Why does my cat sleep on my legs? Ten unknown facts you should know.

Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Legs? Ten Unknown Facts

Why does my cat sleep on my legs? Yet when I have prepared a soft and comfy bed for it? This fact may seem a bit strange to you. But it is a common Scene of almost all cat owners’ homes. 

Cats often behave mysteriously, but there is some strong logic behind it. There are several reasons why cats sleep on your feet. If you are concerned about this, then I am here to share my opinion with you. 

My cat also loves to sleep between my two legs. That is why I thought a lot and figured out some specific logics. So, let’s discover the secrets. 

Why does my cat sleep on my legs?

The main reason your cat sleeps on its feet is that it feels warm, comfortable and safe in this place. Most importantly, your cat loves to be in touch with you. That is why it prefers your legs rather than a comfy soft bed.” 

Reasons Your Cat Is Sleeping on Your Legs

Preference for a warm place:

Cats prefer warmth regardless of the winter or hot season. Good to know that there is a warm feeling on the legs. So, your cat may choose the place on your legs to sleep. 

Not only on legs but also cats love to sleep between two legs. They can get the warmest feeling into their legs because there is warmth from both sides. Overall, the cat loves a much warmer place than a comfortable bed. 

Safety and security:

Your cat loves to stay close to you when they feel unhappy, uncomfortable and uncertain about something. When your cat loves to sleep on your legs, you can make sure it feels secure with you. During sleep, the animals feel weak, and they choose the safest place. 

Bonding with you:

Why does my cat sleep on my bed? Research has shown that cats understand human feelings. So, when your body is not feeling well, they want you to affect your mood positively. If you have only one cat, then it can try to stay close to you. Cats can also sleep on human’s feet to increase the mutual bond.

Legs accessible:

The legs are more accessible than other parts of the body. Especially when you are lying down on the bed, your cat can easily climb on the legs. That is why a cat may want to sleep between your legs. 

habitual reasons:

Did you keep your cat in your legs when it was a kitten? if a cat is accustomed to sleeping on its feet from an early age, it will later. 


Cats love to mark their favorite places as their territory. That is why they try to rub their body and tail with their human owner. It happens a lot when you have multiple cats at home. When a cat takes its place on your leg, another one thinks to stay away. 

They’re Stressed:

Sometimes, you may be wonder and ask why does my cat sleep on my legs in bed. If your cat faces any stress or anxiety, then it can jump on you. And due to this same reason, your cat can try to sleep between your legs. So, be aware of the behavior of your cat and take steps at the right time. 

For deep sleep:

Cats usually sleep in different places like on a couch, bookshelves or on top of the almirah. But they search for the most secure place when they want to sleep deep. That is why a cat can sleep on your legs. 

What should you do if your cat sleeping between your legs?

Many cat owners love to keep their feline on their legs as much as possible. But it is too difficult for some cat owners. Especially the cat owners who have leg pain or feeling sick they can’t bear for more time. In this case, here are some efficient tricks to follow. 

  • Make a warmer place for your cat
  • Try to put the cat be near to your bed
  • Put a piece of your dress to give your smell 
  • Use a heating pad to ensure the warmness

When it is dangerous if cat sleeping between your legs

There is no serious impact if you sleep on your legs. Almost 99% of the time, it is safer. So, you can allow your cat to sleep on its legs if you have not no problem. But in 1% time, a cat can sleep more on its legs because of any serious sickness. For this, notice your cat behavior. If you can see something wrong, then contact a vet soon. 

Pros and cons of allowing your cat to sleep with you

There are a lot of advantages to sleeping with a pet cat. However, there are some difficulties. Let’s find out.


Sleeping with a cat is a great option for stress relief for the cat and owner. Statistics have shown that cats can release a good hormone called oxytocin. And oxytocin can make you and your cat stress-free. 

Strong the bonding:

Generally, a good bonding is created with a cat during play with it. But a little snuggle at bed during sleep can make this bonding stronger. 

Cozy feel:

Sleeping with cats will give you and the cat both warmth. Especially when a winter cold night could be warmest with your cat. 


Disturbs at sleep:

Cats are naturally nocturnal, so they wake up in the early morning that can disturb your sleep. In this case, he may give you a light bite or scratch.

Some health issues:

Cats can spread dirt and dust inside your house, which can cause you some health problems. If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, then they can bring several diseases from outside. 

Feeling uncomfortable:

When there is a cat between two legs, the owner may feel uncomfortable. Due to having a cat during sleep, you can’t change your sleeping position. 

Cat sleep is different from human sleep behavior

The style and patterns of a cat sleeping are different from humans. That is why it is good to realize the cat behavior and mysterious symptoms when they sleep. Here are some unique sleeping patterns of a cat. 

  • Cat love to divide their sleeping time into several snaps to replenish energy
  • Cat sleep is lighter, and they stay aware during sleep
  • The hearing power and sense of smell are also very active during sleep
  • They find extra safe places during sleep and curl up their body when sleep


  1. What does it mean if my cat sleeps on my bed?

When your cat sleeps on your bed, it means he feels comfortable and secures near to you—about 99% of the time, a cat loves to sleep with its owner because they enjoy it. However, 1% of your cat may want to sleep with you because of their stress or sickness. 

  1. Why do cats lay on your feet in bed?

Many cat owners have said that my cat sleeps between my legs at night.  Cats love to lay on their feet or between two legs because they feel the place warmer and cozy. Naturally, there is some added warmth between the two legs. Moreover, the places seem secure because of two-sided leg support. That is why cats love to sleep on their legs.  

  1. Do cats have a favourite person?

Yes, cats can have a favourite person. They prefer a person who treats them more softly. There has a common question that why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband? although, all family members treated the feline. But a cat can figure out the more caring person. 

  1. Do cats get jealous?

Yes, cats get jealous when they notice their owner paying attention to another cat, animal or kids. If you bring a new kitten to your home, then your cat will be very jealous much. Even they try to avoid you for some days. 

  1. Should you let your cat sleep with you?

You can allow your cat in your bet at night. It can make a comfortable, warmth and secure feeling for both of you. Also, having a chat with you can release you from stress because cat have developed oxytocin hormone. 

I believe you got some crucial points on why my cat sleeps on my legs and why does my cat sleep by my feet. Most cat’s love to sleep on their legs to get warmth and comfort. But their man has some other reasons like they love to get attention and they feel sick. 

Final Words:

I love to say that there is nothing to be worried about when your cat goes to sleep on your leg. If possible, let it be with you. It also increases mutual bonding. 

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