How long do calico cats live

How long Do Calico Cats Live?

Are you a parent of a tri-colored beautiful calico cat? It’s normal to be curious about the average lifespan of your kid-like adorable cat, which has been growing up with you for years. So, how long do calico cats live? 

A female calico can live up to 12-15 years, but a male calico is not lucky and never live equally like a female calico. For example, some calico can live long up to 20 years, but male Calico can live a long maximum of 15 years.” 

If you are interested in discovering Calico’s lifespan, let’s read. In this guide, we have discussed the calico cat’s lifespan, origin, personality, and fun facts. Besides, you will get some pro tips to take care of a calico cat to keep them live longer.

What are calico cats, and why is it considered special?

Calico is a tri-colored beautiful cat with a charming appearance. It is not purebred but well-known because of the reorganization as the official state cat of Maryland (USA). Besides, this cat is considered a lucky cat, and it is believed in America that someone would be lucky when they adopt a calico cat. 

Why is the male calico cat rare?

The Calico cat’s color determining chromosome is responsible for male calicos rareness. Dr. Marty Becker has said that “a cat must need to have two XX chromosomes to get tri-color pattern” Since a female cat brings two XX chromosomes, it is normal for the born majority of female Calico.

On the contrary, male cats have naturally brought XY chromosomes. So, they need an extra X chromosome for a male calico cat born. Which rarely happens. And that’s why male calico cats are rarely born. 

Why do male calicos have a short lifespan?

How long do boy calico cats live? according to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), male Calico tends to live shorter because of the Klinefelter’s Syndrome that occurs from the additional X chromosome in their DNA. An extra X chromosome has a great bad impact on a male calico’s health. 

What are the potential health problems of a male calico?

The male calico cat may be affected by the following health problems related to Klinefelter’s Syndrome. On the other hand, female calico cat health problems are comparatively less than a male calico. 

  • Reduce bone minerals and increase bone fracturing
  • Disorientation and behavioral problems
  • Diabetes from insulin resistance
  • Dyslipidemia of metabolism of lipoprotein
  • Heart diseases
  • Increase body fat

How to help your Calico live longer

Proper care can help to make your Calico live longer. Although, it is being said that Calico lived for 12 to 15 years. But sometimes, this range may increase or decrease. If you can ensure their proper care, they will live more than 15 years. On the contrary, a calico may lose its life within a few years from birth without proper care. Here are some crucial factors that can help a calico cat for longer life. 

Ensure indoor living:

The life expectancy of a cat is closely related to the living environment. There has a big difference between the lifespan of an indoor and outdoor calico cat. Do you know how long do indoor cats live? It is wondered whether an indoor cat can live longer, up to 15 to 20 years. Do you know that how long do outdoor calico cats live? An outdoor can may live only 5-7 years maximum. 

Here are some potentially harmful facts about an outdoor calico.

  • Infectious diseases from another animal
  • Getting in touch with harmful and toxic elements
  • Getting hurt by a dog or caught by predators
  • They may be affected by a flue in the winter season

So, it is best to keep a calico cat at home. Also, remember to ensure a comfortable and warm place for them at your home. 

Diet and lifestyle:

Cats are not vegetarian; they are pure carnivores. You have to know what do calico cats eat? remember that cats mostly need protein-based food. It is always suggested to avoid corn and carbohydrate-based food for them. If you provide rice, corn, or corn-based food to your cat, they won’t grow with adequate nutrients. However, tasty sea fish is a good option for cats. You can provide homemade processed food, canned wet food, and dry food. Make sure that your Calico is drinking enough water. By maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle, a calico may live longer. 

Vaccination at the right time:

Vaccination can prevent some severe nasty diseases. Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV, and FIP are the most common disease in cats. There have some common vaccines that a calico cat should take. Let’s know about this disease briefly. 


The common diseases that may affect any breeds of cat


FVRCP is used to treat these three diseases


It is a respiratory disease that spreads by saliva, eyes, and nose discharge. 


Calicivirus is an upper respiratory disease that can occur painful ulcers. Besides, anorexia and fever can cause by a calicivirus. 


It was the most dangerous disease once upon a time. Nasal discharge, high fever, severe diarrhea, and dehydration are the common symptoms of panleukopenia. 


It is a virus that occurs the deadly disease Leukemia. This virus creates anemia that reduces the immune system of a cat. Persistent fever, weight loss, and respiratory infections are some common symptoms of this virus. So, take your calico cat to the vet to provide FeLV vaccine. 


FIP vaccine is used to treat the Peritonitis infection. This virus affects your feline Kidneys, Abdomen, and Brain. The common symptoms of the FIP virus are diarrhea, respiratory problems, and nasal discharge. Remember that this disease is very dangerous and can cause death.

Regular grooming:

Grooming is the perfect way to keep a cat healthy and cheerful. The cat required nail cutting, teeth brushing, ear, nose, and eye cleaning except for bathing. Generally, cats can lick their body dirt by the tongue. So, they don’t need regular bathing. Besides, trimming their fur is important. Otherwise, parasites or lice can bear through their body fur. Additionally, grooming increase the beauty of a cat. So, all cats, including Calico, need regular grooming.

Ensure their hygiene:

Here are some things to look for when ensuring your Calico Cat hygiene. First of all, the litter box needs to be cleaned every day. In the meantime, make sure that your Calico can’t go to a muddy and dirty place for roaming. Also, it is better not to let them go into narrower and hidden spaces in your home. 

Let them exercise:

Exercise is good for all cats. Although cats are naturally playful, some cats tend to gain weight easily. Luckily, Calico is not like them. But it would be better if you let your Calico do exercise. A lot of interactive cat toys are available in the market. These toys work great to keep a cat healthy. 

Spaying at the right time:

We know that most calico cats are female. So, they can be affected by several diseases if not spayed at the right time. Spaying can prevent uterine infections, uterine cancers, pyometra, and breast cancer. So, how long do female calico cats live is depends on the spaying time too.

Veterinary care:

Cats can suffer from several physical diseases, but they can’t express them. As they can’t express so, the owner should be concerned about this. If you ever have a Calico cat health problem, it is important to consult a vet without delay. Besides, it is recommended not to give them any medication or injection without a vet’s suggestion. 

Accompany them:

Mental health is related to the length of its life. So, take care of their mental health as much as possible. Remember that your feline needs your attention and accompany. Try to play and talk to them when you have time. And you can take them out on weekends. 


  1. Where did Calico cats originate?

The origin of the calico cat is not accurately known, but it is thought that the Calico originated in Egypt. And then they were brought to several places in Italy, Frances by the Mediterranean areas. Luckily, Calico becomes the loving feline all over the world. 

  1. What’s a Calico cat’s personality like?

The original breed of calico cat has not been known till now. Remember that Calico refers to a combination of three colors, but it is not a breed. That is why knowing a calico’s personality is tricky. But Calico has a lot of individual traits and fun facts. Generally, they are sweet-hearted, loyal, and intelligent. 

  1. How much is a female calico cat worth?

Calico is a color combination. So, a calico color cat can come from several breeds. Depending on the breed cost, a calico can be worth $200 to $2000. Besides, the appearance of a calico can increases or decrease its value. 

  1. Can Maine coons be Calico?

Purebred Maine coon can’t be Calico. But a mixed breed Maine coon can be Calico. Not only that, the calico color pattern can come from any cat mixed breed. 

In closing:

Tri-colored calico cat comes with a special genetic condition that impacts its effect on longevity. On average, a female calico lives up to 20 years. And a male calico can live a maximum of 12 years. Besides, how long do cats live depends on their lifestyle, diet and proper care.

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