Biography of Havana breed

Biography of Havana breed

The Havana breed appeared in England in the 1950 century. This breed was born from the crossing between domestic black cats and the Siamese breed. Havana cats are people-oriented, curious and loyal to their owner’s family. Also, note that Havana Brown is a very rare cat breed. It is one of the endangered cat breeds.

History and Origins:

•       Country of Origin: United Kingdom

•       Similar breeds:  domestic black cat and Siamese breed

Havana is a man-made artificial cat breed. There have solid brown cats in Europe and England at the end of the 19th century. Those cats were well-known as the name of “Swiss Mountain Cats”. The breeding of this brown was discouraged till the 1920s. But some British professional breeders make a cross between chocolate- and seal-point Siamese and Russian Blues and black domestic shorthair in the 1950s.

Those British breeders were tent to create a new breed with emerald eyes in the brown color cat. Even they got a new breed with tobacco-like coloring and emerald eyes. Those breeds are also known as Chestnut Foreign Shorthairs at the primary stage.

Havana breed comes to North America in the 1950s. Also, note that Havana was accepted in 1959 to CFA for reorganization. Besides, this breed got a championship award in 1964.


Havana is a people-oriented, curious and loyal cat breed. Its temperament is cool, and it usually likes to play with a favorite toy. It occasionally plays with its owner but is loyal to its owner for life.


Havana cat mostly looks like its parent group Siamese. So, these breeds exist with slender builds and medium-sized bodies. Male Havana is slightly larger, but female Havana is a bit smaller.


Male Havana cats generally exist with 8 to 10 pounds weight. On the other hand, the female Havana cat exists about 6 pounds in weight.  


Havana comes in two primary colors rich mahogany, red-brown and pinkish-grey or lilac.

Average lifespan:

Havana can live 8 to 13 years on average. Remember that regular vaccinations, vet checkups and a proper diet can extend your Havana cat’s lifespan.

Havana cat price:

Havana’s average price is about $500 – $1500. However, their price increases depending on the color, pedigree, breeder demand, and geographical location.

Havana brown cat personality

  • Havana love to get attention from the owner and return love to the owner
  • This cat breed is social with people and curious about all tiny matters of home
  • They are active, playful and intelligent breeds
  • Havana is friendly with children, other cats and pet dogs to play and spend time with.
  • Havana has emerald eyes and rare solid brown color that looks attractive.

Care and maintenance of Havana breed


Havana has short and silky coats that shed very few. So, this breed doesn’t need higher maintenance. You can comb their coat once a week. But nail cutting, tooth brushing, and ear cleaning should be done regularly.


The Havana breed required a regular homemade healthy diet. You can keep meat-based food or cooked meat in Havana’s diet. In the meantime, fresh and clean water is important for their health improvement.


The Havana breed is healthy but also prone to be affected by cat flu. So, vaccinating your Havana cat once a year is mandatory. Also, deworming once every three months is good to keep your Havana cat from parasitic invasion. Besides, Havana needs regular health checkups to ensure their overall good health.

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