Biography of Burmilla breed

Biography of Burmilla breed

Burmilla cats originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 from the cross between chinchilla Persians and Burmese cats. It is a sweet-natured cat breed and mostly loveable for its warlock eyes. This breed is very gentle, calm and heart winning. They are divided into two, shorthair and longhair.

History and Origins     

  • Country of Origin: England          
  • Similar breeds: Burmese, chinchilla and Bengal

Burmilla breed is a comparatively new breed that appeared first in 1981. This breed comes from the cross between a male Persian chinchilla and a female Burmese cat. And this cross creates four kittens. Due to the cross between Burmese and chinchilla, this new breed is named Burmilla. This breeding has increased in the United Kingdom gradually. And at a tie, they started to spread in the United States.  


Extremely gentle, associative, loving




The average weight of a Burmilla cat is about 8-12 pounds.


The Burmilla cat breed can come with a silver-white ground color coat with black, brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, beige, and apricot shedding.

Average lifespan:

15 – 18+ years

Traits of Burmilla

  • Burmilla is gentle and calm in personality, but they love to play.
  • They love to stay in contact with the owner and family members
  • They are good climbers and jumper so that you can provide perches and cat trees for them

Care and maintenance of Burmese


Burmilla’s need less maintenance and care. Due to having a short coat, you can brush them once a week. As well as brushing the hair, remember to brush their teeth and clean the ears and nose. Moreover, providing a scratching board would be helpful for them.


Burmilla cats have no special food requirement to maintain nutrition. This breed requires regular protein-based cat food and enough water. It is good to keep a balance between dry and wet food.


Generally, Burmilla is a healthy cat breed but yearly vaccination and deworming should be treated.


  1. How do I know if my cat is a Burmilla?

A Burmilla cat should have a semi-longer coat and tufts at the ear, chest and feet fur. Do note that Burmilla may exist with longhair and semi-longhair. When you see a longhair Burmilla and a semi-longhaired Burmilla, don’t be confused.

  1. What does it mean “Burmilla”?

Burmilla’s name comes from two individual cats. Burmilla comes from the cross between a Chinchilla Persian male and a Burmese female. So, the combined name of these two species is Burmilla.

  1. Are Burmilla cats’ good pets?

Yes, Burmilla is a good pet for any type of household. It is an easygoing, friendly breed. Besides, its calm temperament is good for the child. If someone wants to adopt a Burmilla for kids, it would be a good option.

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