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10 Dumbest Cat Breeds Which You Never Knew

Cats that are relatively less active, less responsive, and less vocalist are called dumbest cats. They have some notable behavioural differences with the normal and vocal cat breeds

Dumbest cats are a bit slow, but you can call them less intelligent because they have a long-term memory to remember everything. Most importantly, they are as adorable as a smart cat. I love to call them introvert instead of stupid. 

In this guide, I will discuss ten dumbest cat breeds. As well as, I will share my experience on the benefits of having a dumbest cat inside a house. 

What Constitutes As “Dumb” Among Cats?

Most of the time, we forgot that the intelligence standard is quite different between humans and animals. But all of the pet cats will not have the same intelligence standard as us. A human being’s intelligence standard is responsiveness, communication skill, learning power, problem-solving power, and many more. 

On the other hand, an animal has a different intelligence sign and symptoms. We have considered their intelligence in another way since they have no language to decide their intelligence, activity, or thinking easily. The scientist is using “g factor” to find out the cat’s activity standards. “g factor” refers the general knowledge. 

However, most active cats can be very responsive. That is why the owner would think it is the smartest cat breed. But it is a natural issue that not all cat would be intelligent as like the cat’s world Einstein. 

10 Dumbest Cat Breeds in the world

I think they are the most miserable for those who can’t find love in the eyes of their dumbass cat. Don’t go looking for advanced intelligence in your beloved animal because they are natural in their real behaviour. They might be dumbest, but they have a pure heart to get your affection and love. Keep in mind that with only jumping like a monkey doesn’t express that your cat is intelligent. On the other hand, the calmness doesn’t always refer to the stupidness of a cat. Here are the top ten dumbest cat list. 


PERSIAN _ dumbest cat breeds

Persian is the most popular and well-known big cat breeds in the world. You might be wonder how a Persian cat would be dumbest? But the reality is different. 

Persian cats are so adorable, calm and affection able, but they are a bit dumb. First of all, Persian love to stay alone instead of doing jump, vocal or crying. Also, they don’t like to make noise at all. 

Some Persian owner’s said with joking that, the Persian cat is as like fluffy furniture pieces. You will notice that this cat breeds have a natural, laid-back temperament, laziness and passiveness. 

  • Persian cat love to stay alone and enjoy the household activities
  • They don’t mess in the house because of their calmness
  • This breed is naturally normal in vocalization
  • Laziness is the most common feature of a Persian cat. 
  • Persian has a short temperament often if you will be bored them. 


Exotic cat has a pushed-in round shape face with a flat nose and large eyes. Good to know that the exotic shorthair cat breed is highly related with the Persian cat breeds. That is why exotic and Persian cat is similar. Exotic shorthair can’t express their feeling as like an intelligent feline

  • It has a lack of curiosity in almost all factors
  • Extremely laziness is noticeable in their regular activities
  • Interactive toys, fishing poles and puzzles are the most attractive thing to them
  • They are slightly active then Persian cat
  • They like to notice everything from their aspects


Himalayan is a popular cat breeds come from the mixed of Siamese and Persian breeds. We know Persian is very calm, but the Siamese is very courageous. So, the idea is that this combination of Siamese and Persian has made this Himalayan cat breed is very stupid.

  • Himalayan cat breeds think hard before doing anything
  • They are very loyal, calm and affectionate
  • Himalayan might have “inborn death wish” because they are very unconscious about a dangerous place


Birman is a symbol of love and affection. Do note that Birman cat loves to remain in a meditation mood and don’t lie to face any intelligence task. Which owner have not enough time to pay attention to the cat they can take Birman cat? 

  • Birman is very friendly and don’t love to talk at all
  • It won’t like to be closest to you and another cat
  • This breed like to analysis everything from them aside


The American shorthair is looked slightly angry and moody. Most importantly, it loves to stay alone. American shorthair has originated from a cat which comes from the Ship and then becomes a house cat. You will find them in several patterns and color. Bu the silver tabby is most attractive and popular to all. 

  • American shorthair comes with remarkable hunting abilities
  • As well as it is very persistence in a different situation
  • They are highly patient and adaptable
  • It can survive up to 15-20 years
  • Less responsive in the playing, activeness and the owner call


Snowshoes have a habit of vocalization with a melodic tone like Siamese. But this cat is very dumb in responsiveness with their owner. Also, they could not be playful or attention seeker. 

  • Snowshoes can stay alone for a long time
  • It has a white marking on the head, and the paws are full white
  • It has a pair of adorable attractive blue color eyes


Ragdoll is comparatively larger and cutest cat breeds. Sometimes, it is called a gentle giant in the cat world. It is fluffy, and the fac is very attractive. 

  • Ragdoll would be very friendly with the pet and human kids
  • They don’t care what is happening around him
  • Ragdoll have very silent moving power and great adaptability
  • They are much more upset or huffy if they will not attend to them


The speciality of Scottish fold cat breeds that it has a pair of folded ears. It is well-known as a dumbest cat because they are looks like a bit foolish. But the eyes are too affectionate to grab a human heart. 

 These rare species prefer to sit a little inexperienced as comfortable people do. 

  • They look quiet, a lot like of British shorthair cat breed
  • Their only interested in their food and drinking 
  • You can adopt a Scottish cat if you are a job holder


Somali is not, in fact, the dumbest cat but it is very Stubborn. It always wants to stay as own preference. If you want to do anything with it with force, you can’t do. 

  • Somali is known as a monkey of the feline family
  • They could be vocalized and playful together
  • They don’t understand the manner 
  • You will find them like a crazy feline


The Korat cannot adapt to the new environment at all, which is why he got the title of Dumbest Cat. But they are very exceptional in loving and loyalty. So, whenever you want to move, they may treat you badly. Even, you cannot ride on a car with a Korat cat. 

  • They will love to hide when you change the resident
  • Korat comes as a friendly cat breed
  • The worst thing is their bad adaptability

Smartest cat breeds vs dumbest cat breeds

Known as the smartest, the cat behaves somewhat like a human baby and prefers to jump, demand and cry as if it were a human being. Human considered this behaviour as a part of smartness. 

On the other hand, the dumbest or stupid cat breeds behave somewhat like a calm baby who is quite introvert. Here I discussed the comparison between the dumbest and smart cat breeds from three crucial aspects. 

Problem Solving Ability:

General cats are so much aware of the appearance of any object even though they can realize the soft, hard, higher and lower object. At the same time, they can dream like humans and can remember things for a long time. 

But the dumbest cat would be different in this factor. The dumbest cat might understand a less about the object size and height. Also, it might not have any dream as like human. 


You can’t train a dumbass cat as easily as a normal cat can train a subject. However, if you can try with a little time, this cat will win your heart and mind. 


Your common feline will come fast when you call them, but the dumbest cat might not respond fast like the normal cat. Even if you talk with loudly, then the cat will receive response slowly. 


A normal cat would like to play all day long there the dumbest cat doesn’t like to play much. A normal cat will then make vocalization when they need to drink or eat, but a dumbest will stay quiet. So, it would help if you gave additional care for them.  

Social aptitudes:

I mean here, social aptitudes are communication power. Although a normal cat can create a great bonding with their regular behaviour and vocalization, a dumbest can’t do it. In many cases, they have less vocal power. 


  • What is the stupidest cat breed?

Somali is known as the stupidest cat because it has very less loyalty and love to stay as per its wish. 

  • What breed is the smartest cat?

The Siamese breed is well-known as the smartest cat in the world. 

  • Which cat breed can stay kitten size?

Singapura cat breed can stay in kitten size because it is one of the smallest cats globally with half body shape of the normal cat. So, it looks like a kitty.

  • What is the IQ of a house cat?

A house cat IQ level would be maximum 1–1.71 where a human IQ is 7.44–7.8.

  • What is the calmest cat?

Here is a list of calmest cats

  1. Persian
  2. Exotic shorthair
  3. Himalayan
  4. Birman
  5. Snowshoes
  6. Ragdoll
  7. Korat
  8. Somali
  9. Scottish fold
  10. American shorthair 
  • What is the best breed of cat to keep indoors?
  1. Sphynx. 
  2. Himalayan 
  3. Devon Rex
  4. Siamese
  5. Ragdoll. 
  6. Scottish Fold
  • What is the most aggressive house cat?

Siamese is known as the most aggressive house cat. They are very jealous too.

  • What is the stupidest cat?

The Somali is the stupidest cat ever who never care the instructions of the owner.

Final Word

In the finishing of this content, I hope you have realized what the dumbest cat breeds mean. Nobody can say these cats as stupid because they are very loyal than the so-called smartest cat breed. Even it would be a great companion for those who have not enough time to give attention to their cat.

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