Is parsley safe for cats?

Is Parsley Safe for Cats?

Cats usually love to chew and eat specific green herbs for proper digestion. I planted parsley in my balcony garden and noticed that my cat chews parsley. Although parsley is a good flavorful herb for humans, is parsley safe for cats? I have researched this topic from my concern and figured out the answer.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the answer is “yes parsley is safe for cats in moderation”.

There have no worries if your cat has a companion with parsley. Parsley is a non-toxic and helpful herb for cats, but it should not add to their regular meals. Remember that a cat can get a small amount of parsley occasionally. If you want to know the detailed impacts of parsley on a cat, stay reading this guide.

Can Cats Eat Parsley?

Yes, cats can eat parsley because it is not poisonous. Even parsley has a lot of health benefits for a cat. Especially, this green herb has infection-fighting and antifungal properties that improve the urinary tracts. You can provide a small amount of parsley to your cat to improve the digestive system.

Besides, there have several vitamins, folic acids, and antifungal properties. And all of these are helpful for your cat’s health. Since there are many health benefits in parsley for a cat so the cat can eat parsley; however, remember to provide parsley in a small amount and occasionally.

Is Parsley Poisonous to Cats?

Parsley is not poisonous to cats, so you don’t need to worry when your cat is eating parsley; according to the ASPCA (American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, parsley is completely safe for pets. Even it contains many health benefits for a cat.

Before providing parsley to a cat, keep a few things in mind. You have to provide a small amount of parsley, don’t provide it daily, and make sure that the parsley is completely chemical-free. Consult a vet if you want to give the cat parsley yourself.

Many times, chemicals are used in parsley to increase production. And this type of parsley can be poisonous for cats. You can plant some parsley in your garden without chemicals and treat your cat that will be poisonous-free. It is good to avoid feeding the parsley bought from the market.

Will Parsley Kill My Cat?

No, parsley will not kill any cat even there has no incident that parsley kills any pet. But be aware of the amount of parsley you provide to your cat. It is because over-feeding can cause a lot of damage to the cat’s body.

Eating excess amounts of parsley can cause seizure and photosensitization. As well as, don’t give your cat spring and curly parsley. Spring parsley contains a small number of harmful chemicals named furanocoumarins. And curly parsley can have toxic insects that are harmful to the cat.

Health benefits of parsley for cat

Parsley contains versatile vitamins, antioxidant and anti-fungal components.


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Do Cats Like Parsley?

Yes, cats like parsley because of the flavorful taste. Good to know that cat has taste receptors like a human so they can get the taste of parsley. However, cats are carnivores. They like to eat green herbs and grass. Even cats can understand the difference between flavorful and harsh food.

According to the expert veterinarian opinion, cats are eagerly interested in their wish to eat some grass to get rid of the worm. If your cat tends to eat parsley often, it is probably affected by the worm. If you see something like this, it is better to consult with a good vet.

Many cats’ owners ask they can cat eat raw parsley? The answer is yes; a cat can eat raw parsley in moderation. If an owner wants to add parsley to the regular diet, it is important to consult with a vet first.

Can Cats Eat Dried Parsley?

Yes, a cat can eat dried parsley after making parsley water. Parsley-soaked water is an efficient home treatment to help a cat get rid of worm and other worm-related parasites. The easy way of making water from dried parsley is to mix some dried parsley with hot water and let it be soaked. Parsley is a natural ingredient to reduce worm infection and improve the urinary tract with multiple vitamins.

Can cats drink parsley tea?

Yes, a cat can drink parsley tea. A cat should take parsley in moderation to drink parsley tea in moderation. You can provide parsley tea to your feline buddy once or twice a week. And this process can be continued after one week gap. How to make parsley tea at home? Here are the simple remedies.

  • Boil halfway water of a pan and drop a bunch of parsley into the boiling water
  • Then turn off the heat and let the parsley soak into the boiling water for four hours
  • Remember to cover the pan when you let the parsley soak
  • Turn on the oven and let the parsley tea boil for one hour with the lowest heat
  • After then, let the parsley tea cool and provide to your feline

How Do I Make Parsley Water That Is Good for My Cat?

Parsley water is safe and beneficial for cats’ health. There have multivitamin, antioxidant, and parasite preventive ingredients in parsley water. Most importantly, parsley water can help get rid of roundworms and tapeworms. So, let’s know the easiest ways of making parsley water.

  • Boil one cup of water and let it half, then put it on a jar halfway
  • Mixed a pinch of dried parsley into the hot water, then let it cool at room temperature
  • Provide this parsley water to your cat once or twice a week


  • Do Cats Like the Smell of Parsley?

Parsley has a distinct fragrance, and cats tend to eat flavorful herbs. So, If you notice that a cat is eating parsley often, make sure that your cat likes the smell of parsley.

  • What Type of Parsley Is Safe for Cats?

All fresh and dried Italian parsley and parsley water are safe for a cat. As well as, parsley tea is safe for a cat. Whatever you provide, parsley or parsley water, remember to give a small amount. There have several parsley-like herbs that may be harmful to the cat. So, be careful before providing parsley-like herbs.

  • What herbs are toxic to cats?

All types of herbs from the allium family are toxic to cats. For example, onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, and shallots are toxic to the feline. But garlic and chives are mostly harmful and toxic for the cat. Besides, Oregano, marjoram, cocoa, epazote, tarragon, cannabis, and bay Leaf are toxic to cats.

  • Is Mint toxic to cats?

Regular Mint contains an essential oil that is harmful to the cat. But a cat can take catnip and catmint because these are safe for cat health. Keep in mind that excess Mint can cause gastrointestinal upset. In some cases, cats can suffer from skin irritation from the touch of mint grass.

Final Words:

Parsley is quiet, safe herb for cats. However, all cats may not like to eat parsley because they are unique in their nature and taste buds. However, always remember that a small amount of parsley is safe for cats, and an excess amount can cause harmfulness.

I also say you avoid spring parsley for a cat because it contains a small number of chemicals. Share your experience in the comment box between parsley and your cat.

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