Fat sphynx cat

Fat sphynx cat

Do you know what the world’s fat sphynx cat is? Good to know that one cat is the thickest and enjoys his life with a wider belly and hairless body. 

I am also interested in sphynx cats. As per that continuation, I have researched several breeds of cats like the sphynx cat. So, today I am sharing my analysis and summary of my extensive research. 

You will learn from this guide about the ever-fattest sphynx. Also, I will discuss why a sphynx cat can get fat and the best diet for a Sphynx cat? 

Which is the ever-fat sphynx cat?

The fattest sphynx cat is known as Amsterdam, which is the loveable pet of Jana Martinka. Despite being too fat, Amsterdam is enjoying his life with joy. Even he has a cute fellow named Neytiri.” 

Fat sphynx cat daily life

The Amsterdam owner states that cute sphynx cat Amsterdam is enjoying a joyful life. Its appetite, playing mood and activeness are all ok. Luckily, this cat is getting a lot of care from his loving owner. 

The owner also said that Amsterdam especially loves to stay in warm places. That is why at maximum time, he is seen in front of the warm room heater.

Although Amsterdam is a completely healthy cat, some people are concerned about his health. Even they want to help their cat lose weight. It is good practice to maintain a cat weight because being overweight can cause several threatening diseases. 

How to know if your cat is ideal in weight?

Many cats are remaining sick and thin because of wrong and irregular food habits. It is important to check the cat’s health and give medication for health improvement. On the other hand, due to excessive feeding, your cat might get obese. So, let’s know cat weight conditions based on an infographic. 

Is your cat an ideal weight?

This Infographic was published in Greencross Vets

Why do cats become overweight?

The gaining weight of a fat cat is roughly similar to humans. There are two primary reasons.

  • How much does your cat eat?
  • How active is your cat active?

With the change of time, Cats around the world have become more domesticated. It means humans are more interested now in adopting a cat. Adopting a cat is good because the poor cat would remain safe from the outside attack of the wild animal. Also, they can get enough food. 

But the sad thing is cats naturally have not enough activeness in a confined position in a home. As a result, they are comparatively less active. Most importantly, they can want more food to eat and spend their time without playing like an outdoor cat. As a result, they can get overweight. 

Why should your cat lose weight?

A cat that is a little bit overweight can have some health risks. Even sometimes, they may get seriously sick, or it would be threatening for the poor cat. Here are some common diseases that a cat can cause because of being overweight. 

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Joint injuries 
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer

So, you must realize how important it is to maintain your cat weight. Otherwise, it would be harmful to cat health. 

How to help your kitty weight loss

Weight loss is a tricky task for humans and animals too. But it has some attractive benefits so you can help your cat with weight loss. First of all, weight reduction can increase the lifespan of a cat. Secondly, it can make a cat’s life more enjoyable. 

Don’t worry; weight loss for your cat would be easier if you will be determined to do it. Many think that food reduction means a way of weight loss, but the fact is not that. If you want to reduce your cat weight, you need to follow the below steps. 

  • Go to a good veterinary specialist and talk about your cat weight
  • Know the initial weight loss target from the vet compared with the ideal 8 to 10 pounds weight.
  • Buy interactive cat toys as much as possible so that they can be more active
  • Make a diet chart with fewer calories and keep enough water into the chart
  • Try to provide canned wet food at some specific time in a day
  • Avoid providing them with a food bowl all the time


  1. Do Sphynx cats get fat, and how big can a sphynx cat get? 

Sphynx cats have a propensity to gain weight. So, it is recommended to allow a sphynx to play a lot so that they can’t gain much weight. The average measurement of a sphynx cat is 8 to 10 inches in height, 13 to 15 inches in length and 10 to 12 pounds. 

  1. What is the fattest cat?

Amsterdam is the fattest cat ever around the world. Jana Martinka is the owner of this obese sphynx cat. She said that her cat is completely fine and is living a healthy life despite being overweight. Even Amsterdam is enjoying much of his daily life with a female sphynx named Neytiri.  

  1. How much does a sphynx cat cost?

Normal sphynx cost is $1500 to $3000. This cat breed is 95% pure, and very few breeders work with this breed. Good to know there are some highly expensive sphynx cats that will cost up to $10,000. That expensive breed is rare in all other sphynx cats. 

  1. Do Sphynx cat’s smell?

Sphynx doesn’t generally smell from their bodies. Due to the variation of breed and lifestyle, a sphynx can smell very bad. It may depend on their lifestyle. And how you are taking care of them is also related to smell. 

  1. Are Sphynx cats Egyptian?

The fascinating fact of sphynx is that most cat lovers think sphynx comes from an ancient breed of Egypt. That was the wrong idea about sphynx. At the very first, a baby sphynx cat comes from a Canadian cat named Prune that has no hair. 

  1. What is the ideal food for a Sphynx cat?

The best diet for a fat sphynx kitten is low-residue food. Low residue refers to food with less animal protein and fat. This low-residue food is easy to digest and helps to reduce weight. 

Final Word

At last, I would say the fat sphynx cat Amsterdam is living a healthy life. It doesn’t mean that all fat cats remain safe despite being overweight. So, it is important to know the variable of ideal weight for a cat. You can gain an idea of the details from the infographic I have mentioned. 

If you notice your cat is overweight, then don’t be late to go to a vet consultancy and take a diet plan for your cat. Do note that being overweight can cause several diseases. 

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