Can cats eat celery

Can cats eat celery

When you are eating some healthy snacks with celery and noticed that your feline looked at you with high curiosity, you love to drop a bite for him. At the same time, you can ask you can cat eat celery? Is celery beneficial or harmful for cats? 

Most of the felines are interested in taking a few celeries regularly. Even you might ask can cats eat celery leaves? Yes, you can let your cat at eating celery-like grass or celery leaves on the balcony. 

This guide has covered the impact of celery on a cat’s life. As well as, I noted out how much celery you should let your cat eat. So, shall we start to read next?

Yes, cats can eat celery, and they will get benefit from celery. But the amount of celery and types of celery would be right for your cat. Otherwise, your cutie can feel severe stomach ache and Diarrhea.”

How is celery beneficial for cats?

Celery contains a lot of health benefits for your cat. Although the cat is a protein-based animal, they need fiber too. And celery provides versatile vitamins and fiber. Most importantly, any types of celery have made up 95% of the water that is too crucial for a feline. 

You might notice that the feline species are not fond of water even they try to avoid drinking water. In that case, you can provide some vegetables to your cat. As a result, they can stay hydrated. 

However, the benefits may differ on the cat health and digestive system. That is why some cats can’t properly digest the celery. In some cases, they may get sick from taking celery. 

It is good to know that celery is not poisonous or harmful for a cat, but it would be better to consult with a vet before providing celery to your cat. 

Here are some most important benefits of celery.

  • Celery brings a high amount of fiber that helps the proper cats digestion
  • A good amount of celery can improve the diuretic system of a cat
  • Celery provides several minerals like potassium, folate, magnesium, iron and sodium. 
  • Cats can get vitamin A, K and C that is helpful for health
  • About 95% of the water has into celery that keep the cats hydrated
  • The nutrients that come into celery can keep the cat skin coat and fur shiny
  • Celery can improve the cat immune system and brain function

How Can I Safely Give Celery to My Cat?

A cat doesn’t need celery like a human need. For example, a human needs an average of 2000 calories, but a cat needs only 200 calories. So, you don’t need too much celery. So, there has a limitation when you want to treat your cat few celeries. 

Here are some precautions for feeding celery to your cat

  • Don’t feed them more than 2-3 sticks of celeries in a day
  • Remember that eating celeries can cause stomach pain, Diarrhea, vomiting and sickness
  • You can store some probiotics and let your cat eat if, somehow, they take much fiber from celery
  • Much celery can cause E.coli bacteria into your cat’s body
  • Excess amounts of celeries can create problem in the metabolism system
  • Avoid feeding them celery juice or herbs juice
  • Contact the nearest vet if your cat gets sick after eating celery

How Much Celery to Feed Your Cat

It is better to treat your cat not more than 5% than another diet. However, you can provide a maximum of up to 10% in some case. But never let eat celeries more than 10%. Then your cat will be sick. This recommendation comes from the standard diet chart of a healthy cat. 

Best Ways to Feed a cat celery

Cat doesn’t love to eat a whole stalk of celery, so make the celery into several pieces

  • Make the celeries bite-size as much as possible
  • Give them raw if they love crunchy treats
  • Never serve celery mixed with their regular food
  • You can feed them celery as a sub food like grain
  • You can provide celery leaves instead of celery stalk.

The side effects of celery on a cat

As per the vet recommendation, no celery should feed a feline instead of their regular diet. And always give them a moderate amount of celery. Otherwise, they might feel some side effect.

  • The skin agitation may show after taking much celery
  • They can sick from vomiting and Diarrhea
  • Food-Borne Illnesses and allergies also may happen with them
  • They might feel stomach ache

Kitten vs cat with celery

Celery for kitten and elder cat is different since a kitten is growing, so cats need much less celery than adult ones as well as they may fall severe side effect from celery that an adult cat won’t get. 

Besides, the kitten has less digestion power than an adult cat. So, be more careful when you feed celery to any small kitten. 

Can cats be allergic to celery?

Cats can be allergic to food and the environment like a human. But the environmental allergy affects much on a cat. You can notice some symptoms if your cat might be allergic reactions. 

  • Sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and runny nose often
  • Upset stomach even Diarrhea in some cases
  • Skin Irritation and itching and creating rash
  • External and internal inflammation
  • Noticeable Swelling around her paws 

How Do Cats Get Allergies?

The allergic reaction comes from the immune system targeting compounds and environmental compounds. In this case, the cat body takes some foods as the virus and bacterial attacks. And the body cell creates a reaction so to protect health. 

Good to know that no animal-like human or cat birth with allergy, but they affected with allergic reaction in their next life with the touch of allergens. 

So, be careful about the diet food of your cat and if they feel any allergic reaction so that you can contact a medical professional soon. 


  • Should I Feed My Cat Cooked Celery?

Are you wonder can cats have cooked celery? It is not mandatory to feed the cats cooked celery. Good to know that cooked celery loses maximum nutrients. On the other hand, raw celery can give your maximum cat nutrients. Remember to wash the celery correctly before feeding them. 

  • Can cats eat raw celery?

Yes, cats can eat celery, but there has a limitation of 5% to 10 % of their regular diet. 

  • What vegetables can cats eat?
  • Steamed asparagus
  • Baked carrots.
  • Blueberries.
  • carrots
  • Cooked winter squash.
  • Green beans 
  •  Broccoli
  • Melon
  • Bananas.
  • Can cats have carrots and celery?

Yes, cats can have carrots and celery but, in both cases, have a limitation. 

  • Can cats eat celery juice?

 A lot of owner is curious to know can cats eat celery juice? Although, celery is not poisonous for a cat, celery juice contains huge fiber together. So, it is good not to feed them celery juice. Many cat owners ask can cats eat lemon juice? The answer is no cat cannot eat lemon juice.

  • Can cats eat cucumbers?

The cucumber is not good for cats because there have problems from blistering and itching. 

  • Can cats eat scrambled eggs?

A cat can eat scrambled eggs, but you can’t add there any seasonings and salt. 

Final Words

Whatever can cats eat celery or other herbs, you would better not provide more than 10% of their main diet. And never let them eat any raw food like meat, fish, celery or other herbs. Always try to feed them a fresh and balanced diet. And must feed them enough water. 

In the case of celery, it would better to wash those properly. And make sure about chemical-free celery.  

Consulting with a vet would be the first step when you are thinking to feed your feline celery. I wish you to be a conscious cat owner. Your proper awareness would be a blessing for your cutest feline. 

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