Why do cats bite then lick?

Why Do Cats Bite Then Lick? The Mysterious Reasons

Cats often behave slightly odd and mysterious.  Among all of the weird behaviour, it is a fairly common scenario that a cat becomes excited to bite the owner’s hand but instantly, the feline would start to lick on the hand. This matter is too odd to the owner. So, they are curious to know why cats bite then lick?

A roughly soft bite then licking might be a way of communication with the owner, and there is nothing to worry about it. In this guide, I will share the possible reasons why a cat bites and licks. So, stay reading details.

What’s Going on With Your Cat’s Behavior?

 Cat loves to respond when you caress or talk to your cat. And they get hurt when you get angry with them or talk to them since the cat has no language like a human, so they want to respond with behaviours.

And this behavior may vary from field to field. Sometimes we take their behaviour as weird and odd. But there are many arguments behind their behavior that we do not easily understand. Often, cats will lick at you and bite you suddenly, or they will start to lick at any stage of the bite. I’ll analyze some of the arguments for these weird behaviours.

The possible reasons why do cats bite then lick

 There are several possible reasons why cats will bite you then lick you, and I have analyzed these with my cat Jasper and Bella. And the wondering thing is that these reasons have been proven over and again. So, let’s know.

Love bites:

When cat bites and licking occur together, generally, it is guessed as a love bite. This kind of bite will be soft, not too loud. Dr Karen Becker has said that cats often want to share their love and affection with the owner. And that’s why they will click even if they bite you. However, sometimes this bite can be a little painful for you because cats can’t always understand the intensity of the bite.


Overstimulation refers to the condition when a cat can stay highly excited during playing. It happens when a cat plays for a long time. You will notice that its tail is twitching and an annoying expression in face. When a cat feels extra pressure for any reason, the cat wants to let understand its owner with a soft bite or lick. I would say not to touch your cat when they are playing. Also, know that a cat can get simulated because of grooming.

Playing intention:

A bite and lick can refer to the playing intention of your cat. Maybe the cat wants to play with you then and give a simple bite to invite for playing. It is a very interesting and mysterious way to communicate with the owner. However, it is important to know about their actual playing mode.

We learn from many cat’s owner experiences that a cat forwards their ear at the front and tail up when they are in playing mode. Besides, the cat can walk at an arched back. So, overall, biting and licking can refer that they are interested in playing with the owner.


What does it mean when a cat bites you hard? some cats often step forward from licking and biting and start to suck on the owner cloth, quilts or hand. That mostly happens in the case of a little kitten when they go away from their mother cat. Moreover, a cat can bite then lick when they feel stress, fear or insecurity. In these cases, it is better not to touch the cat too much. Then your cat will get annoyed and, at one stage, may bite you.


Do you provide food to your cat at the right time? Your cat may get angry and try to bite you if they don’t get food at the right time. Again, this may happen like they don’t like the food you have served and get angry to bite you. That is why I would say to provide delicious food to your cat that it loves to eat. And the food providing time would be appropriate.


  • What does it mean when a cat bites you gently?

Why does my cat bite me gently out of nowhere? A gentle bite refers to emotions like love, happiness, affection, or expressing your cat’s excitement. Generally, cats bite then lick when they are in a good mood. Especially, your cat wants to get attention from you. Also, know that a gentle bite is safe for your health.

  • Why do cats bite while grooming?

Mental stress, fear, and excitement generally happen with a cat when you take it in a grooming center. A grooming shop is not familiar with your cat, and the groomer is unknown to a cat. So, your cat tries to bite during grooming.

  • Why does my cat grab my hand and bite me?

Why does my cat grab my hand when I pet her? Why does my cat grab my leg and bite me? Your cat can grab your hand and bite you because of anger, stress, annoyed or overstimulation. Also, they can do this unexpected behaviour to get your attention.

  • What should you do after a cat bite?

You can follow the steps below after a cat bite you hard when your blood comes out or drops out.

  1. Use a clean and soft towel to apply pressure to stop blood
  2. Wash the biting wound with soap and freshwater
  3. Tie the wound with a sterile bandage to prevent infection
  4. Go to a doctor to take medicine or injection

Final Word:

Why do cats bite then lick? I have discussed all of the possible reasons of this topic. You are licking and biting your cat are not horrible things always. A pet cat often bites gently to get attention or express love to the owner. But in some cases, a cat can bite hard because of its anger or aggressiveness. If your cat bites hard, then go to the doctor and take proper medication. But the gentle bite is not harmful to your health if the cat gets vaccinated.

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