Why does my cat bite my nose

Why does my cat bite my nose?

Cats like to express their feelings through various strange poses and behaviors. One such strange behavior is the cat biting its owner’s nose. New cat parents are often asked why their cat bites their nose.

Cats may bite owners’ noses due to excessive affection. Besides, overstimulation from petting, territory marking or aggressiveness are some reasons for cat bites. But it is difficult to say the exact result because cat do not have their language. So, we can’t make sure what exactly they want to say.

This guide will discuss the most probable reason for a cat biting on the nose. Also, you will find ways to prevent the cat from biting on the nose.

Why does my cat bite my nose?

Your cat can bite your nose because of some common reasons. Maybe all cat parents are known of these scenarios, but they don’t understand. So, let’s know. We list out some core factors that could lead your cat to bite on your nose.

Excessive affection:

Why does my cat bite my nose when we cuddle? Why does my cat bite my nose and ears? A cat is an animal that can get emotional with excessive affection with cuddles. As it can’t express emotion in human language so might try to bite on the nose. However, their bite would be gentle in this case. Also, remember that cats can lick after bites with affection. If you notice a few licks after nose bites, then be sure it was a love bite.

Over stimulation:

If your cat gets overstimulated for any reason, it can bite your nose. Especially it might happen when you are petting your cat continuously. Excess petting can make your cat annoy. As a result, it tries to bite on the nose. You are petting the cat at regular intervals. Otherwise, it can be very annoying and tries to bite your nose.

Territory or property marking:

Cats are naturally tending to mark their favourite place and areas. Sometimes it thinks of the owner as own property. In this case, they can give a medium-level bite which is bearable. Also, note that a bite for territory marking would be longer. At that time, your cat may hit your face with its paws.


Another possible reasons for a cat bite on the nose are its aggressiveness. Your cat can feel disturbed and uncomfortable for any reason. If you try to cuddle or pet it, it can get angry. And this may cause it to bite your nose. Cats can also do this because of physical illness.


Nose biting is a common symptom of expressing their hungriness. If your cat bites your nose, consider whether it is hungry. If bitten due to hunger, it will be quite hard. Sometimes cats can bite your nose even if it is hungry.

Due to having in the heat:

A cat can get aggressive during the period when it comes to heat. So, don’t get much closer to your cat when it is in heat. Otherwise, it can attack your nose and bites you.


Cats can bite your nose even when they are in a playful mood. Sometimes, they bite your nose thinking as a toy. So, keep away your face from the cat when it is high in an active mood.

For seeking attention:

Cats sometimes bite the owner’s nose to get attention. Maybe you are cuddling with your cat but talking with others. In this case, your cat might bite your nose to pay attention to it.

Face-to-face talking:

If you talk with your cat to keep your face closer, it can bite. So, pet and cuddle your cat with maintaining a minimum distance. Especially, maintain distance when your cat is angry, playful, hungry and disturbing.

How can I know my cat is getting aggressive and biting my nose?

You can know that your cat is angry or aggressive by seeing some warning signs. When your cat will angry, it doesn’t like your touch. And it starts to scratch or bites you. Besides, there have some body postures that your cat may show when it gets aggressive.

  • Your cat can start hissing, spitting or growling.
  • It can be extra quiet for a while
  • The tail will bend towards and keep it inflated
  • They can flatten their ears towards
  • crouched, or tense body posture

How should I react when my cats bite my nose?

Cat’s parents often react badly when their cat bites its nose. But it is not good to do bad reactions to the cat. Here are some tips that you should do if your bite your nose.

Don’t punish your cat:

Many cat owners instantly punish their cat when it bites its nose. But it is not good at all. Due to punishment, a cat can get angrier. Even it can try to bite again. So, don’t punish your cat. Just try to figure out that your cat is going through what?

Leave your cat for sometimes:

Let your cat stay alone for some time. Maybe your cat is in an angry mood. If you let it stay or play alone, it can calm down gradually. So, never disturb your cat with petting and cuddling after it bites your nose.

Try to understand what your cat is saying:

Cats don’t bite without any reason. There must be some reasons why your cat bites your nose since they have no language like humans, so they express their needs by scratching, biting and licking.

Take some primary treatment for you:

First, notice if your cat bite is bleeding. Did your cat bite you too hard? Consult a doctor in case of bleeding and get the vaccine if needed. It would help if you took some primary treatment.

Contact a vet if your cat acts weird:

If the cat acts strangely after biting you, it has a major problem. In these cases, go to the vet without delay. Otherwise, your cat might fall several health risks later.

How to prevent my cat from biting my nose?

Whatever the reason for your cat biting, it is important to prevent your cat from this behaviour. Although their bite is mild and soft, you should take steps. Otherwise, this bite can get serious unexpectedly. Here are some efficient tips to prevent your cat from biting.

Be careful when playing with your cat:

Be very careful when playing with cats. Never use your hand or feet to play with a cat. If you play with your hands or feet, your cat will think of them as toys. Avoid downing your face close to the cat, especially when playing.

Teach your cat the right way of playing from their childhood:

Teach you to play with toys from their kitten ages. Then your cat will learn gradually that human body part is not their toys. Although it is difficult to train a cat in these factors. But it is proven that continuous trying can help prevent cat biting in adulthood.

Don’t over-stimulate your cat:

Don’t overstimulate your cat. Cats naturally love to be social with their owner. But not all the time. Your cat will love your stimulating, petting and cuddling. So, limit your cuddling according to the cat’s mood.

Don’t hold it tightly that it gets hurt:

Always hold your cat softly. If you hold your cat tightly, then it can get hurt and bite you. In the meantime, be careful when grooming your cat.  

Why does my cat bite my nose when I sleep?

Recently I have faced that cat biting my nose to wake me up. But I am confused that why it does this, your cat can bite your nose when you sleep. It might happen due to two main reasons.

  • Your cat might try to wake you up from sleep. Maybe it is hungry or feeling bad in sleep and trying to wake you up.  
  • If your cat is in an excessive playing mood and feels disturbance with your petting
  • Maybe the cat wants your attention and wants to wake you up
  • Cats can bite your nose when they are emotional or hungry


  1. Why does my cat purr and bite my nose?

If your cat purrs and bites your nose, it means the love sign. In this case, your cat might get closer to your nose in a relaxed situation and gently bites your nose. As well as biting, your cat can lick your nose too.

Ending notes:

We hope you got the answer to your question: “why does my cat bite my nose? Cats can bite on the human nose due to several potential reasons. But mostly, they can do it from extreme affection, aggressiveness and playing mood.

It is not good to get cat bites. Sometimes cat bites can get seriously hard. You can prevent your cat from biting. In the meantime, taking proper primary medical treatment for your nose is essential if there are bleeding or serious injuries.

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