How to feed wet cat food while away

How to feed wet cat food while away

Is your cat accustomed to wet food? And do you need to go out often for work or vacation, leaving your cat? Then the stress comes first: how to feed wet cat food while away?

As loveable cat parents, you must be concerned about your cat food when you leave your adorable cat at home. But you can’t keep them always with you. So, what is the solution? 

OK, let me help you as I am a busy cat owner, and today, I am sharing my experience of how to feed cats when not home. 

Feeding wet food to your cat while away is easier with some steps like automatic cat feeder, hire a cat sitter and manage someone to take care of your feline.”

The process to feed your cat wet food while away

Whatever you need to go away for a few hours or a small vacation, there are some efficient ways to feed a wet cat food. I often need to go outside all day long. So, I am sharing my tricks to feed my cat. 

  • Arrange dry and wet food
  • Use an automatic cat feeder
  • Hire a professional cat sitter
  • Freeze the food
  • Ask a neighbor to take care

Arrange dry and wet food:

Do you want to feed your cat wet food when you are outside from home? It is great to provide them wet food because-

  • Wet food is flavorful, and this is why it is popular with the cat
  • Wet food cat sticks on the teeth and gums that hold the flavor long time
  • It contains a lot of water that can keep you hydrated in summer

Preparing both dry and wet food near to your cat can increase the feeding. Do note that felines love to eat wet food much and take dry food after wet food as the crispy treat. And after that they love to take water. I had seen my cat eat a lot when I prepared both dry and wet food while going away. So, you can try it too. 

Use an automatic cat feeder:

Nowadays, you will get some excellent wet food feeder to provide cat food at a fixed time and fixed amount. An enormous number of cat owners are using the automatic cat feeder for their feline. Also, you will get some automatic wet cat food feeder for multiple cats.The cat feeder is working great for perfect feeding. Here are some benefits of an automatic cat feeder.

  • The cat feeder is reliable because it can provide food at the right time
  • You can set up the feeding time and amount of food
  • An automatic feeder can control the cat weight and prevent the obesity
  • It reduces the feeding stress from your cat
  • An advanced cat Feeder will allow you to set your voice which will call the cat at mealtime.
  • Cat feeder prevent germs and bacteria contamination in food
  • It keeps the cat food fresh for a long time and reduces the waste

Hire a cat sitter:

Cat sitter refers to an employee who works for taking care of a cat with a good amount of payment. In recent times, cat sitters have become more popular to the busy cat parents. There are a lot of benefits to having a cat sitter for your cat. 

  • A professional cat sitter can keep your cat in a great human interaction
  •  It eliminates loneliness and keeps your cat happy all day long
  • As well as feeding, a cat sitter can take care of your cat during illness
  • Cat feed will be much better for frightened and angry cats than cat feed as cat feed makes louder noises.
  • A cat sitter can provide varieties of food as per the cat preference
  • Moreover, they can clean the cat litter box and food bowl
  • Even they can play with your cat to make them a proper exercise. 

Freeze the food:

how to keep wet cat food fresh? it is not an effective solution to feed your cat but still works when you need to go out, sometimes oral day long. It is a less expensive process. Good to know that cat wet food can get rotten soon in the summer season. So, you can keep some freezing wet cat food and leaving out so that your cat eats before coming out from home. As a result, your cat will get this food normally cold free after 3-4 hours later. Moreover, there have some refrigerated cat food feeder in the market.

  • Freezing food is good for cat health because it stays fresh for a long time
  • You don’t need to buy an automatic cat feeder in this process
  • You have not expensed a lot behind a professional cat sitter

Ask a neighbor to feed wet food:

The best way to feed your cat is to ask a neighbor or closest friend when you will go away from home. A reliable person will be feeding your cat while you’re away of your cat can protect your cat from several unknown dangers at home. In this term, your cat will remain safer than a cat sitter. If you have cat lover friends or neighbors then you can manage them. 

  • Cat lover friend or neighbor can take care of your cat
  • They can provide food and observed the cat behavior 
  • They can provide medication in an emergency
  • Nearest neighbors can play with your cat
  • Even they can clean the food bowl, water bowl and litter box
  • In addition, they can bring variations in the news and let you know if the cat has any health problems
  • Most importantly, they can save your money that you have to spend behind the cat sitter

Dangers of leaving your cat alone

No matter how much you feed and water your cat, leaving him alone has some bad effects. Even long-term loneliness can destroy your relationship with the cat.

  • The automatic cat feeder would be running out that is threatened for your cat
  • Keeping alone for a long time can cause your cat mental problems
  • They can ruin your flower tubs, plants
  • They can get sick in an emergency and need to take medication
  • Your cat may eliminate to play much that is threatened for them

What to Do When You’re Back

Keep in mind that your cat missed you a lot when you were outside at home. So, whenever you come back home, the cats can behave weird. And some cats can come forward to you and try to cuddle with you. On the other hand, some cats may try to hide. Behavior may vary from cat to cat. Here are some magical tips that you can follow after coming back home. 

  • When the cat comes in front of you, hug and caress him
  • Call the one with an affection who is hiding 
  • You can open some new cans for them
  • Clean up the food and water bowl quickly
  • You can provide them with some toys
  • Ask your neighbors if they notice anything wrong with your cat

Benefits of wet food

A lot of cat owners exist who feed their cat wet food and keep their cat healthy. Here we would talk about the health benefits of wet food.


Every animal needs to stay hydrated with enough water. A cat needs 80% water to keep fit with the body with enough water. The wild cat keeps itself hydrated from the food and water, but a pet cat needs more water than a wild. Let’s know how wet food can hydrate a cat. 

  • Wet food contains 75% of water, while dry food contains only 10% of water
  • A cat does need to drink a lot of water when they eat dry food, but they don’t need excess water for wet food.
  • Cats usually don’t like to drink water, so wet food can automatically fulfil the demand.

Lean Body Mass:

Wet food works to improve muscle when a cat grows up. Debra L. Zoran, a medical associate of the American Veterinary Medical Association Journal, has said that cats fulfill their energy source from protein-based work. So, wet food has a great role in this. 

Prevents Health Issues:

Proper nutrients are most crucial for cat health issues. Even due to the lack of proper nutrients, a cat may suffer from several health issues. Do note that wet food contains versatile nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Try to give your cat iron and zinc-rich wet food. These will help to maintain cat health, eyes, skin and body. 

Taste varieties:

There are several wet foods with different flavor and tastes. For example, they get a different taste from seafood, chicken and fish. 


  • How to Feed Cats Wet Food While Away?

You can follow some effective process to feed your wet cat food while away. 

  1. Buy an automatic cat feeder
  2. Hire a professional cat sitter
  3. Ask a nearest neighbors or friend to feed your cat
  4. Freeze the food to keep fresh for a long time.  
  • What features should you be looking for in an Automatic Feeder?

You must need to consider some basic features when choosing an automatic cat feeder.

  1. Storage capacity
  2. Food releasing speed
  3. Compatibility with food type
  4. Auto voice recorded system
  5. Food scheduling system

  • Will Cat Wet Food Go Bad?

Usually, wet cat food is good for cat health. There are possibilities to perish within a few hours. Here are some cautions for feeding wet food.

  1. Don’t provide the food that was in 50-degree temperature for 4 hours
  2. Keep the opened wet food cans in the refrigerator at 45-degree Fahrenheit.
  3. Don’t provide the opened can that has over more than seven days.
  • Is it OK to feed cats wet food?

can I leave wet food out while I’m at work? Yes, you can do this. It is good to provide your cat with wet food as regular food. However, you can treat some dry food, but the amount would be little because there is a lot of danger from dry food. A cat can get affected by kidney or urinary infection from regular dry food feeding. 

  • Can cats survive on dry food alone?

Yes, a cat can survive on dry food alone, but it is risky for your cat’s health because long-term dry food feeding can result in kidney disease in your cat. Even a cat can die from a urinary infection. 

  • Can I mix wet and dry cat food?

You can’t mix the wet food and dry food, but it is good practice to arrange wet and dry food near your feline when you go away. Each dry and wet food has a different nutrient. If you mixed up those, then the nutrients would be reduced. 

  • How much-wet food should a cat eat daily?

You will get a lot of wet food cans with three ounces. If your cat is 3.5 pounds in weight, you can provide near to one wet food each day. 

  • Can cats live on wet food alone?

Yes, a cat can live on wet food alone, but it would be helpful to feed them a little bit of dry food sometimes. 

  • Is Wet food better for cats than dry?

Yes, obviously! Wet food is very demandable then dry food because dry food can cause kidney disease. 

Final Words

So, I hope you can understand how to feed wet cat food while away. It is not recommended to leave your cat alone because the cat is an emotional animal. However, you also may have emergencies and have to leave them sometimes. In those cases, you must provide them with wet food in the proper ways. An automatic cat feeder, the professional cat sitter, is the best solution for this problem. Moreover, we have mentioned some other ways.

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