Biography of Burmese breed

Biography of Burmese Breed

Burmese originated from Burma and developed in the United States. It has a short, glossy coat and round all over appearance. Their head, ear tips, eyes, and feet are slightly round-shaped. This breed is an extremely sweet-natured and people-oriented cat in the world.

History and Origins

•  Country of Origin: Burma

•  Similar breeds: Siamese

A cat named Wong Mau came from Burma to the United States in 1930. Due to the deep dark color, many thoughts this breed is a dark Siamese. Dr Joseph C. Thompson brings it with him. After then, Dr Joseph crossed between the Wong Mau and Siamese. As a result, some Siamese-Burmese mixed breed and Siamese Burmese pure breed were born.

Gradually, this breed became popular, and they allowed for stage show performances instead of pure Siamese in 1947. But unfortunately, this hybrid Burmese withdrew its recognition because it was violated to show a hybrid cat at a stage performance.


Extremely people-oriented and sweet-natured


Medium to large


The average weight of a Burmese cat is about 8-12 pounds. But the male Burmese can weigh much more than a female Burmese cat.


Burmese breed is found in solid and tortoiseshell color. Dark sable brown, warm blue; warm, honey beige chocolate with pink or fawn tints, reds of light, and golden apricot with melon-orange overtones are common colors that a Burmese cat uses may have.

Average lifespan:

12+ years

Burmese price:

You will need to pay $ 75- $ 150 to adopt a general Burmese cat from any organization or person. However, breeders usually sell the Burmese kitten in the $600-$1,000 range.

Traits of Burmese

  • This breed is sweet-natured, charming in appearance, outgoing and associative with people.
  • They are curious, social and sweet vocal with their owner
  • Extremely intelligent and love to play with the pets, child and seniors

Care and maintenance of Burmese


The Burmese breed is entitled to short and shiny coats that need very little maintenance. You can use a rubber brush to remove loose hair and a chamois cloth to maintain a shiny look. In the meantime, clean their ears and nose with soft wipes or buds. Like another cat, brushed their teeth with vet-recommended toothpaste.


Arrange high-quality protein-based food for a Burmese cat. You can provide both dry cat food and canned food. Besides, regular homemade meat and fish would be the best diet for this breed. However, they must maintain their water drinking because water is very important to keep balance in nutrition.


Burmese has a risk of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. It is a genetic disease of this breed that can cause heart failure and even death. Be conscious about your Burmese cat’s health if they feel anything wrong.  


  1. What makes a Burmese cat?

All around round appearance makes a Burmese cat more special than another breed. It has a round-shaped head, eyes, ear tips and feet. And the coat is short and glossy. As a Burmese looks solid as it is strong in activities.

  1. Are Burmese cats noisy?

No, Burmese cats aren’t noisy. Burmese breed is known as a vocal cat breed like Siamese, but it has a softer and deeper voice than Siamese. It means Burmese can cry like a rumbling voice. Sometimes, this crying may cause boring to the owner.

  1. What is the difference between Siamese and Burmese cats?

When you compare Siamese vs Burmese, both are fairly similar. The only difference is that Burmese has an overall round appearance and fewer traits than Siamese. On the other hand, Siamese has more traits and activities with the owner.

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