Maddest Cat in The World

Maddest Cat in The World

Maddest cat is also known as the angriest, craziest and weirdest cat. In general, this type of cat is different in nature and behavior than other breeds of cat

Feral or friendly, both types of cats exist in this world. Even though all cats can act wired depending on the situation, the maddest cat has some specific wired behavior. From my interest in maddest cats, I have researched different cats and figured out some breeds of maddest cats in the world. 

I hope this guide will deliver you the most authentic information about the maddest cat. So, let’s dive. 

What is the maddest cat in the world?

“Serval is known as the top maddest cat to the numerous cat lovers. It is a domestic breed but well-known as maddest because of the stronger bite ever.”

The list of maddest cats in the world

According to the genetic behavior, the maddest cat tends to be more reactionary, angry, and aggressive. This is the list of the top ten craziest cats ever.

  1. Serval
  2. Siamese
  3. Cymric 
  4. Bombay
  5. Egyptian Mau
  6. Korat
  7. Pixie Bob
  8. Singapura
  9. Bengal
  10. Sphynx


Sphynx_Maddest Cat

Sphynx is as beautiful to see as it is mad to get the owner’s attention. It is tended to bore the owner as far it doesn’t get proper attention and care. 

Genetical Nature:
  • It is maddest to get owner love, attention, and cuddle
  • Sphynx love to stay closer to the owner lap


Sphynx is notably known as maddest because of having the madness to get the owner’s attention.


Bengal_Maddest Cat

Bengal is the maddest cat because of its aggressive playful, and energetic nature. This exotic breed comes from the cross between a leopard and domestic shorthair. 

Genetical Nature:
  • This cat doesn’t love to stay alone and need high maintenance
  • It tends to be aggressive and do territorial spraying
  • Extremely playful and energetic
  • Bengal loves to play, swim, hide and climb
  • It is curious, intelligent, and affectionate
  • Bengal is shy with the strangers


This breed is extremely aggressive while playing and this is why it is well known as the maddest cat. 


Singapura_Maddest Cat

Singapura is the smaller size maddest cat ever. It is domestic but has wild nature.

Genetical Nature:
  • This breed naturally loves to make strong bonding with the owner.
  • Singapura kittens are hyperactive like an adult cat
  • This cat can get angry when an unknown person stays around it
  • It creates a noise like a vocal cat breed when it feels insecurity
  • It loves to climb higher places at home and explores hidden things


Singapura cat is maddest to all because of the hyperactive and wild nature 

Pixie bob

Pixie Bob_Maddest Cat

Pixie bob is the maddest cat because of its chirping vocalization instead of meowing like other cats.

Genetical Nature:
  • It has a nature to nip and bite a person till the person is unknown
  • It gets angry when a guest comes and wants to play with it.
  • It tends to chirp when a stranger comes into the house 
  • Very friendly and playful with the owner


Korat_Maddest Cat

Korat could be the ever-maddest cat if it doesn’t get continuous stimulation.

Genetical Nature:
  • Korat is a rare cat breed that needs a peaceful environment at home
  • It loves to get continuous attention from the owner
  • Pixie bob can express their unhappiness with face


Good to know that Korat doesn’t like noisy environment and it can get maddest in a crowdy place

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau_Maddest Cat

It is a beautiful exotic cat breed known as the maddest cat because of the angriness with unknown people. 

Genetical Nature:
  • Egyptian Mau has expressed wired and maddest activities in front of strangers
  • Excellent personality as like a loyal pet dog 
  • It is adorable, trainable, and affectionate with family 


Egyptian is the maddest cat because of the angriness with unknown person around this cat


Bomboy_Maddest Cat

Bombay is one of the maddest cats from the cross between Burmese and American shorthair.

Genetical Nature:
  • It loves to make strong bonding with the known people and owner 
  • It has incredible power to understand the ignorance
  • Bombay tends to work on a leash and fetch 
  • It can become maddest with loud noise


It is maddest with owner ignorance and loud noise


Cymric_Maddest Cat

Cymric is the other maddest cat breed, but it is highly playful and protective with the owners.

Genetical Nature:
  • This breed is energetic, playful, and respectful to the owner.
  • Cymric is intelligent to learn door opening
  • It is very smart in nature and behaviour


Cymric is known as maddest because of their attacking attitude


Siamese_Maddest Cat

Siamese is the maddest breed that loves to stay with the observation of only one owner. Besides, this breed is pretty jealous of another pet. 

Genetical Nature:
  • This cat can get maddest for overstimulation and bites the owner 
  • It gets angry and vocal when annoyed by the owner
  • It is very exciting and playful with its owner


Siamese is maddest because of the jealousy characteristic


Serval_Maddest Cat

Serval is the most known exotic cat that is respectively maddest globally. It is popular as a domestic cat but has a lot of wildness in nature.

Genetical Nature:
  • Serval love to hunt and roam around the local area
  • It can bite strongest than another cat
  • It is aggressive to the unknown guys


Serval is the best-known as maddest because of extremely wildness and angriness. 


  1. What is the world’s angriest cat?

Persian breed Garfi is the well-known angry-looking wild cat in the world. It is a long-haired Persian cat. Garfi is light orange color and always looks angry in facial expression. 

Final Note:

The above-listed breeds are the well-known maddest cats in the world. Not all cats are maddest for angriness. Good to know that some cats are acting mad to get the owner’s attention. And some are maddest for unknown person behavior. 

If there have any question that comes to your mind about the maddest cat, then ask me in the comment box. I will improve this content with your required information.

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