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How long do Maine coon cats live?

Have you bought an adorable Maine coon kitten, or maybe you are thinking to adopt a Maine coon? Here, knowing all about Maine coon cats is of common interest to you. Good to know that animal’s lifespan is different from human. And that is why they have come with a limited lifespan. So, how long do Maine coon cats live? What the Maine Coon life expectancy? 

I have attended with the answer to all of your question. Also, I would love to share the pro tips of expanding your Maine coon lifespan with good health. 

Maine coon Cat Breeds

“The average lifespan of a Maine coon cat is 10 to 15 years. Statistics have shown that most of the Maine coon live up to 12.5 years. And very few Maine coon live more than 15 years. In most cases, the lifespan of a cat depends on their lifestyle, diet, exercise and genetics root.”

Average Maine Coon Lifespan

Maine coon cats are naturally healthy cat breed that has great power to prevent disease. However, it has some genetic health issue to get affected by the genetic disease. Although 10 to 15 years is considered as the standard lifespan of Maine coon, this span could reduce or increases by influence as per their lifestyle.

Research from 2003 to 2006 stated that 12.5 years is the medium lifespan of a Maine coon cat. This research expressed by an insurance company in Sweden. They also stated that almost 74% of Maine coon was live up to 10 plus years, and 54% of Maine coon was lived more than 12.5 years. 

How a Maine Coon’s lifespan can be influenced?

What Shortens a Maine Coon’s Life Expectancy? You asked a logical question, and the answer will be helpful to you. There has a lot of reason that is why a Maine coon can health may get affected. For example, the genetically transmitted disease.

Besides, cancer, diabetes and rabies can largely affect a Maine coon health. Moreover, not vaccinating at the proper time, poor care, less exercise, and an irregular diet can greatly affect Maine coon health.

How many days your Maine coon will live is probably depends on your proper care of it. Good health and diet always can make your feline longer in life. So, you can fulfil their needs to make them longer in life. 

You can make sure about the genetic disorder when you have adopted a Maine coon cat. Because the Maine coon breeders can say better if the cat has any genetic disorder. 

20 ways to increase Maine Coon life expectancy

There have numerous ways to keep a Maine coon cat healthy and secure. These factors are following for several years by Maine coon cat owner. If you want to do best for your cute feline, then follow the below factors. 


Proper diet can help a Maine coon to be longer than the standard life expectancy. Even you always stay happy with your cat because they can stay healthy and disease-free. So here are some common tips for the Maine coon diet.

  • You must give the Maine coon fat-free and dry-sourced food. 
  • Stop them from feeding a lot amount of food that they need
  • Be patient to feed them water in proper ways after each meal
  • Avoid all kinds of spices, oil and salt from their food.
  • Keep more protein foods in their diet
  • Please consult with a vet about their food habit
  • Avoid raw meats and fishes to keep safe from bacterial infection


Like a human being, animals need to do proper exercise. Good to know that Maine coon are usually playful and intelligent. So, they love to play a lot without human intervention. There is no alternative to taking exercise to stay healthy. You can manage some toys for your Maine coon. As a result, they will play, jump and run from here to there. And these playing activities is considered as an exercise for cat. 

Especially, Big cat breeds like Maine coons are a little bit lazier than a local cat. So, it is essential to let them walk or exercise for some time. 

Lots of love:

Cats are naturally independent animal. But they prefer to get enough affection and love when they are the house cat. Proper love and care may increase your Maine coon’s lifespan. 


Maine coon cat have to vaccinated in time, and it would be continuing each year. At which age you should vaccinate your cat? If you have a Maine coon born in your home, you can be vaccinated in 3 months age. On the other hand, if you have an adopted cat or a cat, you don’t know about the previous history; in this case, consult with a vet. 

Annual health check:

A full health check once a year helps make sure about the condition of a cat, in this case. The vet can check out his teeth, heart and another organ. Also, they can suggest some booster vaccine. 

Weight & size:

A Maine coon can weigh of maximum 35 pounds. So, remember their weight limit. Avoid overfeeding your feline. Even must try to control their diet when they are near to 35 pounds. At the same time, Maine coon size has a great impact on Average lifespan of a Maine coon cat

Simulate your cat:

Since Maine coon is a playful cat so you would better provide them with a lot of toys. Especially if you are a job holder and has to leave your cat alone at home, it is important to give them toys. As a result, they can get great simulated. 

Proper care of teeth and skin:

Already 90% of cat owner ignore the brushing teeth of their cat. But teeth brushing is so crucial for cat health. Otherwise, your cat might affect by gum disease and teeth loss. 

Keep them parasite-free:

Parasites like worm, flea and ticks have a bad impact on cat and human. Check up your cat regularly for flea and worm infection. You can generally use flea-free shampoo. And in serious flea infection, you can use front liner spray once in one month. On the other hand, deworming after every three months can make your Maine coon cat long life. 

Regular grooming:

Maine coon cat are less active to groom themselves. Although they usually lick their body and tail fur. But the fur is knotting again. Long fur coating can cause serious disease like skin cancer. So, groom your Maine coon at home regularly can make them long-surviving. 

Keep Your Cat Safe:

If you want to let your Maine coon cat, go outside, then it would help if you consider your living area. Remember that wild animal, outdoor cats and road traffic are threatened by a Maine coon cat. Most importantly, house cats can’t maintain the road rules, and they get accident often. So, let you coon to go outside as per the outside situation.

Cat-proof Your Home:

Cat proof means to prepare the home as cat friendly. Your Maine coon may get seriously hurt for falling from the window or balcony. You can use a metal or plastic net to make your home cat-proof.

Besides, avoid keeping sharp ornaments that could be shattered and hurt your cat. Likewise, remove the squeezed space of your home because the cat can get inside a squeezed space but can’t get out.

Use safety collars:

When you go outside with your Maine coon then wear a safety collar. It works to keep the cat near to you so that they can’t escape from the collar rope.

Observed the illness sign:

Notice regularly if you Maine coon get sick from vomiting, diarrhea, fever or cold. If you see the Maine coon, stop eating, drinking, vomiting several times, and then take it to the vet soon.

Keep Poisons Locked Away:

A lot of household’s items are poisonous to the cat. All kinds of species like onion, garlic, alcohol, caffeine are some of them. Besides, chocolate, house cleaning detergent and insecticides are too harmful to them.

Vanish the poisonous plants:

Some plants are poisonous to cat health. These are chrysanthemums, rhododendron, tulips, azaleas. So, vanish this type of plant from your garden or balcony.

Remove the chicken bone from the diet:

We naturally used to provide chicken bone to our feline. But chicken bone, especially cooked bone, is harmful to Maine coon. Do note that one might get stuck easily and damage the cat throat, tongue or mouth.

Use cat soap and shampoo for your Maine coon:

The soap and shampoo that are using for human are not suitable for cat skin. Even it causes serious skin disease like cancer. You will get specific shampoo for a cat in several shops. So, avoid your regular shampoo for the cat and let them a bath with cat shampoo.

Don’t Feed Them Your Food:

All of the human food is harmful to the cat. Sometimes you might get interested in feeding one piece from your food to your feline, but it is not recommended.

Have other pets for the company:

If you have a Maine coon cat or another cat breeds, it is good to manage another cat. Do note that cat loves to play with human or another cat. So, if they don’t get any company, they might get depressed.

Genetic Illnesses related to Coon Lifespan

Maine coon cats have come from multiple breeding year after years. As a result, they bring some genetic issues that affected their health. Maine coon has four main genetic diseases. 

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM):

A most common genetic disease of a Maine coon that they can get affected by heart disease. If your Maine coon root breed has any heart disease, it must fall in the heart enlargement problem. For this reason, breeding from a genetically sick cat should avoid.

However, some Maine coon can fall into heart disease without any genetic problem. And the general symptoms of Maine heart disease are labored, rapid breathing, open mouth breathing and lethargy.

Although there has not permanent solution for this disease, you can do an ultrasound heart scan. 

Hip Dysplasia (HD):

Hip dysplasia is a common problem of Maine coon cats that they get from previous genetics. Once upon a time, polydactylism was responsible for this problem. But next time, this reason was proven wrong. You can provide anti-inflammatory drugs for solving this disease. 

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD):

PKD is a genetic disease that comes from the root breeds of Maine coon cat. This disease there will produce fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. 


  • What health problems do Maine Coon cats have?

A Maine coon cat can have several diseases that may come from genetic reasons or regular reasons. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia and Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) are most common among health problems. 

  • What is the oldest Maine Coon cat?

Rubble is the oldest Maine coon cat who has died on 31 May at 31 years old. This age is similar to 150 years of human life. 

  • Are Maine Coon cats loving?

Maine coon cats are naturally loving, affectionate and loyal. They always love to stay time with their owner. However, male and female Maine coon often would love to be an outgoing cat. 

  • How much does it cost to keep a Maine Coon cat?
SectorYearly costAverage lifetime cost
All types of medication$100$1200
Litter box and litter$100$1200
Interactive toys$40$480
  • Are Maine Coons cuddly?

Yes, they are highly cuddly with their owners and another house cat. 

  • How old is a 30-year-old cat in human years?

A 30-year-old cat is 150 in human years.

  • Why do Maine Coons cry?

Your Maine coon may cry when they get scared, feel stressed and depressed or love to get attention. 

  • Is Maine Coon cat’s high maintenance?

Yes, the more you highly maintain your Maine coon life, the longer it will live.

  • How to Increase Life Expectancy?

Properly take care, health maintenance can increase the Maine coon life expectancy. 

  • How Long Do Maine Coon Cats Live?

A Maine coon can live 10 to 12 years on average. However, in some cases, they might live up to more than 15 years.

Final Words

So, I hope you got the points I mentioned above. How long do Maine coon cats live is not only depend on their average life span. Keep in mind that lacking proper care, a Maine coon can vanish before its average life span. On the other hand, A Maine coon can live longer than the average if you properly care for them. 

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