Cat nose black crust: Reasons and solutions

Cat Nose black crust: Reasons and solutions

Have you noticed cat nose black crust? Cats often have black spots on their noses, and even those spots can be from the eyes to the nose. As a loving parent, you might be concern when you notice a cat nose black scab. So, why your cat has black crust? Is black crust an indicator of disease? All of your answer you will get from the next section of this guide. So, stay with us to figure out the problems of your cute feline. 

Cat nose black crust may occur from boogers and mucous related nasal discharge created from dust. Also, it can cause nasal disease or cat lentigo.

What Causes Black Stuff in My Cat’s Nose

Having black spots on the side of the cat’s nose does not mean something serious. There are various reasons for this. The most common cause of dust water discharge is accumulated black stuff around cats nose. And this problem may be due to not cleaning it regularly. 

The common reasons for cat nose black crust

  • Blackwater discharge from cat nose and eyes can make a crust on cat nose. 
  • Accumulated mucous can protect the cat respiratory with a black crust  
  • Colds can cause water to fall through your cat’s nose, which forms a black crust
  • Multiple cats can fight or scratch each other, increasing and creating cat nose scab. 
  • Black crustiest in a cat’s nose can cause by their playing and activities.
  • Indoor-outdoor cats can accumulate black dirt near the nose due to prolonged exposure to the outdoor environment.

Medical reasons for cat nose black crust

There have some more serious reasons because your cat has black stuff around the nose. These are related to medical symptoms. 

Bacterial infection:

 If your cat has gotten infected from bacteria in its lungs, then the mucous might change color and the cat nose turning black color. Not only nose crust, but a bacterial infection can also because problem in the respiratory system. 

Cat herpes:

Herpes is one kind of virus which is known as cat disease. It is not a rare problem in cats. Good to know that numerous cats are affected by herpes. But the problem is you can’t understand it easily. If you noticed one of your cats get affected by herpes, then make sure that another cat might have this disease. 

The best solution for herpes is to consult with a vet soon. Also, you can make some home treatment to prevent herpes. Regular cleaning of the discharge from the cat nose would be a great solution. 

Fungal infection:

The fungal infection may develop on the cat nose, which you will see as like a black crust. 

Cat nose black crust solution for common issues

Observing your cat:

It would help if you can observe your feline as much as possible. Here observing refers to analysis deeply all of your cat bodies. Especially if your cat is indoor-outdoor, they might come with several diseases and injury. Regular observing can save your cat from all severe problem. Black crust is a common issue in the cat, and it can be seen in several parts of your cat body like the ear, face, nose and mouth. If you can observe your cat properly, you can realize this inconsistency like black boogers. 

Clean your cat:

Keep your cat clean regularly with professional grooming or indoor grooming. Cats might get affected by several diseases if they don’t have proper cleaning care. All of the common issues like black crust in the nose could happen from Uncleanliness. Here are some common steps to keep your cat clean.

  • Bath them twice a week (Except winter season)
  • Wipe their body with warm water regularly in the winter season
  • Clean your feline face (nose, eyes and mouth) with a warm wipe after every meal
  • Use a soft cotton pad to clean cats’ ears once a week
  • Check your cat regularly if they have any unexpected stain on their body
  • Meet with a vet once every six months for a feline health checkup

Black crust solution for medical issues.


If the cat’s nose becomes infected with black spots, it may require surgery. But the surgery is not so much serious level it just flushes the pus out. And the vet can prescribe several antibiotics for it. 

Aspergillosis for fungal infection:

In many fungal infection cases, the vet might want to remove the crust with surgery before applying for the anti-fungal medicine. 

Bee or Wasp Sting:

If there have any serious sign, your vet can make a wet dressing and prescribe antihistamine or steroid medicine. 


Keep away your cat from the direct sunlight because sunburn is a very common reason to create a black crust. The veterinary consultant suggests to avoid the sunlight from 9 is to 3 pm for your cat. 

What is cat lentigo? Is it serious?

Cat lentigo and black crust are slightly similar to see, but both may occur for different reasons. Lentigo means the spreading out hyperpigmentation in the nose area of your cat. And it could happen for a very common reason. You have to notice if the lentigo is found against a cat nose in a flat position. Then it would be a new freckle. Good to know that lentigo is not a dangerous thing or disease.  More can occur after a lentigo appears, but this does not cause the cat to have a health issue.


  1. Should you clean your cat’s nose?

Yes, you can clean your cat’s nose regularly. Regular cleaning will make your cat look beautiful and protect it from various diseases.

  1. Why does my cat have nose boogers?

Your cat may have nose boogers from cat nasal discharge brown. It can because of bacterial and fungal infection. 

  1. Why is my cat’s nose turning black?

Cat’s nose may turn black due to the Uncleanliness or bacterial and fungal infection. 

  1. What is the black stuff under my cat’s chin?

Black stuff under a cat chin is blackheads. However, sometimes it may turn into severe disease like sores and lesions.

  1. Why does my cat have black stuff in his ears?

The black stuff in the ear canal refers to the mite’s development in the ear. It is not a serious issue. However, long-accumulated mites can cause cat ear infections. 

Final Word

Cat nose black crust is not such dangerous that you have to be worried. In most cases, black crust and black boogers in cats nose happen from nasal discharge. And sometimes, it might turn into a bacterial and fungal infection. So, keep your cat clean regularly and contact a vet if you notice any serious issues in your cat face. 

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