Burmilla Longhair Breed

Biography of Burmilla Longhair Breed

Burmilla longhair is closely related to the Burmilla shorthair breed. They have a muscular body, elegant look and longer coats. Burmilla longhair is sweeter than Burmilla shorthair. 

History and Origins

•       Country of Origin: United Kingdom

•       Similar breeds:  Burmese and chinchilla

The Burmilla cat breed was created accidentally. There was no plan to make this breed. Unexpectedly, Chinchilla Persian and Burmese cats had a mate in 1981 in England. 

The breeders can understand that this breed can be popular as a new breed. So, they started to work with this breed and developed gradually. And then this new breed has got the Burmilla. 

Since then, Burmilla has been recognized by Britain’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and Europe’s Federation International Feline. And this breed was recognized by CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) in February 2011. 


Sweet-natured, intelligent and social




An adult male and female Burmilla cat weight is between 6 and 13 lbs.


Burmilla has come with a sparkling silver coat. However, the coat color would also be chocolate, lilac, blue, brown, or black. 

Average lifespan:

10-15 years

Burmilla price:

The average cost of a Burmilla cat is $800 – USD 1200

Traits of Burmilla longhair

• Burmilla is a rare breed with a muscular body, sculptured head and stunning eyes.

• They have individual silver color coats, sweet and friendly nature

• Burmilla is friendly and loyal to their owner

Care and maintenance of Burmilla longhair


Burmilla Longhair is a breed of semi-longhair. Their coat is very fine and silky that doesn’t tangle easily. So, the hair coat maintenance of a Burmilla cat is very less. But cleaning the ears, nose, eyes, and teeth is essential.


No other nutrition demand Burmilla has without proper and quality food. Remember to provide them with protein-based food. But fish would be a part of their diet. It is good not to provide corn-based and carbohydrate-based food to a cat. 


From childhood to teenager, Burmilla stays their life as a healthy cat. But they are prone to suffer from Polycystic Kidney Disease. As a result, cysts produce in the kidney, and sometimes the kidney may fail. So, a good practice is to take your Burmilla cat for a regular health checkup.  


1) Are Burmilla cats big?

Burmilla is a fairly big cat. But it is medium in size compared with several larger cat breeds. It has a 6-13 pounded muscular body. In some cases, the Burmilla longhair cat can cross the weight limit of a standard shorthair Burmilla cat. Even they can develop into a bigger size cat.

2) What is a Chinchilla Persian?

Chinchilla is a special Persian breed. The Burmilla cat is born from a cross between a Chinchilla Persian and a Burmilla cat. The breeder has been trying to establish this breed as a recognized breed. But Burmilla is considered an upgrade version of Persian till now. 

3) How much does a Burmilla cat cost?

Usually, a Burmilla cat may cost you about $800 to $1200 if you buy from a reputed breeder. On the other hand, it is available for $500 to $1000 from an unprofessional or non-reputed breeder since Burmilla is a fairly rare breed, so it is a bit higher in price.

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