2024’s Best Cat Food for Gassy Cats: Our Top Picks

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It is extremely annoying if your cat passes smelly farts while cuddling or spending time with it. Passing gas occasionally is normal, but if the cat passes gas frequently, it is a cause for concern. Maybe your cat is suffering from serious gastrointestinal problems. Then what to do? No worries because there has the best cat food for gassy cats.

Cat food for gassy cats is made with easy-to-digest ingredients. High fiber is excluded from these foods because high fiber is responsible for a gassy stomach. So, this food can prevent flatulence, bloating, belching, salivation and constipation. Besides, these cat foods protect a cat from diarrhoea and vomiting.

This guide will review the top seven best cat food for sensitive stomachs. Also, you will get a guide to choosing sensitive stomach cat food. So, let’s start.

Top Seven Best Cat Food for gassy Kittens and Cat

Few days ago, I noticed that my two-pet cat had become gassy. My cat would eat less and give a lot of smelly farts. Then I was searching best cat foods gassy cats. Luckily, I have got top 7 best cat foods. Today I am going to share those foods with you. So, let’s know.

1. ORIJEN Dry Cat Food

ORIJEN Dry cat foot is incredibly popular with cats because it is made from a combination of varieties of animal protein and fat. This best dry cat food for gassy cats combines wild chicken, chicken eggs, turkey liver and meat with added natural nutrients and raw flavors. Good to know that ORIJEN is considered the most nourishing and nutrient-rich biological cat food. You can undoubtedly rely on this original, fresh and delicious food to ensure all required health benefits.

The dimension of this pack is 24 x 14 x 2 inches, and the weight is 11.9 Pounds. It is available in three sizes 12 pounds, 10 pounds and 4 pounds. Also, note that the original flavor and taste is appropriate for all ages, cat and kittens.

ORIJEN® Dry Original Cat Food Premium, High Protein, Fresh & Raw Animal Ingredients, 12lb

Key Features:

  • Multiple nutrient cat dry foods with raw turkey meat, wild-caught fish cage-free eggs, chicken organ and bone
  • It ensures about 90% Biological nurturements for a cat because of raw ingredients, flavor, and delicious taste.
  • Fresh Wholeprey ingredients provide enough minerals, vitamins and a lot of protein.
  • It is healthy and hygienic because of the Regional fresh Ingredients like fish, meat, egg and bones.
  • The grain-free ingredients are delicious to eat, easier to digest and help prevent gas from the stomach.
  • Best ingredients at an affordable price
  • Grain-free and full of protein and calcium
  • Easy to break, mix and digest, which helps to prevent gas
  • Delicious that every cat loves
  • Multiple protein sources
  • Some customers think that the price range is much

2. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Dinner Morsels

Stella & Chewa’s is one of the market’s top 5 single-protein sources of dry cat foods. It is a balanced cat food for gassy cats because of the grain-free ingredients like rabbit, chicken, fish and duck. Good to know that no chemical, artificial color, hormone flavor and antibiotics is used in this cat food. Your cat will get Iron, zinc, vitamin and 95% protein from this dry food. Overall, its irresistible taste makes it a favorite for all stages of cats.

Stella and Chewa’s dimensions are 10.18 x 9.7 x 16.1 inches, and their weight is 8 Ounces. It is available in chicken, rabbit, duck, turkey, and salmon flavored. You can provide it to your kitten and adult cat of all stages.

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Dinner Morsels – Grain Free, Protein Rich Cat & Kitten Food – Absolutely Rabbit Recipe – 8 oz Bag

Key Features:

  • Raw flavors of original rabbit meat and bones provide an ancestral feel to a cat. So, they love to eat this food.
  • It is best cat food for kittens with allergies and gassy stomachs. Similarly, Stella is great and efficient for strong teeth, gum and a shiny coat.
  • The pickiest size makes it easier to break, chew and digest for kittens, adults and sick cats.
  • A balanced diet with meat, organs and bones of a single animal protein ensures proper nutrients.
  • The added probiotics, taurine vitamin, minerals and antioxidants Fortified ingredients good for the digestive system and heart


  • No artificial color, flavor or preservative is used to make it
  • The pickiest size is easier to chew for all ages cats
  • It is available in multiple flavors


  • It is a bit expensive compared with other dry cat food
  • A small amount of processed pumpkin seeds is mixed into it

3. Open Farm Dry Cat Food

The open farm is also known as a high-quality, natural and sustainable cat food. It is a Grain-Free Dry Cat Food that is made without grains. However, the main protein source of this food comes from turkey and chicken. The freshness of this crunchy cat food makes it tasty to all cats. Besides, non-GMO fruits and vegetable ingredients are helpful for gassy cats. The open farm manufacturer is committed to the fresh quality of this cat food.

Turkey, lamb, chicken and fish are all popular among kittens and cats of all ages. Its package dimension is 5 x 5 x 5 inches, and the weight is 4 Pounds. Another great thing is that it is available in 6 different flavors and 3 different sizes.

Open Farm Homestead Turkey & Chicken Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, Wild-Caught Fish Recipe with Non-GMO Superfoods and No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives...

Key Features:

  • Open farm crunchy cat food is certified for 100% safe ingredients of chicken and fish.
  • The combination of turkey and chicken meat provides a complete protein for muscle growth and the digestive system.
  • Adding non-MGO fruits like dandelion, green, and cranberry provides essential vitamins for better urinary tract health.
  • The non-GMO vegetables like carrots, turmeric and pumpkin ensure a proper diet for a gassy stomach.


  • There have no artificial ingredients or flavor in this
  • Multiple flavors and packages are available
  • It is 100% certified for your cat’s health
  • There have vegetables and fruits but non-GMO


  • This cat food is a bit expensive
  • Some cats may betray to take it

4. Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care

Blue Buffalo is the best cat food for cats with a sensitive stomach. It is known as the best stomach care food for cats. You can especially take this for your gassy cat, who often suffers from a gastrointestinal problem. Buffalo ensures a balanced diet, although it is made from a combination of single protein sources with few ingredients. However, it has easily digestive carbohydrates and pumpkin seeds.

The dimension of Blue Buffalo cat food is 18.5 x 13 x 3 inches, and the weight is 11.14 Pounds. Also, it is found in 11 pounds and 5 pounds packets. It is available in three combinations: turkey, duck and fish with potatoes.

Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care Grain Free, Natural Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food, Duck & Potato 11-lb

Key Features:

  • This cat food is made based on a single protein source like duck, chicken or fish. But it gets popular as a balanced cat food for both indoor and outdoor cats.
  • It contains carbohydrates, pumpkin seeds, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to make a cat’s digestion system easier.
  • It is made based on Gluten-free duck meat and easy-digestible pumpkin and potatoes to provide comfort inside the stomach.
  • It contains a great combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein for a better immune system.


  • It is free of corn, wheat, dairy and eggs to prevent gas formation
  • The fish oil, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids glow the skin of a cat
  • It is helpful to prevent bloating, belching and constipation.


  • The blended flavor of potato with a single ingredient may not be a favorite to all cat

5. Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Wet Canned Cat Food

Wellness is a best sensitive stomach wet cat food. It is great solution for proper digestion, hydration and a better immune system. It is made of natural ingredients like chicken, healthy fat, vegetables and fruits. It will be a great alternative if your feline cat prefers wet food to dry food. Plus, Wellness Cat Food is delicious and a top choice for any cat owner as a complementary diet.

The package dimension of wellness is 12 x 9 x 4.25 inches, and the weight is 9.38 Pounds. It is suitable for adults, kittens and senior cats. Also, note that it is getting available in varieties flavor and six individual packages.

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Chicken Entrée Wet Cat Food, Natural Ingredients, Made with Real Chicken, All Breeds

Key Features:

  • A complete balanced diet with high-quality protein and fatty acids that provide proper nutrients for a kitten, adult and senior cat
  • It is made from corn and artificial flavor free lean meat, vegetables and fruits, which increases your cat’s appetite.
  • This wet food contains enough hydrating ingredients to keep your cat hydrated naturally.
  • It is great for curbing a cat’s appetite, brightening the body coat, and keeping the teeth and eyes healthy.
  • Veterinarians and nutritionists approve it for cats that have a sensitive digestive system.


  • It doesn’t contain artificial flavor, preservatives or colors
  • It is available in eight more different flavors
  • You can purchase a large or small package


  • It is somewhat temperature sensitive

6. Taste Of the Wild Premium Dry Cat Food

It is an ideal cat food with a wild-like natural flavor. This premium cat food is also known as smart food for cats. The smokey salmon with roasted venison meat combination provides a unique taste to this food. Besides, roasted venison contains a lot of protein. On the other hand, grain-free peas, sweet potato, and pumpkin seeds are used in this food for easier digestion. Moreover, it provides antioxidants to ensure the overall good health of your cat.

This adult cat food is available in two packs of 14 and 5 pounds. The dimension of this wild-flavored cat food is 4 x 14 x 20 inches, and the weight is 14 Pounds. It is available in the rocky mountain, canyon rivers and lowland creek flavors.

Key Features:

  • The combined protein of 42% roasted venison and smoked salmon is great for your cat’s joints and bones.
  • It contains fruits and superfood that provides minerals, vitamins, omega, and fatty acid provides the required energy.
  • It is full of probiotics and antioxidants to help digestion and improve the immune system and overall health.


  • Excellent combination of taste and nutrition
  • Smaller-sized kibble is helpful for kittens to eat
  • Budget-friendly cat food


  • It may get unavailable because of over demands

7. Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken – Kitten

It is a specially made raw kitten food. Varieties of dried animal protein are used to make this kitten food. It is completely grain-free and contains all the necessary nutritional ingredients. It is very popular with cats as it is made with raw meat and fish. Some vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables are also used in its ingredient.

Due to the grain-free ingredient, this food is good for the gassy cat. The original grain-free cat food dimension is 4 x 8 x 14 inches and the weight is 4.5 Pounds.

Key Features:

  • It is made with 81% animal ingredients, 19% vegetables, fruits and 0% grain. These ensure proper nutrients and prevent gas in your cat’s stomach.
  • It has probiotics to improve the immune and digestive systems. Also, omegas are used in this food, making the skin and fur soft.
  • Complete & balanced nutrition and delicious taste make it popular with cats.
  • Raw chicken meat and natural vegetables and fruits make it fresher and tastier.


  • It is free of corn, grain, wheat, soy, artificial colors and preservatives
  • Good for brain and eye development, and it increases weight


  • It may not be ideal for those that don’t love chicken.

What things should you consider before purchasing food for a gassy cat?

We are discussing here some crucial points. Considering these will help you to buy ideal food for cats and kittens.

Restricted ingredients:

Try to avoid high-fiber-rich cat food and prefer low-fiber food. Low-fiber food is helpful for easy digestion. At the same time, avoid cat food that contains Peas, Chickpeas and Lentils. Check the ingredient level of the food packet to make sure about the ingredients. This food can create gas and smelly fart for your kitten.

Recommended ingredients:

Providing an animal food source for your cat and kittens is recommended. Since cats are born carnivores, they can easily break down and digest animal protein-based food. Protein-based cat food prevents gas in cats’ digestive systems and helps them grow.

Also, remember to ensure a cat food that contains enough Essential amino acids, essential fatty acids and micronutrients.

Wet or Dry cat food:

Cats may like both wet and dry food. Bud, a cat should take enough water when eating dry cat food. We know that a lack of water can occur kidney problems in a cat’s body. Besides, lack of water can increase gas problems and make cats’ tummies unhappy. So, it is good to feed your cat wet food to reduce gas in the stomach.

Avoided food:

Dairy, Legumes and carbohydrates are some recommended foods for cats. As they produce gas, they also cause a lot of discomfort in the cat’s stomach. Dairy food contains a lot of lactose that is very hard for cats to digest. However, you can provide your cat with lactose-free milk.

Similarly, Legumes are highly responsible for producing gas. It is especially essential to avoid Peas, Chickpeas, Kidney beans and pinto beans in cat food. On the contrary, carbohydrate is not at all required for cats. Yet you can serve a few carbohydrates. But only provide them with 25% carbohydrates.


  • Does wet cat food make cats gassy?

The answer to this question is controversial. Not all wet food makes cats gassy. But some wet foods are responsible for a gassy tummy. The gas forming depends on the ingredients of the cat food. Cruciferous vegetables and legumes produce gas in the cat’s stomach.

  • What foods can cats easily digest?

As carnivore’s animal, cats can easily digest all animal protein. Chicken, Turkey, fish, beef and eggs are easily digestible food for cats. Besides, dairy products like cheese and plain yogurt are easy to digest. However, it is important to know that every cat may need special dietary demands.

  • Does wet cat food cause gas?

The answer is subjective. Some cats face gas problems with wet food. However, wet cat food is comparatively less responsible than dry food for gas problems. On the contrary, some cats suffer from gassy stomachs after eating dry cat food.

  • How can I make my cat less gassy?

Keep these points in mind to prevent gas in your cat’s stomach. Provide animal protein-based food to your cat

  • Avoid cat food that contains grains like peas, chickpeas and lentils because these can occur gas easily
  • Avoid carbohydrates and never feed them more than 25% carbohydrate
  • Keep some vegetables in your cat’s diet. The vegetables might be pumpkin, sweet potato and Spinach
  • Avoid dairy-based food like milk, chocolates, Sour Yogurt, and Sweet and Sweet Yogurt.

Final Words:

I hope you can choose an ideal food for your cat from this “Best cat food for gassy cats” guide. I mentioned top 7 best cat food for with stomach problem. All of these I am using for my gassy cat and they liked these much. So, you can try for your cat.

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