Can cats eat chicken broth?

Can cats eat chicken broth?

You may be serving chicken to your cat regularly and often wonder Can Cats Eat Chicken Broth?

The straightforward answer to this question is “yes”; cats can eat the chicken broth. All of the ingredients used in chicken broth are safe for cats. Even chicken broth has a lot of health benefits for cats.

Are you tempted to share chicken broth with your cats? Then let’s know all about it. This guide will discuss the health benefits of chicken broth for cats, how to make broth for cats and the best chicken broth for cats.

What is chicken broth?

The broth obtained by simmering chicken meat and bones with water for a short period is called chicken broth. Chicken broth is a tasty and light chicken-flavored beverage. It is a very tasty and nutrient-rich drink for cats until you add any spices. Beverage.

What are the cautions before feeding chicken broth to your cat?

Remove the bones:

Chicken broth is a combination of chicken meat and bones. So, there may be pieces of broken chicken bones. It is important to remove all bone pieces from the chicken broth. Otherwise, shimmered bones can cause a choking hazard to cats. Cats naturally break those with teeth. Yet there has some possibility to hurts your cat’s mouth and throat.

If your cat somehow eats bone pieces without a problem, it could harm the digestive system. So, chicken bones might be life-threatening, including obstruction and lacerations. So, check the chicken broth carefully and remove all bones. However, specially-made chicken bone broth for cats might be a good option for your feline.

Avoid Store-Bought Broth:

Store brought chicken broth is made with versatile species for adding spices. As a result, store brought chicken contains a high level of salt. Do note that high salt level destroys the balance of electrolyte. As a result, cats suffer from dehydration.

Dehydration leads a cat to excess water drinking, urinating, vomiting and diarrhea. Besides, your cat may face tiredness and loss of appetite. Besides, excess dehydration can cause hemolytic anemia. Apart from salt, the store brought broth containing spices like onion, garlic and more. Moreover, some store-bought broth contained low levels of lead, which is life-threatening.

Avoid hot chicken broth:

Your feline friend might get excited to drink the hot chicken broth. As a result, it can burn its mouth. So let the chicken broth cool first, and then feed it to your cat.

Health benefits of chicken broth for cats

Proteins & Amino Acids:

Chicken broth contains a lot of collagens, conjugated linoleic acid and glycine. These provide a high level of protein and amino acids. We know cats are carnivores’ animals. So, cats need adequate protein and amino acids. Cats are getting these nutrients from the broth that improves cat health, so we can say that chicken broth has significant health benefits for cats. 


Glycine is a multitasking component of chicken broth. It improves cats’ liver health, joint pain and digestive system. Glycine helps to break the food for proper digestion.


Collagen is very important for cats’ health. Collagen helps to improve a cat’s bone, ligament, tendon and muscle tissue. Overall, collagen improves cat skin, fur, tissues and the digestive system.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid:

Conjugated linoleic acid increases the immune system of your cat. It also helps your cat to fight and survive in harsh environments. It is highly important for that cat which has weak immune systems.

Healthy bones and joints:

Glucosamine and chondroitin are two significant amino acids that improve joints and bones. Glycine and conjugated linoleic acid combinedly work for bone boosting. As chicken broth contains all these ingredients, why won’t you feed your cat?

Especially chicken broth is good for older cats and kittens. Adult and older cats often suffer from arthritis joint diseases. The calcium and phosphorus of chicken broth promote bone health. At the same time, broth helps to develop the kitten’s bone.

Increased Water Consumption:

Cats are naturally avoiding drinking plenty of water. With chicken broth, you can meet your cat’s water needs. Because chicken broth is tasty and full of flavor, cats readily accept it as an alternative to water. Besides, you can provide chicken broth for cats with diarrhoea. Dehydration is a common problem of diarrhea. This watery chicken broth could be a great alternative to water. Chicken broth contains some nutrients too. So, you can feed your chicken broth with diarrhea.

Nutrients for Sick Cats:

Does many cats’ owner often ask that can I give my sick cat chicken broth? cats usually leave to eat when it gets sick. Sometimes your cat might not eat for three days. You can prepare chicken broth and observe if your cats like that. Most cats will love chicken broth in sickness.

How to make broth for cats?

Homemade chicken broth is the best broth for cats. So, knowing the broth-making process is important for the cat owner.

Step 1:

Take a larger pot and put clean drinking water into the pot. Then add chicken bone and meat and turn on the oven. You can use only meat or bone for broth. Also, remember that raw and cooked chicken bone and meat are ok for making broth.

Step 2:

make sure that the chicken and bone are completely dived into the water. If there is enough water once the meat and bones are cooked, add more water later.

Step 3:

Add a 2-table spoonful of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice into each gallon of water. Vinegar helps to extract more nutrients from the bone and meat. When the chicken broth is ready, there will be no smell of vinegar in it.

Step 4:

Turn the stove to medium heat and cover the pot with a lid. Lower the heat to a gentle simmer when the water starts to boil.

Step 5:

Let the chicken bone water shimmer for at least 6 hours. But you can boil longer if you want. The longer you simmer the chicken broth, the tastier it will be.

Step 6:

Use a strainer to strain the broth liquid. We recommend straining the liquid several times. You must make sure that there is not any chicken bone. Chicken bone can cause choking hazards for your cat.

Step 7:

Let the broth to be cool correctly before serving your cat. However, you can also serve warm broth to your cats. You can preserve the additional chicken broth in freeze. Keeping it like an ice cube is good and convenient. At any time later, you can take the chicken broth out of the fridge and heat it up to serve to your cat.


  • How often can I give my cat chicken broth?

Can cats eat chicken broth with an onion? No cat should not eat chicken broth with any spices like onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric or chili. But you can serve your cat plain chicken broth every day. There have several ways to feed broth to your cats. You can serve it as soup. Besides, you can mix chicken broth with dry kibble. Dry cat food will soften when soaked in broth. As a result, cats can easily eat dry food. Besides, its nutritional and water needs will be fulfilled.

  • Can cats drink chicken broth instead of water?

All kinds of ingredients in water are not in chicken broth. And all the ingredients in chicken broth are not in water. So, one can’t be an alternative to another. However, your cat can drink broth instead of water when it gets sick. And chicken broth will fulfil 80 % water demand of your cat.

  • Can cats drink Swanson chicken broth?

Swanson chicken broth is not safe for your cat. Swanson is a popular brand that provides store brought broth for cats. Because store-bought broth contains onions, garlic, and spices, it is not recommended for cats.

  • Can you put broth on dry cat food?

Yes, you can put broth on dry cat food. Many cats don’t want to eat wet food. You can add some chicken broth to make a cat used to eat wet food. This way, your cat will be exposed to wet food, and its nutritional needs will be ensured.

  • Is chicken stock the same as chicken broth?

The ingredients and nutrient facts of chicken broth and stock are mostly similar, but there have some precise differences. Where chicken broth is made from chicken meat and vegetables, their chicken stock is made from chicken bone; remember that both are tasty and nutritional for cats.

  • Is chicken broth safe for CKD cats?

Many cat owners ask whether Chicken broth is safe for cats with kidney disease. Chicken broth contains 28 – 35% protein and 0.3 – 0.6% phosphorus which is good for CKD in cats. It is being said that chicken broth can run slower the CKD in cats. Besides, water and tuna juice are also safe for CKD cats.

Final Words:

Hope you got the answer to “Can Cats Eat Chicken Broth? Yes, a cat can eat chicken broth even if it is tasty and healthy. Chicken broth can also be substituted for water. It could be a great treat for sick cats and cats with CKD. Further updates will add more valuable tips about chicken broth for cats. So, let us know if you have any queries about this topic.

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