why does my cat bite me when i sleep

Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Sleep? Reasons and Ultimate Solutions

A common question from numerous cat owners that why does my cat bite me when I sleep? As a cat mom, I have already faced this situation once upon a time and figure out some specific reasons behind it. 

Cat biting is not a unique thing. Because they often gently bite the owners in the guise of playing. But the problem is sometimes you can face an aggressive cat bite when their owner has been already sleeping.

In this guide, you will get what are the common reasons for cat bite during sleep? And how to Treat Cat Bites and Wounds. 

Why does my cat bite me when I sleep? The reasons

why does my cat attack me when I’m sleeping? It is a very common question from the cat parents. Here are the most common reasons.


why does my cat get aggressive at night? many times, cats can be aggressive and bite their owners in their sleep. But how you could understand that the cat was bitten out of aggression? Because many are complained that “my cat attacks me violently” If you notice the cat bite with a hissing sound, then it was annoyed with you. However, there have some aggression signs.

Signs of aggression

  • Growling at the owner
  • Biting with a hissing sound
  • He flattened ears
  • Wagging tail

Types of biting

  • Kitten biting
  • Play biting
  • Sudden biting
  • Love biting
  • Aggressive biting

Studies have shown that cats naturally love to be aggressive; sometimes, all cats are not similar, though. Also, the scientist said that male cats would be more aggressive than female cats. 

For playing with you

Good to know that cats have nature to be nocturnal and crepuscular. That is why your cat can still awake when you have been sleeping. During this time, he expects a partner to play with him. It is especially true when you have only one cat. 

So, it is natural that your cat might bite you to wake up and play with him. Because every cat is playful and can be more active at night, it is a cat’s natural habit, so you can’t blame him. 

To get attention

Cats are one of the most attention seeker animal in the world. Whatever it is night or day, cats love to get your full attention. 

 If your cat bites you in your sleep and then you wake up but doesn’t want to play with you, understand that he just wanted your attention.

Sometimes, a cat can bite and awake their owner because of some serious reason. For example, it might awake with your doorbell, phone ring, or another terrible sound. They naturally think horrible sounds might be the reason for critical or dangerous issues. And that is why they try to bite you and let you know about the sounds or something like that. In this case, some vocal cat breeds can make loud vocalisation at night.

To Get Fed

Cats can be hungry at midnight because they are much more active in the early part of the night. When your cat is biting you, consider whether it is hungry. But this type of biting would be soft, and also, they can cry with loyalty. 

As a predator

The predatory nature is always observed in cats. Even though he is a domestic cat, he will always try to catch a cockroach or lizards. When they are awake at night, you will notice that they are targeting a cockroach under the ceiling most of the time.

Your cat might bite you at night because of this predatory nature. Your room usually has a dim light during sleep. If your hands or feet move in the dim light, your cat thinks this is different. So, they try to hunt with bite. 

Besides, there have a question that why does my cat attack me out of nowhere. If your cat bites you out of nowhere then you have to understand that your cat is simply naughtier. Otherwise, you can’t control him in a proper way.

How to Stop My Cat From Biting and Attacking Me at Night?

Many complain that my cat attacks me unprovoked, I would say them that there must have a tiny or large reason that is why your cat bites you. Maybe you are not aware about the reason and think why does my cat bite me unprovoked? Here are some reasons.

Spend Quality Time with Your Cat

You probably know that cat is naturally social and love to get the company of a human. If you don’t spend quality time with your feline, then it would be arrogant. As a result, your cat might be aggressive at night and bite you often. So, I believe that managing some quality time for your cat is essential. 

Feed It’s Before Going to Bed

I have one cat named Orio, who often bite me when I was sleep. So, I was wonder that why does my cat bite me before bed? then I was feeding him regularly in the evening. Then I have changed his eating habit and time. When I feed him before he will sleep and solve my problem, if you feed your cat too early in the evening, it will get hungry at midnight and bite you in sleep. 

Make your cat some walking exercise

Exercise is as important for human as important for an animal. If you can make your cat do some walking exercise before sleeping, it might be tiring and sleep for the whole night. So, you will get a bite-free calm night. 

Set Up A Camera

You can set up a cc camera in your bedroom or living room. Then it would be easier to get ideation about the cat aggressive behavior at night. This method is best to figure out the exact reason of unnatural cat behavior. 

Reward Good Behavior and Punish Bad Behavior

You will be happy to know that felines can understand owner behavior. So, notice if your cat has to do something wrong. It so then you must have to punish for the wrong activities. It will help them not to do the same thing later.  

On the other hand, it is so impressive when your cat is loyal to you. In this case, you can reward with new food and toys. 

Provide your cat some toys

Remember that your cat can have occasional boredom as like you. When this annoyance is excessive, the cat may behave strangely at night or bite you. Therefore, it may be best to manage a suitable toy for them. If your cat has enough toys, they will busy with toys at night and won’t bite you. 

A Quick Spray Goes a Long Way!

Felines are afraid of sudden spraying. So, if you can keep a spray bottle with drinking water and spray on your cat in the darkroom, they might get a bit afraid for spray signal and stop to bite you. However, it is an older process that still works great. 

Let your cat sleep with favorite person

A lot of cat owner are confused that why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband? For those owners I have to say that cat has a favorite person with whom cat like to sleep.
If a cat can sleep with a loved one in its favorite place, it will not bite at night.

Why Does My Cat Bite Me Gently? Why Cats Bite

Why does my cat bite me gently? This question has come from a more curious cat owner. Good to know that indoor cats are sensitive as like human. They may be angrier and more emotional. Likewise, if you praise them a lot, they might be much happier. But when you pampered them, they will get a little bit angry and bites you gently as an acute reaction. I believe a cat will give a gentle bite only when it is happy with you. All my cats bite me gently while being more satisfied. 


  • Why does my cat bite me gently?

Your cat may bite you gently when they are in a happy mood. It means the express loyalty and love and trustiness with some gentle bites. 

  • Why does my cat bite my face during our cuddle?

If you cuddle them a lot, they might be aggressive and try to bite on your face.

  • Why does my cat bite me often?

When your cat bites you out of nowhere, then it means they are not comfortable in their recent position.

  • Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

When your cat grabs your hand and then bite, you have to understand that it has in a hunting mood. 

  • Should keep my cat to sleep on my bed?

It depends on your wish. Cats have some by-born habitant. So, they have nocturnal and predatory habitant. So, love to awake most of the time at night. Even they can bite you for several reasons. If you can tolerate the cat’s behavior, then you can let your cat stay with you. 

  • Why do cats bite their owners for no reason?

A cat can bite their owners for no reason when they get frustrated, boring, alone or sad. 

  • Do cats have a favorite person?

Yes, the cat might have a favorite person. I have noticed that many cat owners ask that why does my cat sleep with me, not with my husband? I would answer them that cat may have one special loveable person. 

Final Thought

Hopefully, you have got the details of “why does my cat bite me when I sleep” A cat doesn’t bite their owner only one reason. There might have several reasons like hungriness, craziness, loneliness. Whatever the problem, you can control your felines habit with a lot of option I have mentioned above. If you have more information to know, then ask me. I hope I will enrich this guide continuously as per my babies behavioral problem and solution.  

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