice to look for a Maine coon cats for sale.

Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets?

The Maine coon is a friendly cat that can easily adapt to kids and families. It is intelligent, active, and associative with new people. So, it is the perfect choice for new pet owners. Moreover, the Maine coon is an easily trainable cat. So, you can easily train it as per your family environment.

Types Of Black Maine Coon Cats

There have two primary types of black Maine coon. Here is a short description of those two.

  • Black smoky Maine coon
  • Solid black Maine coon

Black smoky Maine coon:

This cat fur color is not completely black. Black smoky Maine coon comes from breeding between Purebred Maine coon and mixed breed Maine coon. You will get these with white and grey color combinations. Besides, they can exist with gorgeous tabby patterns.

Also, note that the smoky Maine coon face is darkest. Smoky Maine coon has a lighter black ear covered with the darkest black fur. And the body color with neck and check is a gradually white and grey color combination.

Solid black Maine coon:

A solid black color coat is the rarest breed. It is wondering if solid black Maine coon can come only from purebred Maine coon. The eye’s color is yellow or brown. The easiest way to recognize it is to wear a full black undercoat and fur. If you notice a lighter black color in a black Maine coon then it is not a real black Maine coon.

How Much Is a Black Maine Coon?

Black Maine coon costs vary depending on age, color and gender. However, the average price of a purebred black Maine coon is about $400 to $2200. Here is the list of traditional prices for black Maine coon cats.

Kitten Male black Maine coon cat price $1000-$2000

Adult    Male     black Maine coon cat price          $700-$1500

Kitten   Female black Maine coon cat price          $1000-$2000

Adult    Female black Maine coon cat price          $800-$1200

Kitten   Male     black smoke Maine coon price   $1700-$2500

Adult    Male     black smoke Maine coon price   $1100-$1700

Kitten   Female black smoke Maine coon price   $1100-$1500

Adult    Female black smoke Maine coon price   $1000-$1300

Care and maintenance of a black Maine coon cat

The Black Maine coon is a royal cat that needs regular grooming, care and treatment. As well as, it is important to ensure nutrients food for this cat.


The Black Maine coon is the largest cat that needs enough nutritional food. However, remember if they don’t gain overweight. Also, know that the Black Maine coon required more than three years to grown-up perfectly. Their growth is high, but you have to be careful while feeding your cat. Veterinarian doctor said that Black Maine coon owner should be aware of providing food now and then.

You can follow the vet’s advice about the diet of a black Maine coon. So, provide good quality wet cat food a maximum of 4 times a day. And don’t treat yourself to tasty food more than four times.


The Black Maine coon needs frequent grooming as a traditional Maine coon need. The best practice is since they have longer fur, combing or brushing every day. If you cannot brush every day, then do it at least two or three times a week. Good to know that metal comb is a good choice for Maine coon. Besides, specialized side pins and bristles included comb is available for longhaired Maine coon.

The Black Maine coon has large ears and sharp claws. Dirt accumulates easily in their big ears. So, cleaning ears once a week is important. Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the outer side of Maine coon ears. Never try to clean inside the ear with Q-tip. If you feel about cleaning inside the ear is essential, go to a professional groomer or veterinarian.

Moreover, cut the nails of your cat regularly. Use “guillotine-style” nail clippers for nail cutting. Also, you should brush your Maine coon teeth every day with vet recommended toothpaste.

Medical Care:

Medical care is essential for all cats, including Maine coon. Regular health checkups will help keep your cat healthy. Besides, vaccinate and deworm your Maine coon. It’s good to know that Maine coon may have a few congenital diseases. Due to the larger size, this breed can be affected by hip dysplasia. Besides, its larger size can create pressure on knee joints and cause patellar luxation.

Moreover, a Maine coon can be infected by cardiomyopathy. It is mainly due to decreased thyroid and Taurine in the diet. Since there is a possibility of many kinds of diseases in Maine coon, regular checkups are necessary.

Black Maine coon cat personality

Maine coon is entitled of friendly, intelligent and social nature. They are playful, curious and love to get companions from the owner. Also, note that Maine coon act like a kitten even they reach their adult age. So, this cat is an excellent choice for the family pet. Besides, these are considered as best cat breeds for kids.

Black Maine coon cat size:

all types of Maine coon cats get larger, including the black Maine coon. They can be larger than 8 to 18 pounds. However, some Maine coon can be larger than 18 pounds.

Black Maine Coon superstition:

  1. Black Maine Coons is unlucky

Great False!

Black Maine coon are part of black cats. There are many superstitions about black cats that are not true. Some people believe that they face bad luck if a black cat crosses their path. But the black Maine coon owner experienced many lucky events with this cat.

  1. Black Maine Coons were once witches’ cats


It is ridiculous logic that a Black Maine coon was once a witch. Cat is a creature of God. It is nothing but a loving animal.

  1. No one wants to adopt black Maine Coon cats


At one time, many people were afraid of black cats, not even rescuing them.

But times have changed now, and there have huge cat lovers who love to adopt a black cat.

Final words:

Giant size, longer fur, Lion-Like Mane, Cool Temperament Make a Black Maine coon popular with cat lovers. Usually, two types of black Maine coon are available. One is pure black that comes from the purebred Mainecoon crossing. Another is a black and grey combination color on a white undercoat from the purebred and mixed breed crossing.

This cat is good for the family pet. Hey, are friendly, social, active and loyal. Back in Maine coon required higher maintenance, care and treatment.

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