What temperature is too cold for cats

What temperature is too cold for cats? | Reasons might wonder you

What temperature is too cold for cats? How long can a cat survive in the cold? These are a common concern of cat lovers who think about indoor and outdoor cats. Cat cold temperature is different in outdoor feline and house cat because of their surviving style. 

In this guide, I have shared my research experience on a cold cat temperature. Do you also know how cold can cats survive outside? And how to protect an indoor cat from cold weather?

How much cold can your cat bear is depending on some factors like fur thickness, body length and total weight. There has not any exact dangerous temperature so far, but it is recommended to protect a cat below 45 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.

Do Cats Get Cold Easily?

The fact about cats that most of the cat can adapt with cold temperature. Especially, the indoor-outdoor cat can handle much of the cold weather. However, excess cold weather could be dangerous for them. 

Despite having the cold bearing power, it is not good to let you extremely extreme cold temperature periods because be the cause of serious Pneumonia or flue attack.” -Michael Arpino

DVM at Veterinary Wellness Center of Boerum Hill in Brooklyn, N.Y                

However, your house cat also could be cold in adverse cold or icy weather. In this case, a warm blanket or warm cat bed can ensure their toasty warm sleep or snuggle.                                                      

What Temperature Is Too Cold for Cats?

You know what that? A temperature below 45 degrees Fahrenheit is considered too cold for everything. Arpino says that If, for some reason, a monkey stays out of the freezing temperatures for a long time, it may develop severe hypothermia or pneumonia. 

Since getting cold depends on the types of cat, it would better to analyses your cat fur, hairstyle, weight, and length. Generally, the fluffy longer haired cat may feel less cold at ideal room temperature. For this reason, short hair or hairless cats should not stay outside in cold weather. Even they might need warm cloth too inside the home. 

Moreover, don’t let your cat go outside if you are already aware of your cat with any sensitive disease like cancer, hyperthyroidism, and heart disease. Because previously infected cat may fall in great danger in cold weather. 

What Are Signs Your Cat Is Cold?

In a general sense, your cat can shiver, or they can keep their body in a wrinkles position if they get cold. Do note that extreme cold can affect your cat with hypothermia. And in this type of cases, you should go to a vet as soon as possible. Here are some very common symptoms that you can notice on your cat of getting cold. 

  • Mental confusion
  • Depression
  • Dilated pupils
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Slow heart bit
  • Low blood pressure
  • Being senseless

Moreover, the most common but frightening problem for cats in winter is the flu. In winter, the virus attacks increase a lot, and many cats die. That’s why it it’s best to vaccinate your cat against the flu in time. 

How Is Cold Too Cold for Cats?

VCA hospital stated that the normal body heat of a cat could be 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. And the DVM vet Arpino said that a cat could adapt naturally in regular winter. But they must need a warm cloth if they stay a long time below 45-degree Fahrenheit temperature. 

Not only too cold weather but also the dry air is harmful to a cat. That is why enough water should be available near to your cat. Otherwise, it may get dehydrated. 

How to keep your outdoor cat warm during winter

You might have an outdoor cat or an indoor cat. It is a natural issue that an in-out door cat would like to stay enough time outside of the home. And those feline love to come and out from the home whenever they wish. 

In the summer season, it doesn’t matter how much time your cat stays outside. But in the winter season, they can get cold. Even many times, they can stay outside in extreme cold below 45-degree Fahrenheit. You can take some proper steps to protect your outdoor cats from cold. 

Arrange a waterproof outdoor cat house:

You can make a waterproof house for your cat. It would be in the yard or inside the garage. Then your feline will stay there when they come back to the home. For this, you need to know how to make a heated outdoor cat house. But there have a variety of feral cat shelters for sale. So, you can buy a house too instead of DIY. Also, you can put some hot water bottles for your outdoor cats. 

Arrange a detector system:

Generally, you will sleep at midnight, but the saddest things are a cat usually come at midnight from outside. If they find a closed door, they might go back outside again. You can make a detector system near your door so that the detector system can start to alarm when your cat comes near the door. It helps you received in winter midnight. 

Cat and car (Winter season facts) for a stray cat

Stray cat doesn’t get a comfortable and warm place easily in the winter season. So, they generally seek a warm place on winter nights. 

  • Cat love to sleep beneath the car. 
  • Also, they love to sleep on the car tire. 
  • Moreover, some cat loves to sleep on the car hood. 

What can you do to protect a feline?

  • You can make a horn to awake the feline from the hood
  • Take sometimes to check beneath the car and on the tire
  • Try to awake the cat and let go of your car. 

 Safe Temperatures for Outdoors Cats

how do stray cats survive cold weather? They survive in very worst situation. Most of the cat can adapt to the minimal temperature. But there has a limited range of cold temperature that your cat can bear. Most importantly, never a cat can stay in freezing weather. Good to know that up to 45-degree Fahrenheit temperature is safe for your cat. 

Many wants to know what temperature is too hot for cats? The answer is 104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for a cat because the body temperature range of a cat is 100 to 102 degrees. 


  1. Can cats tolerate cold temperatures?

Cats are quite adaptable to cold weather. But everything has limits, so your feline can tolerate up to 45 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. When a cat stays at a freezing temperature, like below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, they risk hypothermia. 

  1. Are 20 degrees too cold for a cat?

Yes, 20 degrees is too cold for a cat because it is proven that below 45 degrees are considered dangerous for a cat. So, 20 degrees is undoubtedly too cold for a cat. 

  1. What temperature range can cats tolerate?

A cat must have 90 degrees of body temperature to keep safe from hypothermia. You can keep your home thermostat near to 70 degrees. Many want to know that is 60 degrees too cold for an indoor cat? Yes, from 50 to 60 degrees is a safe temperature for cats indoors.

  1. At what temperature can cats get hypothermia?

A cat can get hypothermia if they stay below 90 degrees body temperature. Besides, they can get hypothermia in too wet weather. 

  1. How can I tell if my cat is cold?

You can easily tell if your cat gets cold. Do note that the cat paws, ears and tail will be cold first. Moreover, you will see the below symptoms when your cat feels too cold. 

  • Low responsive
  • Low blood pressure 
  • Stiffness in muscle
  • Breathing problem
  1. What temperature is safe for cats outside?

Up to 45 degrees, Fahrenheit temperature is safe for cats outside.

  1. Can cats sleep outside in winter?

The outdoors cat can sleep outside in winter. Similarly, the stray cat, feral or community cat can survive better outside in winter. 

  1. Do cats prefer warm or cold?

Like human-cat also loves to stay in general temperature. But the statistics say that cats comparatively love warm places than cold. 

9. How long can a cat survive in the cold?

how long can a cat survive in the cold? A cat can survive in the cold for a long period however, they can’t survive outside in below 45 degrees freezing temperature. 

Final words

Cats naturally like to live in a warm environment. But whatever the heat or cold, every animal has a limit to bear the temperature. Similarly, there is a limit to a cat’s cold tolerance. And that temperature is 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I hope you can already get enough information and know what temperature is too cold for cats. Remember that below 45 degrees temperature is dangerous for a cat.  

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